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… within hours of one another. In 2010 the city voted 5-2 to ban the feeding of cats on public property and establish a rule requiring the permission of the owner of a piece of private property in order to feed cats on private property. The city received negative e-mail feedback from various locations, including Switzerland.

… teaming an offensive player away from the ball. A rule change in 2001 eventually permitted zone defense, but also specified that a defender who is standing inside the key is limited to not guarding an offensive player at arm’s length for no…

Zeus, pressed by the cries of the hungry people and by the other deities who also heard their anguish, forced Hades to return Persephone. However, it was a rule of the Fates that whoever consumed food or drink in the Underworld was doomed…

… data, and thus becomes a bottleneck which limits the communication rate to below the link’s capacity. A rule of thumb used in the industry is that roughly one CPU clock cycle is needed to process one bit of incoming data.

Younger sons from Gascon families apparently were commonly sent to the French court to serve as officers; as a rule non-heirs from the European nobility sought careers in the military or the clergy.

Young devised a rule of thumb for determining a child’s drug dosage. Young’s Rule states that the child dosage is equal to the adult dosage multiplied by the child’s age in years, divided by the sum of 12 plus the child’s age.

… finish at Bathurst after Canto hit the wall at The Esses late in the race. 2010 saw the introduction of a rule stating that each team’s regular drivers were not allowed to be paired together at the endurance races. This rule saw Youlden get…

You have to be a minimum of 1 meter tall to ride. Anyone under 1.3 meters must be accompanied by an adult. In the 2016 season, a rule was added where you have to be 16 years or older to be seated on the edges of each row, which meant anyone under 16 had to be seated in the middle. This saw queue times increase.

… executions. The support by the Luftwaffe in the form or reconnaissance and combat flights, which later became a rule, also existed already during Operation Bamberg.

Yeo was awarded Singapore’s Sportsgirl of the Year award in 1994, and the Sportswoman of the Year awards in 1993, 1995 and 1999. She was prevented from winning any more due to a rule that stopped athletes from winning more than three times. This rule has since been lifted.

Yamagata became Prime Minister for a second term from November 8, 1898 to October 19, 1900. In 1900, while in his second term as Prime Minister, he ruled that only an active military officer could serve as War Minister or Navy Minister, a

… recent years., but it was only a draft. On January 1, 2011, a rule set written specifically for UK TV was released, taking into consideration various factors which differ from other regions.

… rules in chains. A rule in a chain can cause a goto or jump to another chain, and this can be repeated to whatever level of nesting is desired. (A jump is like a “call”, i.e. the point that was jumped from is remembered.) Every network packet arriving at or leaving from the computer traverses at least one chain.

… southern Italy, but is forced to retreat with the army to Greece. Caesar continually points to his efforts to reach an accommodation with Pompeius, and attempts to portray Pompeius as a jealous man only interested in perpetuating a rule in which he and his inner circle control the Republic.

Worthy to mention are the Neujahrsscheiben (“New Year’s Slices”), or Naujohrn in the local dialect, baked traditionally in the constituent communities of Allendorf and Haigerseelbach between Christmas and New Year’s. As a rule, these are…

… three in Turopolje, two in Vukomeričke gorice and six in Pokuplje. They were built by groups of timber-workers and as a rule they were made of oak-tree.

Women were present at most Roman festivals and cult observances. Some rituals specifically required the presence of women, but their participation might be limited. As a rule women did not perform animal sacrifice, the central rite of most…

Women wear headcoverings and have uncut hair. Men, as a rule, do not enter the professions. They wear plain clothing, and their life is built around the church, schools, and religious activities. They do not engage in worldly amusements,…

Women as a rule stay in the village to raise the children because their husbands have left in search of work: they also live on small business, market gardening, and food crops.

Without knowing the lady’s age, the DA reasoning produces a rule to convert the birthday (n) into a maximum lifespan with 50% confidence (N). Gott’s Copernicus method rule is simply: Prob (N < 2n) = 50%. How accurate would this estimate…

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