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… with the added salt, their greater freedom of movement causes a significant increase in their entropy. Thus, ΔG becomes negative and precipitation occurs spontaneously.

…Țara Călatei (Kalotaszeg) is a region in Transylvania, Romania. It is one of the many areas in Western Romania with a significant Hungarian population, and it is a stronghold of old Transylvanian Hungarian folk traditions.

…Șicula is a significant road junction of Arad County. Although it is not abundant of spectacles, the traditions and the residents’ hospitality are worth experiencing. The Crișul Alb Valley is well known for its rich flora and fauna.

…Žilina lies in the north temperate zone and has a continental climate with four distinct seasons. It is characterized by a significant variation between hot summers and cold, snowy winters. The average temperature in July is 18 C, in…

…Žerajić’s attempt of assassination had a significant influence on young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After this attempt new revolutionary circles were established in Sarajevo, Mostar, Tuzla and Banja Luka.

…Żary’s border area location has a significant influence on its economic growth. In the proximity of the city (20-40 km) there are Polish-German border crossings in Olszyna, Łęknica, Przewóz, and Zasieki as well as a railroad checkpoint in Forst. Żary is also an attractive tourist destination.

…Šumperk was a significant centre of the textile industry throughout the Austria-Hungary, interwar and Communist eras. Communist rule nationalised every company in Šumperk and united them into a small number of large entities with low productivity. The Communist administrators also supported the development of metalworking industry in the town.

… 12.1%), it recorded a significant increase in sales revenue (23.7%) to almost 3 billion euros. Operating profit increased 65.2% to 185 million Euros over the previous year.

… though the real operator behind the account remains unknown. Şero is the mascot of the CHP and is described as the ‘standard social democratic cat’. He is as a significant icon in Turkish politics, constantly appearing on the news for outlandish and humorous political comments made on his Twitter account.

…Ōno made a significant contribution to the field of Japanese quantitative linguistics by indicating a statistical relationship, known as ‘Ōno’s lexical law’, between the category of classical Japanese literary works and the rate of usage of word classes in their lexicons.

… the Port Hills rise above Ōhinetahi. While the Ōhinetahi Homestead is considered to be a significant historic building in the small settlement of Governors Bay, the formal garden of Ōhinetahi is considered to be one of New Zealand’s…

…Łupków Pass or Lupkov Pass (Przełęcz Łupkowska, Lupkovský priesmyk) is a significant mountain pass in the Carpathian mountains on the border between Poland and Slovakia, and close to the western border of Ukraine. Its highest point rises…

… fish and shrimp.The seasonal tropical forests are protected in Cát Tiên National Park, located on the north of Đồng Nai and the adjacent Vĩnh Cửu Nature Reserve; the former has been recognized internationally as a significant biosphere…

Diem, leading to a significant part of rural Southern Vietnam gained control by the communists, leading to the founding of the Southern Vietnam National Liberation Front.

Mary’s Church, where she was buried in 1443. The monastery became a significant cultural and spiritual center of the Serbian Church, actively working in scribing and nourishing the Nemanjić heritage. Đurađ’s wife Jelena became a deeply religious and talented poet, writing the opus of then’s Old Serb-Slavic language.

… insertion of a glass bottle into his anus. The Martinović affair, as it became known, turned into a cause célèbre in Serbian politics. Although the facts of the incident remained in dispute for years afterwards, it played a significant role in worsening ethnic tensions between Kosovo’s Serb and Albanian populations.

Dinamo. Not surprisingly, his arrival caused a great deal of controversy; Hajduk fans had differing opinions, with a significant number seeing Ćiro as a miracle worker that would help Hajduk regain its former glory.

…Ćirić was defeated by Smiljko Kostić of the New Serbia party by a significant margin in the October 2004 municipal election.

…Østensjøvannet is well known for its birdlife, and over 200 different species of birds have been sighted at or near the lake, quite a significant number by Norwegian standards.

… livestock farms, poultry farms and fisheries were always and are still active in the town. Such services are a significant contributor and once the only factor in the town’s economy, however this has changed with the introduction of tourism in the town, spawning hundreds of new businesses and services to satisfy this sole purpose.

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