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…Þjóðernishyggja is the Icelandic term for nationalism; nationmindedness is a rough translation of the term. Its use was instrumental in the Icelandic movement for independence from Denmark, led by independence hero Jón Sigurðsson.

Zhou Da Kuan’s Mother. Zhou Zhen and Ying Ying’s grandmother. She’s a loving mother and grandmother who only wants her entire family to be happy. When Zhen and Xiao Shu goes through a rough period in their relationship, she tries her best to help them get past it. She enjoys playing the app game Candy Crush and mah jong.

Lupin in a rough hug after he leaps from a helicopter. He states that they were destined to be together. In the post credits scene, Lupin is standing out in the rain and Zenigata approaches him with eyes wide and kind and says that Lupin will catch cold outside and they should go eat some katsudon together in a warm interrogation room.

… a tremendous response from the college community, Zeb and Haniya recorded a rough version of Chup and another song titled Yaad with Mekaal Hasan (of Mekaal Hasan Band). Once again, the response was remarkable. The songs were a hit. They spread on the internet and soon found their way onto Pakistan’s City FM 89 radio waves.

… white petals. The fruit is a two-valved capsule 6 mm diameter with a rough surface, and containing several small black seeds. The tree has also been called Z. macrophyllum. The genus name is sometimes spelled Xanthoxylum.

Colvin’s game-winning single. Zambrano’s 10-game overall win streak came to an end on Sunday, April 24 after a rough first inning against the Dodgers lead to 5 runs. Zambrano finished the game, giving up 6 runs on 8 hits in just 5 innings—his…

Zacpeten Group B was dominated by a rough twin-pyramid complex dating to the Late to Terminal Classic Period. The twin-pyramids in the group differed in size and neither stood higher than 4 m. A plain stela was raised before the eastern…

Zacharias Lewala (fl.1908) is considered to be the one who triggered a diamond noise in the area of Lüderitz with its founding of a rough diamond on the today’s northern border of the diamond area of Lüderitz in the then colony of German South West Africa, now Namibia.

Yukhareva qualified for the Russian squad in the women’s lightweight class (57 kg) at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, by placing third from the European Championships in Bucharest, Romania. She got off to a rough start with a…

… and chapel; allow two hours for the completion and return in good weather. A rough path follows the perimeter of the hill at a much lower level, and can be used as a circular route.

Young ended up as San Francisco’s starting quarterback, but once again got off to a rough start. On the fifth play of the opening game at the Giants, he suffered a concussion and was replaced by Bono, who threw two touchdown passes while…

Methodist Episcopal Church due to an administrative error. He was appointed to teach at Brown’s Schoolhouse in Randolph County, which at the time was a rough single room log structure.

Yilan County sits on the Yilan Plain, a combined alluvial plain created by Lanyang River and other minor streams with a rough shape of triangle. On the three vertices of the triangle sit the Toucheng, Sanxing and Su-ao Townships with a…

… a stone building called the General Hospital. The hospital inmates were only offered a common room, one bed for two or three, black bread and a stew of unknown origin – and had to wear a rough gray uniform.

… expert committed to help teenagers from a rough neighborhood keep away from drugs and gangs. Dragon was reluctant to search for his old friends, but finally he realized they were the only ones that could save the girl’s life, and after much struggling to convince Mandril and Tony, they made a new pact and became La Gran Sangre again.

Years go by. Finally, one day the circus returns and so does Kassandra, who has grown to be a beautiful young woman. According to Gypsy tradition, the woman who raised Kassandra, her supposed grandmother, promised her hand in matrimony when she was an infant to Randu, a rough young man who is now the leader of the tribe.

Yamamoto then went through a rough patch, however, as he went 2-3-1 in his next six fights with all three losses against Thai opposition. At the end of 2007, he was given the chance to get back on track by entering the AJKF’s Best of 60 kg…

… they eventually begin dating. Gina and John go through a rough patch in their marriage and Xavier unsuccessfully tries to convince John to resolve the problems. The next time he returns from the police academy, Xavier and Sasha cook for John…

… and is typically observed when laser light is reflected from a rough surface, or from dust particles performing Brownian motion in air. The observation of speckle patterns with hard X-rays has just been demonstrated in the last few years.

Wyl Thirsk – The main character, a rough red-headed teenage youth born as the general of the Morgravian army and legion, grows into a highly respected figurehead.

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