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a river island in southwestern Slovakia, extending from Bratislava to Komárno. It lies between the Danube, its tributary Little Danube and Váh.The island is a major part of the Danubian Flat. It is the biggest river island in Europe with an area of , being 84 km long and 15 to 30 km wide.

…Žeževica is situated at the base of the Biokovo mountain. A short distance from Žeževica are some of the biggest Croatian tourist centers: Brela, Baška Voda and Makarska. Nearby is a river, the Cetina, which is a popular destination for rafting.

…Žemoji Gervė is a river of Biržai district municipality, Panevėžys County, northern Lithuania.

…Željeznica is a river in Bar municipality of Montenegro. In Šušanj it flows into Adriatic sea. It is a perennial river which has tributaries from mountains Small Rumija and Sutorman. When Montenegrin army captured Bar from the Ottoman Empire in 1878 the Berlin Congress set the border between Austria-Hungary and Kingdom of Montenegro at the river Željeznica.

…Żurawianka is a river of Poland, a tributary of the San.

…Šušvė is a river in central Lithuania. It begins in Kelmė district municipality, 6 km (4 mi) southeast from Tytuvėnai. The river passes through Tytuvėnai and Sulinkiai Marshes and flows south through Radviliškis district municipality.

…Šumadija section borders the municipalities of Stari Grad to the west, Vračar and Zvezdara to the south and Grocka to the extreme southeast. It also has a river border on the Danube to the province of Vojvodina (Municipality of Pančevo).

… area only appears in an old map by Jaranov listing it as Dolno (Lower) Zagračani. Due to the close geographical proximity with Zagračani, the village toponyms of Šum are shared with its neighbour. A river flows through the village. Local…

…Škvorecký modelled Kostelec on his own home town of Náchod, and Smiřický is a semi-autobigraphical character based on the author. Like Náchod, Kostelec is a border town on a river and overlooked by a castle. Like Škvorecký, Smiřický is the…

…Šalčia is a river in Lithuania. It originates in a region located to the east of Šalčininkai and runs for 76 km before flowing into Merkys near Valkininkai.

…Świniec is a river of Poland. It has the Niemica, Wołcza and Stuchowska Struga as tributaries, and terminates into the Zalew Kamieński.

…Świerznica is a river of Poland, a tributary of the Mogilica.

…Świder is a river in Masovia, Poland. It is a tributary to the Vistula.

…Śląska Ochla is a river of Poland.

…Ōoka River (Ōoka-gawa) is a river that flows through Yokohama, Japan. It is 14 km long and over 80 bridges are built on the river.

… fresh water from the mouth of a river, and then roll in the pollen of cattails. The body of the hare was restored to its original state, and after its recovery, revealed its true form as a god. In gratitude, the hare told Ōnamuchi, the lowest born in the family, that he would marry Princess Yakami.

…Łęg Rokietnicki is a river of Poland, a left tributary of the San.

…Łydyni is a river of north-eastern central Poland, a left tributary of the Wkra at the town of Sochocin, with an overall length of 72 kilometers.

…Łupawa is a river of Poland. It terminates in the Baltic Sea.

…Đà Rằng (Sông Đà Rằng, upper parts of the river known as Ba River, Ea Pa, Ia Pa) is a river in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam. It has its source in Kon Tum Province and flows into the South China Sea in Tuy Hòa, Phú Yên…

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