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YosepH is a studio album by Luke Vibert, released in 2003 on Warp. It was originally shipped from Warpmart with a sheet of glow-in-the-dark stickers. The album is dedicated to the memories of Peter Walker and Rob Mitchell.

Yasuaki uses boxes to map out the eventual shape of his piece, draping a sheet of plastic over them. He attaches the plastic sheet from above using strands of glue, until the boxes can safely be removed without much altering the “landscape”. In this sense, the process and finished installation look completely different.

… settings together, a sheet of cardboard figures for each setting, and dice. The authors on the box are credited as Perrin (Steve Perrin), Henderson (Steve Henderson), Monson (Gordon Monson), Stafford (Greg Stafford), and Willin (Lynn Willis).

Worksheet commonly refers to a sheet of paper with questions for students and places to record answers. The term may also refer to a single array of data in spreadsheet software or an informal piece of paper that an accountant uses to record information.

… will not receive ink. The surface of the block is then inked with the use of a brayer, and then a sheet of paper, perhaps slightly damp, is placed over the block. The block is then rubbed with a baren or spoon, or is run through a printing press. If in color, separate blocks can be used for each color, or a technique called reduction printing can be used.

… magnetic field lines are horizontal at the magnetic equator. Solar heating and tidal oscillations in the lower ionosphere move plasma up and across the magnetic field lines. This sets up a sheet of electric current in the E region which, with the…

… pins on the sides of the music or lay a sheet of plexiglass over the stand. While these methods prevent the music or pages from being blown by the wind, they make page turns more difficult. As well, users of lightweight folding stand may face…

With all of this power being dissipated in such a small space, cooling was a major design issue. Cray’s refrigeration engineer, Dean Roush, formerly of Amana, placed a sheet of copper inside each of the circuit boards, removing the heat to…

… the valley in a sheet. Farther north in the valley, Fresno was having a typical December rain. When the dust reached the rain, it turned into mud. It fell in sheets from the sky.

… relationship with Spike. Willow is hurt that she was never told, but simply puts it aside when she remembers what Buffy is going through. Willow goes to check on Buffy, but instead encounters Dawn in the hallway. When Tara appears wearing just a sheet, Dawn is thrilled to see they are back together.

Whiteboard material can be bought in rolls, sheets, and pre-formed boards. Adhesive whiteboards come in either a sheet or a roll and feature a stick back enabling the user to create a custom size board or project with the material.

Dysselodden is quite the reverse. Here, the orthostats, which are above the height of a man, are so precisely matched that a sheet of paper cannot be inserted in the cracks between them.

While the Mayor slowly regains consciousness, King digs up Lucy and takes her out of the coffin while he starts to torture the Mayor. To King’s surprise, Lucy ends up pulling down on a cord that sends a sheet of broken glass from a broken…

While a law student, Birmingham was one of the last people arrested under the state’s Anti Street March legislation. Birmingham was convicted of displaying a sheet of paper with the words ‘Free Speech’ written on it in very small type. The local newspaper carried a photograph of him being frogmarched off to a waiting police van.

Dexter allows Lumen to kill him. While they are still in the kill room, preparing to move the body, Debra arrives on the scene, though her view of Dexter and Lumen is obstructed by a sheet of plastic. Dexter and Lumen, trapped, remain silent.

While Benchamma’s central focus is drawing, he develops ideas into sculpture, furthering his conceptual questioning of reality. In ‘Sculpture, More or Less’, a wooden parquet floor breaks with all the material properties of a sheet of…

Whigham completed and flew the GW-6 in 1983. The aircraft was intended to be a very lightweight glider and incorporated some design innovations to achieve that goal. The wing spar was built up from extruded angles, with a sheet aluminium…

Where a fastener forms its own thread in the component being fastened, it is called a screw. This is most obviously so when the thread is tapered (i.e. traditional wood screws), precluding the use of a nut, or when a sheet metal screw or other thread-forming screw is used.

Whenever a ray of light moves from one medium to another (for example, when light enters a sheet of glass after travelling through air), some portion of the light is reflected from the surface (known as the interface) between the two…

When writing is fashioned on a sheet of paper resting upon other pages, the indentations or impressions produced are transferred to those below. These transferred impressions can be detected using an EDD.

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