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…Ōshio and his allies were forced to start the rebellion earlier than planned because a traitor informant had informed the authorities. On February 19, 1837, Ōshio set fire to his house in Ōsaka as a signal for his followers to start the…

…Ōsawa Station began as a signal stop on 15 May 1899 and was elevated to a full passenger station on 25 December 1906. The station was absorbed into the JR East network upon the privatization of JNR on 1 April 1987.

…Ōmagari Station was opened on April 1, 1935 as a signal stop. It was elevated to a full station on May 24, 1938. The station had been unattended since February 21, 1953.

…Ōkawadamukōen Station opened on November 1, 1927 a signal stop, and was upgraded to a Funako Station (Funako-eki) on April 1 1987. The station was renamed to its present name on July 16, 1987.

… them to relinquish it to WBBM-TV). Their experiment involved a descrambler box mounted on the television set, and plugged into the telephone lead. When a preannounced broadcast was ready to begin, viewers would call an operator at Zenith who would send a signal with the telephone leads to unscramble the video.

ZIP7 is a membrane transport protein of the endoplasmic reticulum. Phosphorylation of ZIP7 by casein kinase 2 stimulates the release of zinc ions from the endoplasmic reticulum This provides a signal transduction pathway by which…

ZC3H12B is a probable ribonuclease containing CCCH-type zinc finger domain and ribonuclease domains.The 836 amino acid protein has a predicted molecular weight of 94.2 kdal. It does not contain a signal peptide or a transmembrane region.

Y′UV was invented when engineers wanted color television in a black-and-white infrastructure. They needed a signal transmission method that was compatible with black-and-white (B&W) TV while being able to add color. The luma component already existed as the black and white signal; they added the UV signal to this as a solution.

Yet other receivers are capable of receiving shortwave transmissions (2,000 to 30,000 kHz or 2 to 30 MHz). Depending on time of day, season of year, solar weather and Earth’s geomagnetic field, a signal might reach around the world.

Yardley began his career as a code clerk in the U.S. State Department. He accepted a Signal Corps Reserve commission and served as a cryptologic officer with the American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I.

… her abdomen. If the female wants to mate, she will spread her wings and release an odor from her mandibular glands. This secretion is a signal to the male and he continues to hover over her until she leaves the flower. As the female flies…

… compact object, it cannot be a black hole. The absence of such a signal does, however, not exclude the possibility that the compact object is a neutron star. By studying the companion star it is often possible to obtain the orbital…

X-gal has a number of variants, which are similar molecules with slight differences serving mainly to produce colors other than blue as a signal.

… truncation of reverb tails. This may be due to the persistence of memory with regard to spatial location based on early reflections and comparison of Doppler effects over time. The auditory system may become distracted by pitch shifts in the reverberation of a signal that should be of fixed and solid pitch.

Through signal generation, voice and instrument-level processing, a signal flow is created and controlled either by MIDI capabilities or voice and instrument-level controls.

Wobulation is a term which refers to the known variation (or wobble) in a characteristic. For example, the term is used to describe advanced radar waveform modulations – where the repetition rate or centre frequency of a signal is changed in a repetitive fashion to reduce the probability of detection.

… kinase (RTK), and ROR2. Upon activation of the receptor, a signal is sent to the phosphoprotein Dishevelled (Dsh), which is located in the cytoplasm. This signal is transmitted via a direct interaction between Fz and Dsh. Dsh proteins are…

Witney railway station served the Oxfordshire town of Witney on the Oxford, Witney and Fairford Railway line. It consisted of two stone-built platforms, a station building, a signal box, and a shed in the form of a pagoda.

… been discovered. It is a short distance away and therefore a landing can be attempted, but more importantly, a signal has been sent from the planet. It is an incredibly basic signal offering no information as to who sent it or why. Nikos asks Bartolomeo to join the team which is to land on the planet, which the Bishop soon names Antioch.

Within the brain, reception of a signal for a stressor by the hypothalamus leads to an increase in activity of the sympathoadrenal system, essentially within the nerves that send signals to the adrenal glands. This is done through the…

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