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…Ōizumi Junction (Ōizumi Jankushon) is a road interchange located in Nerima, Tokyo, Japan.

…Łazienkowska Thoroughfare (also translated as Łazienkowska Road, Łazienkowska Street, Łazienkowska Freeway, Łazienkowska Highway and Łazienkowska Tract, Trasa Łazienkowska) is a road in Warsaw, Poland. It connects the center of Warsaw with the east-bank of Warsaw. It was built from 1971 to 1974.

…Ülo Ausmees was killed in a road accident in 2002 and AYR’s production of sidecarcross frames came temporarily to a halt. The company recovered and continued to manufacture frames.

…Östersund was laid out with roads spanning from north to south countered by several alleys from east to west, which is why an alley in Östersund is synonymous with a road leading down towards Storsjön. From the inner city one may gaze upon…

…Öskjuleið, or Route 88, is a road in north-east Iceland. The road heads south from Route 1, a ring road, close to the volcanic crater Hrossaborg, to Route 910, not far from Askja.

…Ólafsfjörður was connected with a road for the first time in 1940, when the horse riding trail through Lágheiði was improved enabling cars to get over the heath. Before, ships, seaplanes, and horses provided the transport.

…Île-Grande (Enez-Veur in Breton) is an island on the north coast of Brittany (France), linked to the mainland by a road. Its size is about 2 km by 1 km, and there is a village on the island. It is in the commune of Pleumeur-Bodou (department of Côtes-d’Armor).

…Édouard Michelin also lived a long life and suffered the personal tragedies of being predeceased by two of his sons, Étienne Michelin having been killed in a flying accident in 1932 and Pierre Michelin having been killed in a road accident…

…Ås made his film debut in the 1912 Paul Garbagni-directed I lifvets vår and would appear in nearly 30 films (most of them directed by either Stiller or Sjöström) until his death in Tureberg, Sollentuna Municipality, following a road accident, aged 56.

…Ålvik gained a road connection to Bergen in 1937, when the Fyksesund Bridge was opened. Nearly all of the village’s infrastructure was owned by Bjølvefossen A/S for a long time, to a great extent making it a company town, and it was a separate regulatory area until 1965.

… south side has a road on the western third, providing access to Emil Vetts Passage, Busgaden and the parking complex for Magasin du Nord. The east section is one of the most popular areas in the city for outdoor congregation, packed with bars and cafés.

… of Kunoy. The road through Ánir continues to Strond and then crosses the causeway to the island of Kunoy to continue to the villages of Haraldssund and Kunoy. High over Ánir is the entrance of a road tunnel to Árnafjørður and on to the island of Viðoy.

… skiing champions. Zürs can be reached by car over a road which is rarely closed in winter (if so, mostly due to avalanche risk after heavy snowfall). About four km north of Zürs is Lech am Arlberg, another ski resort which is linked to Zürs not only via road but also via lifts and pistes.

Zzyzx is the third studio album of the Norwegian industrial rock band Zeromancer.The album takes its title from the name of a road leading to, and named for, Zzyzx, California.

Kingdom of Hungary. In the late 18th century, after the Partitions of Poland, and creation of Galicia, Emperor Joseph II ordered the construction of a road along the Przysłop mountain pass. Zwardoń belonged to Żywiec County, and it…

… area surrounding the railway station was completely renovated: a new bus terminal and an underground bicycle parking lot were constructed, and the main road leading from the railway station to the town centre was turned into a road for pedestrians and cyclists only.

Zulfahmi failed to play any part in the first 6 games of the season. He was given his first start against Pahang in the MSL on 16 February 2013. Two more appearances followed until a road traffic accident in mid-April set him back a month. He managed one further start and a substitute appearance on his return as LionsXII won the 2013 Malaysia Super League.

Zuid Oost Drenthe Classic is a road bicycle race held annually in the Netherlands. It is organized as a 1.2 event on the UCI Europe Tour.

Zugazarte, an area of more affluent homes along a road and park, looking to the sea and neighbouring Neguri.

Zonneveld’s column suggested that there would be significant benefits to Dutch sport, noting a lack of success in ski-jumping, bobsledding, and cycling. He also wrote about the possibility of including a road with hairpin bends and an ice rink. There would be further benefits for athletes who would be able to train at high altitudes.

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