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Violante were about to marry, but Daniel flees with Eugénia, letting Violante alone in the altar. She is humiliated by everyone and only one man tries to help her and takes her to a safe place: Álvaro. Violante and Eugénia were best friends, but the friendship can be a true liar.

Zur was extremely reluctant to withdraw his personal forces. He decided to do so only at 09:00, when it became clear that the other two companies were at a safe distance, and the Egyptians were massing for a counterattack. First, the…

… episode. Disguised as businessmen, they took a passenger liner to Shanghai, there to be held in a safe house on Chungking (Chongqing) Road. Eventually they, along with Zhou, were expelled from the Politburo.

Zero and Arlo are hired by Portland area millionaire Gregory Stark. Stark has lost the key to a safe deposit box and is being blackmailed by an unknown person who forces him to follow elaborate instructions to deliver the cash payments.

Jewish self-defense has led to the formation of Americans for a Safe Israel and the Jewish Defense Organization. The JDO’s training camp is named Camp Jabotinsky.

Zatari, an ex-agent has re-appeared on a mission to capture DNA from Gisela to use in illegal human cloning, causing Ed to place Gisela in a safe house, away from school and the outside world. After Connor fails his Camp X test in order to protect Gisela, he finds himself being trained by Ed to become a proper spy to be able to protect Gisela anywhere she goes.

Zandar turned up alongside the Baroness when Cobra made a deal with radical terrorist Tyler Wingfield in Devil’s Due’s G.I. Joe: Frontline. He and the Baroness kill four agents guarding a safe house.

ZUPCO has purposefully invested in and is looking into ways of providing a safe and reliable service for the usually neglected rural residents. Thus the company provides daily scheduled bus service to many rural areas dotted around the…

Yuko first ran for the Ohio House of Representatives in 2004 to replace four term incumbent Ed Jerse, who was facing term limits. In the 2004 primary, he faced Euclid resident Kent Smith, but won decisively, and went on to win easily in a

Yuan was said to have studied every aspect of the cannon for it to fire accurately at the position he wanted, and this is given as the reason why Nurhaci, although well-protected by his elite guards in a safe position, was wounded by…

a safe and nurturing environment. In addition, Grand Street Settlement is a partner with the Americorps program and provides in-service training for 40 volunteers, and has an active Intel Computer Clubhouse.

… multi-facility ‘teen’ friendly lorry searching and offering assistance to suspected street wandering youth. A wide range of entertainment equipment is carried on board the rover, providing youth with a safe leisure environment.

Youth Off The Streets opened a centre for youth in Macquarie Fields, named after longtime supporters Elizabeth and David Koch. The Centre creates a safe and engaging environment based on trust and respect and supports young people by…

… enrolled in nurseries or kindergartens. Low enrollment rates in early education programmes decrease the opportunity for young children to find a safe space where they flourish and release the stress and tension resulting from the emergency. In…

… in Singapore a safe, secular, and inclusive environment for them to meet like-minded individuals, where they can build healthy relationships, build healthy self identities, and learn about the community at large.

Young Out Here was established in 2006 by four teenagers, and started out as a support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer youths between the ages of 16 and 21. The group provides a safe, secular place for these people to gather…

You must keep your MSIC in a safe and secure location whilst not in use.

Church and the nation and prepare for the changes that were expected to take place. While there, he was consecrated a Bishop on August 10, 1914 at age 22. He remained in Qudchanis until 1916. When the Assyrian Christians sought a safe haven elsewhere, Yosip took a great number of believers to the city of Baqooba.

a safe that Bugs drops on him and lands in Hell. Satan offers to give Sam another chance in life provided he sends someone in his place. Sam agrees to this and, as a Roman guard captain, an Arab, and in his usual cowboy guise, attempts to…

York Centre, a safe seat for the Liberals in Toronto. Since the district’s re-establishment in 1952, it has been out of Liberal hands only twice.

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