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Zoë Eeles as Tina: Ex-Girlfriend of Wyman Norris (Series 4): was the assistant of Tarquin Pearce and a love interest for Wyman Norris. It is speculated that she has had a sexual relationship with Tarquin. Tina and Wyman’s romance ended when the Lads completed their work in Cuba.

Zoophilia is a paraphilia involving a sexual fixation on non-human animals. Bestiality is cross-species sexual activity between human and non-human animals. The terms are often used interchangeably, but some researchers make a distinction between the attraction (zoophilia) and the act (bestiality).

Zebrasoma desjardinii grows to a maximum length of 40 cm (16 in), with a sexual dimorphism, as males being larger than females. This species shows the typical morphology of the family Acanthuridae. The body is oval or disc-shaped, with…

… which involved a sexual encounter with a dead female body, which Zbygniewas discusses with great reluctance. He is voiced by Algis Ramanauskas-Greitai.

Yuko is an innocent high school girl who has a crush on her gym teacher. She and her friends have a sleep-over party which develops into a sexual dare-game involving eels, and a lesbian orgy. Now sexually-awakened, Yuko decides to seduce her teacher, but is raped in an elevator before she meets her teacher.

… person drifting through life, and Yu-na brings him back to their apartment. Yu-na and Yeong-kyu strike up a sexual relationship, and Sang-hee joins in as well. They two girls are very sexually open with one another, but they become furious when…

Your murder of Ms Harty was entirely senseless, needless and wanton. The evidence discloses beyond any doubt that this was not a case of a sexual encounter in which, in the heat of the moment, feelings or passions may have led to a…

Young women, especially, began staking claim to their own bodies and took part in a sexual liberation of their generation. Many of the ideas that fueled this change in sexual thought were already floating around New York intellectual…

Young women, especially, began staking claim to their own bodies and took part in a sexual liberation of their generation. Many of the ideas that fueled this change in sexual thought were already floating around New York intellectual…

Young nobleman who falls in love with Melibea. In the 16-act version, Calisto dies as he falls while climbing down a ladder after a sexual encounter with Melibea.

… did not inform the wildlings of Lord Commander Mormont’s ranging. Jon and Ygritte begin a sexual relationship, and cross the Wall with Styr together on Mance’s orders to attack Castle Black from the rear. Ygritte continues to defend Jon,…

… finally meet again, to the point of going to Raymond’s house. The man is at first an enigma. He soon reveals himself as Quinn Mathis. They begin to have a sexual and indoor relationship, until Raymond finds a wedding ring in his bed. Quinn…

Yeardley Smith as Miss Unger, Morgan High School’s Computer Skills Teacher who has a sexual fantasy for Bryan Adams.

Yaman is angry with her because she left and he beats her. She does not care, wanting only to be with him. Yaman accepts her once again, but their relationship turns even darker. Now, Desi willingly accepts to participate in Yaman’s dirty dealings and even has a sexual relationship behind his back, but Yaman keeps his sexual domination over her.

Written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Joseph Lelyveld, Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India claims that the founder of modern India had a sexual relationship with Hermann Kallenbach, a German-Jewish bodybuilder and also made disparaging remarks about black Africans during his early years in South Africa.

Wright transferred to UNLV after being expelled by USC. Police found 136 tablets of Ecstasy and GHB in Wright’s apartment while investigating a sexual assault allegation against Wright. Wright sat out the 2005 season due to NCAA transfer guidelines. Wright played one year at UNLV before deciding to declare for the NFL Draft. He was a university studies major.

Workplace sexual harassment – unwelcome sexual advances or conduct of a sexual nature which unreasonably interferes with the performance of a person’s job or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.

… needs an engineer.’ Using a series of counterbalances and a walker, he gets his buddy on his feet again and effectively cures penguinism. It’s about this point where Zander and Cassie begin really exploring the possibilities of a sexual relationship, beyond doctor-patient and friend-friend.

Worth as summoned by Wortoshika. The game takes place in the intervening 20 years between Astral’s disappearance and reappearance. In the second half, Sharon from Words Worth comes into the world of Nonomura Hospital and has a sexual affair with Umihara.

Woods claimed that he got HIV from a sexual encounter, and eventually he was healed by God.

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