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… constantly harassed by small scale Moldavians attacks. Soon they were also confronted with starvation, a situation made worse by an outbreak of the plague.

Zara district. Because of the harsh weather, it is hard to gain agricultural products from the land. Therefore, the main economic activity of the locals is cattle dealing. Many people left İmranlı and immigrated to the big cities of Turkey back in the 1970s, a situation that was caused by the lack of social capacity and investment.

… instead. Faced with a situation he could not handle, Tian resigned his position as the commander of the Shence Armies and fled to Xichuan to join his brother Chen Jingxuan. Tian was succeeded by Yang Fugong (the brother of Yang Fuguang, who…

Yugoslavia formerly had an embassy in Mogadishu, and there is archived correspondence between the Yugoslav embassies in Mogadishu and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1975, regarding the relations between the Soviet Union, Ethiopia, and Somalia; a situation that became the Ogaden War shortly afterwards, in 1977.

The Manager of Learning methodology first exposes the learner to a situation to help both the learner and the leader assess his current state of knowledge. This causes the learner to internalize a need to improve his knowledge or skills.

… power was shifting from the monarchy to wealthy traders, a situation that only grew worse under William II’s impotent rule. As competition for European trade among the coastal peoples of Cameroon grew more intense, young King William’s rivals multiplied and his centralised authority crumbled. He was murdered in 1882.

You first have to determine if a situation can be solved using training. Training, or retraining as the case may be, could be required by an OSHA standard. Training is an effective solution to problems such as employee lack of…

You are catching fish with a big net. Fish are swimming into the net randomly in a situation that resembles a Poisson process. You are watching the net all the time and take up the net as soon as you have caught exactly n fish.

… effect, a situation where a firm’s presence in an existing market has a positive influence on product adoption in a new market. Also, a backlash effect shouldn’t prevent the firm from entering a new market, a situation where social influence…

Yet despite his apparent liberalism, Antonio López was a dictator who allowed Paraguayans no more freedom to oppose the government than they had had under Francia. Congress became his puppet, and the people abdicated their political rights, a situation enshrined in the 1844 Constitution, which placed all power in López’s hands.

Years later, Validus fell under Darkseid’s influence yet again. He manipulated Validus against Lightning Lad, placing him in a situation where the Legionnaire would be forced to kill him to save the life of his other son, Graym. Thanks to…

Yuanzhuo to teach him how to practice after becoming a monk. The Elder Master replied with a story, reminding him to accept a situation as it is and act accordingly, making him understand that the best option is to keep a natural state of mind.

… beautifully composed of the genre called gunki monogatari, or war chronicles. Clearly depicted throughout the Heike Monogatari is the ideal of the cultivated warrior. This ideal is symbolized in the character 斌 or uruwashii, meaning a

… to remain consistent, was set five years before Superman, a situation complicated by the fact that Action writer Grant Morrison was not forthcoming about his plans.

… when it becomes clear that the police are after her, Christa flees to Portugal to seek help from another friend, Ingrid Häkele, a situation that threatens both women’s safety.

… bullying. Similar to the school environment for children, the work environment typically places groups of adult peers together in a shared space on a regular basis. In such a situation, social interactions and relationships are of great importance…

… bullying. Similar to the school environment for children, the work environment typically places groups of adult peers together in a shared space on a regular basis. In such a situation, social interactions and relationships are of great importance…

… role sender and he or she may be given conflicting role requirements. Role conflict can pair with role ambiguity – a situation in which the expectations of a role are ill-defined – to create role stress, which is detrimental to workplace performance. Role stress has also been linked to decreased job satisfaction and employee turnover.

… fashion, or it may refer to one in which managers and administration is elected by every worker-owner, and finally it can refer to a situation in which managers are considered, and treated as, workers of the firm.

… difficult time adjusting to his new life; he needs to be raised by his father on the Enterprise. Predictably, Worf, and Alexander have a difficult time adjusting to one another- a situation aggravated by a ship-based experiment that becomes life-threatening.

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