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…Ẕāheṟ Khūnē is a small town in Afghanistan with a population of around 1,646.

…Сonsidered the year 1600 the date of establishment of the village. The potters were the first inhabitants of the village Havarechchyna. In the 17th century they were deported from the village of Bilyi Kamin, in order to they are is not smelled like smoke for the village. Here they have cleared a small area for housing construction and settled.

…Π is based on a calculation of the number of orbits required for the candidate body to impart enough energy to a small body in a nearby orbit such that the smaller body is cleared out of the desired orbital extent. This is unlike Λ, which…

… mainly lower than 2,000 m, of small seasonal lakes and streams and of a small river, Enipeas, with its springs in the site Prionia and its estuary in the Aegean Sea.

…Ιn the period of Frankish rule in Cyprus Choulou was a small feudal town, and 50 years ago it had a population of around 1,000. Today the population is around 150 and much of the village is abandoned.

…Țepeș’s massacre and destruction completely changed the ethnic composition and the appearance of Isaccea, which remaining throughout the 16th century a small, largely Christian, village. Bayazid II’s conquest of Kilia and Akkerman removed…

…Ștefănești (שטעפנשט, שטפנשט) is a small town in Botoșani County, Romania. It administers four villages: Bădiuți, Bobulești, Stânca and Ștefănești-Sat.

…Žygaičiai is a small town in Tauragė County, in western Lithuania. According to the 2011 census, the town has a population of 542 people.

…Žvirgždaičiai is a small town in Marijampolė County, in southwestern Lithuania. According to the 2011 census, the town has a population of 242 people.

…Žminj (Gimino) is a small town in Istria, Croatia, 15 km south of Pazin. It has a population of 3,483, and was first mentioned in 1177 as a parish of the Poreč diocese.

…Žižka summarily suppressed some disturbances on the part of a fanatical sect called the Adamites. He then continued his campaigns against the Romanists and the adherents of Sigismund, and having captured and rebuilt a small castle near…

…Žižka set his men on a small dam between two ponds, from which one was without water then. The back of the hussites was protected by a swamp. The Catholic commanders divided their forces into two groups. The first group which attacked the…

…Židovići is a small town in Pljevlja Municipality, Montenegro. According to the 2003 census, the town had a population of 653 people.

…Žemoji Panemunė is a small town in Marijampolė County, in southwestern Lithuania. According to the 2011 census, the town has a population of 64 people.

…Žemaičių Kalvarija (Samogitian: Žemaitiu Kalvarėjė, Samogitian Calvary) is a small town in Plungė district municipality, Lithuania. It is known as a major site for Catholic pilgrimage.

…Željko Ražnatović was born in Brežice, a small border town in Slovenian Styria, FPR Yugoslavia. His father, Veljko Ražnatović, served as a decorated officer in the SFR Yugoslav Air Force, earning high rank for his notable World War II involvement on the Partisan side, and was stationed in Slovenian Styria at the time of Željko’s birth.

…Ždírec has a small shop, a restaurant, a library, a nursery, a retirement home, a multipurpose building and a football field. The village has had its own flag and coat of arms since 2008.

…Žarkovac (Жарковац) is a small settlement (hamlet) in Serbia. It is situated in the Sombor municipality, West Bačka District, Vojvodina province.

…Žampach is a small village in the Ústí nad Orlicí District, Pardubice Region of the Czech Republic. It has around 290 inhabitants.

…Żonqor Tower (Torri taż-Żonqor), originally known as Torre di Zoncol, was a small watchtower near Żonqor Point, limits of Marsaskala, Malta. It was built in 1659 as the eleventh of the De Redin towers, on or near the site of a medieval…

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