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…Аdditionally, a section of the museum is dedicated to the health benefits of chocolate.

… and a section of northern Bessarabia, it was named after the city of Suceava; its capital was the city of Cernăuți. Ținutul Suceava ceased to exist following the territorial losses of Romania to the Soviet Union and the king’s abdication in 1940.

…Țara Moților (Motzenland), also known as Țara de Piatră (“The Stone Land”) is an ethnogeographical region of Romania in the Apuseni Mountains, on the upper basin of the Arieș and Crișul Alb River rivers. It covers parts of the Alba, Arad, Bihor, Cluj and Hunedoara counties of Romania and a section of it forms the Apuseni Natural Park.

…Šumadijska Okruzna Liga is a section of the District Leagues, Serbia’s fifth football league. The league is operated by the Football Association of Serbia.

…Ōmiya Second Park refers to a section that occupies the western side of Prefectural Road 35. It was established in 1980 with 650 Japanese apricot trees interspersed within the grounds of the park. In 1996, the Fragrance Road accessible to…

…Łuczak authored Polska i Polacy w drugiej wojnie światowej (Poland and Poles in the Second World War). In a section on the demographic losses he presented estimated losses with some brief observations. The figures are Łuczaks estimates.

American bombs during the late 1960s in Vietnam War. Today all that remains of the citadel is one rather unsympathetically restored Quảng Bình Gate (located close to the new museum) and a section of the original wall next to Highway 1. In August…

… athletics, wrestling, judo, mud wrestling, flatwater canoeing/kayaking, karate, youth football, boxing, modern pentathlon, shooting, gymnastics, triathlon, swimming, fencing and there is even a leisure section and also a section for the club’s fans called ‘circle of friends’ (baráti kör).

…Óðins nöfn is an anonymous skaldic poem which is found in a section called Viðbótarþulur in Skáldskaparmál in Snorri Sturluson’s Prose Edda.

Zürich Selnau, (Zürich Selnau or Bahnhof Selnau), is an underground railway station on the Zürich S-Bahn system in Selnau in the centre of the Swiss city of Zürich. The station is on a section of tunnel common to the Uetliberg line and the Sihltal line, both of which are operated by the Sihltal Zürich Uetliberg Bahn (SZU).

Zwangendaba was a leader of a section of the Ngoni people who broke away from the rule of Shaka the Zulu king. Using many of Shaka’s methods of rule such as rigid discipline in military and social organisation, he knitted his tribe and the…

Zumbrota was built in 1914 at Port Clinton, Ohio, by the Matthews Boat Company and was acquired by the Navy on 11 August 1917 from circus entrepreneur, Charles Ringling, of Sarasota, Florida, for service as a section patrol boat and was designated SP-93.

Zola is a section of the Soweto township lying south of Johannesburg in Gauteng, South Africa. A number of well-known public figures, mostly musicians call Zola their home and were born and bred there.

… difficulty coping with; noticing this, the three deliberately rock the catwalk violently, eventually causing one end of a section to break free and drop. Zimyanin blocks a last-ditch effort by the sec hunter to attack Ryan and forcibly…

Zillapedia was a section of Quizilla that used wiki software. Users were able to create entries that provide information, define words, or serve humorous purposes. Zillapedia closely resembled the Urban Dictionary in many ways, and it had similar functions to Wikipedia. It was eventually deleted from Quizilla.

Ziemenbach is a river of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. It is a section of the upper course of river Tollense, a tributary of river Peene.

Zhu Zhanji was the eldest son of the Hongxi Emperor and Empress Chengxiaozhao. He was described as a crown prince who was endowed with the quality of an excellent monarch in a section surrounded by superstition, of his biography. His grandfather, Yongle Emperor, had high hopes that he might play an important part to assist his father.

Zhongshan Park (Chinese:中山公园) is a public urban park in Nanshan, Shenzhen, China. Built in 1925, it is the oldest surviving park in Shenzhen. It was named after Sun Yat-Sen, the first president of the Republic of China. A section of the…

… amidships were protected by a section of 4.5-inch armour, 103 ft long, with 4.5-inch transverse bulkheads at each end which left the chase guns unprotected. The armour was backed by the sides of the ship which consisted of 30.5 in of teak. The total weight of her armour was 790 LT.

ZT 299 sheds light on the morphology of late Miocene apes. Although ZT 299 was partially broken during extraction, it shows almost no distortion, and scientists have accurately repositioned all portions of the cranium except for a section comprising…

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