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… from Moscow where workers labored and lived in extremely difficult conditions, she also attended a service in an Orthodox church and talked to its priest (after the outbreak of the war, Joseph Stalin had slightly alleviated his policy of…

Zywave, Inc. is a software company headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that provides software as a service (SaaS) products for insurance brokers and financial planners. Insurance product categories include agency management, data…

Zung Fu operations in Hong Kong now include three sales dealerships and six Service Centres representing Mercedes Benz, Smart and, through Hyundai Hong Kong Co. Ltd; two Hyundai showrooms and a service centre.

Zumper has since added a service for real estate professionals to post and manage their listings, on the web and in mobile apps. Listings are automatically syndicated to the major real estate sites.

Zscaler is unusual for a Software as a Service company in having started out serving the very high end of the market and is now growing downward – most SaaS companies start with the mid-market and grow upward. As of 2015, more than 50 of…

… more than 6,000 corporate, government and military organizations with more than 15 million paying users. It provides a cloud-based approach to security as a service.

Zscaler Web Security is a secure web gateway, which also includes a web filter, that runs on top of the Zscaler Security as a Service platform. In the Spring of 2015, both Gartner Group and Forrester Research ranked Zscaler Web Security at the upper right of their Magic Quadrant and Wave reports, respectively. Zscaler Web Security primarily competes with hardware appliances for web security from Blue Coat Systems, Websense and Cisco. As the information technology landscape has been shifting away from on-premises software and toward cloud computing, the product…

ZoomInfo is a subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) company based in Waltham, Massachusetts that sells access to its database of information about business people and companies to sales, marketing and recruiting professionals. The company was originally established in 2000 as Eliyon Technologies by founder and CEO, Yonatan Stern.

Zoho Corporation is a Chennai and Pleasanton, California-based information technology and business management software as a service (SaaS) developer. The company was founded by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas in 1996, and has development offices in India.

Zodiac Aerospace provides equipment for commercial aircraft, regional aircraft and business aircraft as well as helicopters and spacecraft. The Group consists of 5 operational segments, supported by a service activity.

… for keyboard-based mobile devices, Qix, a service discovery engine that provides a quick and easy method for accessing a phone’s features, applications, and services, and Decuma which delivers an input method for pen-based devices by fusing handwriting recognition with predictive text technology.

Zettagrid Pty Ltd is a cloud computing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider. The companys management, architecture and apps divisions operate from Perth, Western Australia with a sales office in Sydney, New South Wales. is a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud-based Web Content Management System that allows users to create, deploy, maintain, and optimize enterprise web properties. It is specifically designed as a content marketing solution…

ZeroFOX is a cyber security company based in Baltimore, Maryland.It provides cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) for organizations to detect risks found on social media and digital channels, such as phishing, malware, scams, impersonator accounts, piracy, counterfeit and more.

… competing independent companies, especially in data-heavy markets like video-streaming. A service provider, who is offering unlimited access to his service, will naturally seem more favourable to consumers over one where usage is limited. If the…

Zephyr is the only cultural festival under Mumbai University to have been amongst the very first to apply for and clinched a trademark. (Zephyr is a service marked event and the school is proud of the fact that ZEPHYR SM is a brand.) Zephyr is the only known cultural festival in India which has taken up the environmental cause of global warming.

Zenefits is a company based in the United States that offers cloud-based software as a service to companies for managing their human resources, with a particular focus on helping them with health insurance coverage.

Zapmail was a service, launched in 1984 by Federal Express (FedEx) whereby fax transmission was offered to customers as a means to expedite delivery of documents. This was before the widespread availability and use of fax services in homes and businesses. Eventually judged a commercial failure, it was discontinued just over two years later.

Zagster builds and operates bike sharing programs as a service. The company provides its customers with bike sharing infrastructure and technology as well as design, implementation and operation services. Zagster employs local maintenance staff to service and operate its bike sharing systems including performing repairs and system rebalancing.

… sports cars, but rather a service centre now working in the extended area of transportation design. The company styled and built prototypes and show cars on behalf of car manufacturers but also railways and industrial vehicles.

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