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Horwitz (without “o” between “r” and “w”), when they moved from Austria to Poland. She was a sister of Maksymilian Horwitz (1877-1937) and Kamilla Kancewicz (1879-1952).

Sultan. He has two siblings, a sister Ayşe Gülnev Sultan and a brother Orhan Murad Osmanoğlu. Selim holds a Degree in Business and Economics from Kingston University, London and is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute, a Chartered Insurance Broker and a Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management.

…Ōyama’s first wife Sawa died of puerperal disorder. Second wife Sutematsu (a survivor of the Battle of Aizu, a sister of former Aizu retainers Yamakawa Hiroshi and Yamakawa Kenjirō) was one of the first female students sent to the United…

…Ōta has a sister city relationship with Salem, Massachusetts. The discovery of a shell mound in Ōmori, one of the forerunners of Ōta, by Edward S. Morse, director of the museum in Salem, occasioned the tie. Ōta has a friendship link with Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

…Đurišić majored in International relations and affairs at UGA. His parents, Snežana and Ranko Đurišić, both from Montenegro, took part in their first-ever UGA game on 28 February 2015 on the occasion of their first visit to the US and participated as well in the Senior Day recognition before Kentucky game on 3 March 2015.Đurišić has a sister, Jelena.

…Ülo Sooster was born the village of Ühtri on the island of Hiiumaa. He was the son of Johannes Sooster and Veera Sooster (née Tatter) and had a sister, Meedi, two years younger. His father was later remarried to Linda Vahtras. He was educated at Tartu Art College where he studied surrealism during the years 1945—1949. In 1949 his…

…Úrsula Corberó Delgado was born in Barcelona, Spain. She has a sister. At age 5, she already wanted to be an actress. She first started appearing in commercial breaks. She came to Madrid for the shooting of Física o Química, TV series with which she gained fame.

…Östringen is a town in Northern Karlsruhe district in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Östringen is a sister city with Abergavenny, South Wales.

…Évelyne Prouvost was the granddaughter of Jean Prouvost, the founder of Marie Claire and Paris Match as well as the owner of Le Figaro, RTL and Télé 7 Jours. She had a sister, Marie-Laure, and a half-sister, Donatienne.

…Élisabeth, who had turned thirty a week before her death, was executed essentially because she was a sister of the king; however, the general consensus of the French revolutionaries was that she was a supporter of the ultra-right royalist…

…Åse Birkrem is a Norwegian handball player. She played 21 matches for the national handball team in 1986, and participated at the 1986 World Women’s Handball Championship, where the Norwegian team won a bronze medal. She is a sister of Unni Birkrem.

…Álvarez was born in the Dominican Republic to Pedro and Luz Alvarez. Alvarez also has a sister. Father of Wilfredo Alvarez. As a young boy, he grew up in the Washington Heights neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan.

Argentine pesos; a sister ship, the current PNA Dorado (GC-101) was also ordered. Commissioned by the PGA in 1939, she was assigned to the pilot service in the port of Bahía Blanca.

… group with Dilophosaurus and Dracovenator, placing it in a monophyletic Dilophosauridae. But later studies found Zupaysaurus to be a sister taxon sister to a clade containing dilophosaurids, ceratosaurs and tetanurans.

Zumbi’s mother Sabina was a sister of Ganga Zumba who is said to have been the son of princess Aqualtune, daughter of an unknown King of Kongo. It is unknown if Zumbi’s mother was also daughter of the princess, but this still makes him…

… has two children, Charles and Sarah. David was raised Jewish from both parents. David and Danielle married in May 1997. His younger brother, Jerry, is his filmmaking partner. The Zucker brothers have a sister, Susan Breslau.

Zip was a weekly men’s magazine published in the United Kingdom. It was launched on 1 March 2013 as a sister title to Loaded and was published by Blue Publishing for nine issues before being sold to OOHYEAH Publishing. It relaunched in…

… in Tulsa on February 5, 2005. Jack was survived by his wife, Jan, three sons, three stepchildren and a sister. A fourth son, Colin, died in 1993.

Zimonyi had a sister in Hungary. He left rowing for good in late 1960s, and did not coach. He was an accountant by training, but after immigrating to the United States had to take odd jobs, such as working at a brick company of a fellow…

Ziggy is a yellow lizard with a Cockney accent. He has a sister whom he mentions and has a nephew and niece named Drew and Sue who later hatch from their eggs.

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