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… management system (HMS), which facilitates control of the air conditioning, roller blinds, heating, illumination and allows the possibility of placing online orders from restaurants or other service. All residents will receive a security card, which allows them to reach only the floor where their apartment is.

… an infantry unit. After his discharge he traveled abroad for six years and worked as a security guard at embassies. When he returned to Israel at the age of 25, he attended the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, majoring in Media and Middle East History, and studying Arabic.

… in being released from detention, indicating that a Security Risk Certificate should not override a RSAA decision. In Zaoui v Attorney-General (No 2) the Supreme Court established that it was the role of the Minister of Immigration and not…

Zamperini Field has a small terminal with a vending machine, conference room, bathroom, and flight planning room. Outside a patio has small tables. Inside the terminal are historical papers related to the airport on the wall and a security post.

… anti-Trotsky work and was sent on several missions to Canada on behalf of Soviet intelligence. He worked as a security guard at the Soviet Pavilion in the 1939 New York World’s Fair, sharing this work with two of his former comrades from the…

Zack, a security guard played by Naresh Kumar in the British web series Corner Shop Show.

… was a security officer on the Babylon 5 station. In the fourth season, he was promoted to become Babylon 5’s Security Chief and he retains that position through to the end of the series’ fifth and final season.

… 10 October 2012  after the US, Canada, Australia and the European Union declared the company a security risk to its citizens.

ZTE, another Chinese company supplying extensive network equipment and subscriber hardware to BT Infinity, is also under scrutiny after the US, Canada, Australia and the European Union declared the company a security risk to its citizens.

… bezbednosti/sigurnosti/varnosti, UDBA) was also formed as the new secret police, along with a security agency, the Department of People’s Security (Organ Zaštite Naroda (Armije), OZNA). Yugoslav intelligence was charged with imprisoning and bringing to…

… prison, but ended up working as a security guard in Beverly Hills, thanks to a mutual friend, Jenny Summers. Mikey shows Axel some German bearer bonds and Axel wonders how he got them, but chooses not to question him about it. After going out…

Yao had been working as a security adviser to President Tsai Ing-wen when, on 10 August 2016, he was appointed Deputy Secretary-General of the Presidential Office.

Yan Zhu studied physics at MIT She worked for Yahoo as a security engineer from 2014 to 2015, is currently a software developer at Brave (web browser), and has an ongoing role as a Technologist Fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Yan Zhu is a security engineer, open web standards author, technology speaker, and open source contributor.

Tiendrébéogo, party official Ali Soré, and Ambassador to the UN Frédéric Guirm. A Security Court was established, with the accused appearing there without the right to be defended by attorneys. A police inquiry refuted the existence of a plot…

Yahoo!, which uses SiteAdvisor to filter their search results, no longer lists domain due to it being listed by SiteAdvisor as a security risk. Other website reputation rating services, such as WOT Services, also rate as dangerous.

… was attacked in February 1999; during the attack a security guard of Yadav was killed. According to CPI(ML) Liberation the state government failed to take action to punish the culprits.

… smartphone, it doubles as both a webcam for chatting and a security camera with recording capabilities. The camera automatically records whenever it detects movement in view. In June 2015, Xiaomi launched a night vision edition of the Yi Camera with a 940 nm infrared sensor.

… the X-Men confront Stryker and rescue Xavier. In the end, after Shadowcat and Nightcrawler successfully bait Stryker into admitting kidnapping Xavier and his plans for mutant genocide, Stryker is shot in the chest by a security guard when he tries to murder Shadowcat in public.

XSS worms exploit a security vulnerability known as cross site scripting (or XSS for short) within a website, infecting users in a variety of ways depending on the vulnerability. Such site features as profiles and chat systems can be…

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