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… southwest of the larger Île Amsterdam, and 3000 km southeast of Réunion. It is an important breeding site for seabirds. A scientific research cabin on the island is used for scientific or ecological short campaigns, but there is no permanent population. It is under the authority of a senior administrator on Réunion.

…Étienne Pascal served on a scientific committee (whose members included Pierre Hérigone and Claude Mydorge) set up to determine whether Jean-Baptiste Morin’s scheme for determining longitude from the Moon’s motion was practical.

…Étienne Félix d’Henin de Cuvillers (1755-1841) was a French magnetizer who was an early practitioner of mesmerism as a scientific discipline.

… professor of medicine at Laval University and the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec Research Center, he was also a scientific director of the World Health Organization’s Collaborative Centre in Environmental Health.

…Émile Dottrens (21 July 1900 – 29 September 1990) was a Swiss zoologist and nature conservationist. He became a scientific assistant for zoology at the Natural History Museum of Geneva in 1942 and was the director of that museum from 1953…

… to accompany him on a scientific tour to England and Scotland, in order to inspect the mining and metallurgical establishments of the country, and to study the principles on which George Bellas Greenough’s geological map of England (1820) had been prepared, with a view to the construction of a similar map of France.

Zvezdana Popović, a scientific researcher, was a member of the Founding Committee of the Democratic Party, the first non-communist opposition party in Serbia, from late December 1989.

Berson and Reinhard Süring, he made two high-altitude balloon ascents in which they reached an altitude of 5000 meters. In 1910 Zuntz participated in a scientific expedition to Pico de Teide in the Canary Islands with Schrötter and physiologists Arnold Durig (1872-1961) and Joseph Barcroft (1872-1947).

Zitzy is a Team Tryanny’s Resident Evil Scientist. Zitzy is a possum. He faints a lot, even when he’s just frustrated. He was just a possum with diabolical dreams and a scientific calculator when The Empire was at the feet of Ken and Coco.

Ziliak S T. (2001) D. N. McCloskey and the Rhetoric of a Scientific Economics, pp. ix-xxvi, in S. T. Ziliak, ed., Measurement and Meaning in Economics (2001).

… days, 20 hours, 42 minutes, 3 seconds. He was later Deputy Chief of central board of defense, Chief of a scientific institute in Ulan Bator; and eventually Mongolian Sectretary of Defence.

Zbigniew R. Struzik seems to be a first author who used the term in a scientific publication in 2004.

Zahradil was educated at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, and after graduating in 1987, he became a scientific researcher until 1992. He speaks Czech, Slovak, English, Russian, German and Polish. He is married and has two children.

… reveal that both Zack and Cloud battled Sephiroth after he burned the town of Nibelheim upon discovering he was the result of a scientific experiment. After Cloud defeated Sephiroth, both Zack and Cloud were taken to be used in experiments by…

Young explorer Terry Lee and his grown-up sidekick, Pat Ryan, arrive in the Asian jungles in search of Terry’s father, Dr. Herbert Lee. The elder Lee is an archaeologist and leader of a scientific expedition seeking evidence of a lost…

… cherry was given a scientific name Prunus yedoensis by Jinzō Matsumura. However, after Ernest Henry Wilson suggested Yoshino cherry is a hybrid between Prunus subhirtella var. ascendens (Edo higan) and Prunus lannesiana (Oshima zakura) in 1916,…

Yglesias was ahead of his time in terms of the environment, and was the first president to send a scientific expedition to Isla del Coco. Hearing of its rich natural resources, Yglesias closed the penal colony that was there, and decreed the island a nature preserve.

Yet another example of this effect in a scientific experiment was the implosion in 2001 of several thousand fragile glass photomultiplier tubes used in the Super-Kamiokande experiment, where the shock wave caused by the failure of a single detector appears to have triggered the implosion of the other detectors in a chain reaction.

Yadrenko was the founder and the leader of a scientific school in random fields and stochastic processes. Among his disciples, there are 45 candidates of science. Ten of his disciples became doctors of sciences (Soviet doctorate): V.V.

Y2Y takes a scientific approach to conservation and has been named by the IUCN-World Conservation Union as one of the planet’s leading mountain conservation initiatives.

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