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…Žák took over at Litvínov of the Czech Fourth Division in the summer of 2010. His spell in charge lasted just a short time as he was sacked in September 2010 following a run of four matches without scoring a point.

…Şehzade Korkut (1467-1513) was an Ottoman prince who was a short time regent for the Ottoman throne.

…Ōta Nampo is the most well-known of kyōshi poets; the form was very popular for a short time, but declined quickly and disappeared after the turn of the 19th century.

…Čanić was born in Gospić in 1901. He served in the Austro-Hungarian Army for a short time, then joined the Royal Yugoslav Army where he served from December 1918 until April 1941.

Zwozdesky won his first term representing Mill Creek as a Liberal candidate. A year later in 1998 he had a high profile falling out with the Liberal party and left the caucus to sit as an Independent. He joined the Progressive Conservative caucus a short time later and was re-elected under that banner in 2001.

Chicago’s famed Exit club to a runner at the Board of Trade to support his acting habit. All the while he studied at The Second City, where he was taken under the wing of mentor Sheldon Patinkin. Before joining the Second City, he performed for a short time at Chicago’s Improv Institute.

… slept with Kay, because he had no idea it was her. They found Charity a short time later, and while Miguel is thrilled to have his love back, Kay is still (metaphorically) wishing her cousin dead. Not only that, but she is fighting with Grace…

Zoltán Gál (born 23 January 1940 in Budapest) is a Hungarian politician, who served as Interior Minister for a short time in 1990 before the first parliamentary elections. He was the Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary between 1994 and 1998. His son is Zoltán J. Gál former spokesman of the Hungarian Socialist Party government.

Zoltan Horniak left C.A.F.B. after the band finished touring the Zanza album in 1998. He tried to commit suicide later that year and spent a short time in a psychiatric facility. He returned to the group in 2009.

… polygamy, and certain priesthood offices that are common within the Latter Day Saint movement, such as church president, are not accepted. For a short time, Zion’s Branch endeavored to practice the United Order, but has since ceased doing so.

California, Missing Link Records in Melbourne and Soft Skull Press in Brooklyn, New York. Zine distros often have websites one can place orders on. Because these are small scale DIY projects run by an individual or small group, they often close after only a short time of operation. Those that have been around the longest are often the most dependable.

… given small roles. She became the Prima donna in Abram Yitzhak Zandberg’s Lodz Groys teater, then worked in Rapel’s troupe and for a short time in Kaminsky’s. After the outbreak of the first world war, she became the primadonna in Lodz Scala Theater, run by Juliusz Adler and Herman Sierocki, where she played in a number of European operettas.

Children’s Aid to quietly move them to safety in the United States. The twins arrived in the U.S. in 1935, and after a short time in an orphanage in New York, were moved to Chicago, where they lived with a foster family for a few years. During…

Zimmerman worked for a short time for Hera Resources, a gold and silver mining company in Canada. He was hired partly to assist with investor relations. He was to have received stock options at Hera, but when the company tried to file the…

Korndyke) were listed among the best known of the breed in herd and pedigree listings. For a short time Zimmerman and his father raised registered Shropshire sheep primarily for meat, at the family farm near the Grand Rapids Dam. Some of their…

Zhou Dunyi had only two students who made any major contribution to Confucianism: his nephews Cheng Yi and Cheng Hao. The Cheng brothers studied under Zhou Dunyi only for a short time when they were younger. The brothers moved on to…

Zhitlowsky returned to Vitebsk for a short time, from there he went to Galicia where it was much easier to preach Socialist doctrines among the Jewish masses. He became acquainted with a group of Jewish revolutionists from Zurich, who were engaged in disseminating radical literature in Yiddish.

… and Zheng left them to pursue his dream of becoming a coach when he joined Shanghai Pudong as an assistant coach in 1999. After spending a short time with Shanghai Pudong, he returned to his hometown of Wuhan where he started as an assistant…

… to retire from the central court to serve as an administrator of Hejian in Hebei. Zhang returned home to Nanyang for a short time, before being recalled to serve in the capital once more in 138. He died there a year later, in 139.

short time, he worked as a bookkeeper in Leipzig. After the failed attempt to assassinate Hitler on July 20, 1944 Zeigner and Stanislaw Trabalski as well as Heinrich Fleißner was kidnapped, and other Leipzig Solzialdemokraten was arrested in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. In August 1944 he was arrested in Buchenwald concentration camp.

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