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…Östergötland Runic Inscription 224 or Ög 224 is the Rundata catalog number for a Viking Age memorial runestone that is located in Stratomta, which is 9 kilometers east of Linköping, Östergötland, Sweden. The runestone has an inscription on two sides with an image of a ship on the south side.

…Étoile Cay was named after a ship used in Bougainville’s famous voyage round the world, from 1766 to 1769. It was explored and named by the Chevalier du Roslan in 1771.

… serving in the cathedral from secular clergy to monks. In his will he left a ship to King Æthelred II of England as well as more ships to other legatees.

Zordon and Alpha create new powers for the Rangers to defeat Divatox. With the new Turbo powers and their new vehicular Turbo Zords, the Rangers drive across the desert to a ship called the Ghost Galleon. They are joined by Justin, who has…

Zorba: a former Greek sailor, was confronted by Leo and Angela. Angry, he chased them through the tenement yard he lives in. Leo and Angela managed to escape. Anyway, Zorba was not guilty because on the day of the kidnapping, was playing cards on a ship.

Zito was born into a ‘Ndrangheta crime family in Fiumara, Calabria, on August 19, 1928, one of six sons to Domenico and Angela. His father and uncle, Giuseppe were both ‘Ndrangheta members. Zito tried to immigrate to North America illegally twice, once as a stowaway on a

Zipp: a Gremlins master, Zipp is the most feared Sky Pirate of all of Malifaux, owning a ship called Infamy and raiding all the other organizations of Malifaux with his sky pirate crew.

Austria. In the city of Bari, the group boarded a ship that brought them to Israel. Once in Israel, Zeev Kun first settled at the kibbutz Givat-Haim near Hadera. He did not stay there for long, though, as in 1951 he became a student at the…

… the revolution of 1890. He also faced claims from France over the expulsion of a ship of that flag from Argentine territorial waters. As a result, he signed a trade and navigation agreement with that country in 1892.

Zanoni was a ship built in Liverpool, England in 1865 by W. H. Potter & Co as a 338-ton composite barque. It was owned by Thomas Royden & Sons who intended to use it for the East India trade.

… reflection that has become the sole horizon of destiny (“amer”/“bitter”, also means, in nautical terminology, the reference point by which a ship navigates).

Zack Lightman glances out his classroom window and spots a UFO that resembles a ship from a video game that he plays every night, a hugely popular online air combat simulator called Armada, in which gamers protect Earth from alien invaders. He is very skilled at the game, having placed in the top ten among millions of users, however in real life, he is just a high school senior with a reputation of having a short fuse and getting into trouble, having fought a bully student Douglas Knotcher in junior high. After getting into a confrontation with Knotcher, Zack leaves school and returns to…

… to the beach and remorselessly kills him after revealing her idenity. Yuki then learns that the last of her mother’s rapists, Tsukamoto Gishirō, had suspiciously died in a ship wreck three years prior when she first attempted to find him.

Yujiro Ishihara is a young yachtsman who impulsively decides to sail across the pacific to San Francisco. On the way he encounters a ship with American passengers. He talks to them in broken English and realises that he does not have a passport. On landing in San Francisco, he receives a hero’s welcome, but is scolded by the Japanese consulate.

American War of Independence. Using his connections to continue in service during the years of peace, he was almost immediately given command of a ship on the outbreak of the wars with the France and served initially in the Mediterranean during…

Young reporter Tintin, his dog Snowy, and friend Captain Haddock arrive in Callao, Peru. There, they plan to intercept the arrival of the Pachacamac, a ship carrying their friend Professor Calculus, who is being held by kidnappers. Tintin…

Young gamers will do everything from building a house using construction tools to delivering something to repair a ship. Games are relatively short and can be finished in about an hour. Familiar faces from Richard Scarry’s works of…

… murder and she to a life sentence. In prison she meets a woman, Susie Thompson (Wynne Gibson), that was Kid Athens girlfriend before her, who after an initial raging jealousy ends up helping her to tell the authorities the truth about Kid Athens and she and her husband’s innocence. Justice wins and the couple can finally have a honeymoon on a ship.

Yoo-ji plans for the ship he owns to get the contract, so he puts pressure on merchants to not deal with East Gate, which pleases Moon-seon. Having no luck renting a ship, Man-deok hears of a gambling addict, a Captain Hwang, who has lost all ships but one. She rents his ship for 50 nyangs and has him sign a letter of intent; she agrees to give him 200 nyangs for deposit the next day. Hwang’s ship is in Haenam and he needs money to bring it to Jeju.

Yoma was a ship of the Henderson Line of Glasgow. She was managed by P Henderson & Company and initially owned jointly by two other P Henderson companies: British and Burmese Steam Navigation Company Ltd and Burmah Steam Ship Company Ltd. From 1934 the British and Burmese SN Co Ltd was Yomas sole owner.

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