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Yim then produced A Smile, the feature directorial debut of fellow female Korean director Park Kyung-hee, and later made a cameo appearance in Park’s short film Under a Big Tree. She also appeared in Ryoo Seung-wan’s 2006 short film Hey…

… and a daughter, and the rich man she is to marry would not marry her if he knew. Growing up, Yang is harassed by her bad brother, and meets her birth mother, brother and sister again. Yang faces many difficulties as the truth gradually becomes exposed to everyone, overcoming them with a smile.

Yeon-ae had come back as he went off to return home. Near the bus stop, Young-min happened to encounter Hae-yung getting down a bus after giving an unsuccessful phone call to Hae-yung. As Hae-yung ran towards the direction was walking (unknowingly), Young-min covered his face from Hae-yung’s range and tried to walk towards her among the crowd of passersby. Afterwards, Hae-yung saw her best friend, the flaming Nick Pena. Hae-yung ran into Young-min. As Young-min raised up the umbrella to show his face, Hae-yung appeared shocked and relieved. Young-min flashed a smile at her.

… she know that when he went into Ying Yaem house he would not visit her that night. Ying Yaem told Praya that Yen is pregnant and in her room. Praya was so speechless he went to Yen’s house with a smile on his face with excitement.

Yashoda tries to approach B.M when he is sleeping by laying next to him and caressing his forehead. B.M wakes with a smile but instantly begins to see sudden series of flashes of the families of the people who killed. He then jumps off the bed and demeans the sexuality of Yashoda.

Yar Hussain is a village of high cultural values, especially the hospitality. People serve their guests with an open heart and a smile. Many of the old traditions are still followed.

Mario created characters that gave his daily audience their quota of a smile without malice. His trips around the globe produced subtle close observations of the local musings – a fitting example of how far can one stretch the parameters of this branch of neglected art.

… trio of rabbits, what appears to be a crane, and a reptilianoid (that appears to be a Komodo dragon). At the end he morphs back to Penry with a smile and sparkle in his eye.

With a Smile is a Filipino romantic comedy television series created by Ma. Acy Ramos, developed by Don Michael Perez and produced by GMA Network. It premiered on June 17, 2013 on the network’s morning block, 10:15 a.m. timeslot, and on…

With a Smile and a Song was an album, featuring Doris Day and Jimmy Joyce and the Children’s Chorus, recorded from July 7 to 14, 1964 and released by Columbia Records on October 19, 1964. It was issued as a monophonic album (catalog number CL-2266) and a stereophonic album (catalog number CS-9066).

… day, William comes across Dolores, who accidentally drops a few of her belongings. William kindly helps her pick them up and departs with a smile and a tip of his hat. Later that night, Dolores returns home and digs up a pistol hidden in her yard.

White now assists with a smile as Brewer proposes to Rita; the two board the plane and begin kissing.

… a gardener and a woman painting on a large canvas, both of whom Victor greets with a smile. Arriving at a tree, the nurse gathers handfuls of blossoms, which she begins to gently sprinkle onto Victor’s hair. She is interrupted by the call…

While shut, the orifice of the mouth forms a line between the upper and lower lip. In facial expression, this mouth line is iconically shaped like an up-open parabola in a smile, and like a down-open parabola in a frown. A down-turned…

While she is energetic and always has a smile on her face, she has a temper and fierce determination. She never backs down from a fight, especially against Akito, who is considered to be her rival, friend, and later on, her lover.

… tries to save Beera with all her might. Content that she too has feelings for him, Beera falls off the cliff to his death with a smile.

… great-aunt come over and Tita tells him that she cannot marry him. John seems to accept it, “reaching for Tita’s hand…with a smile on his face”.

Where the gals have quite a smile, it’s the special of the day.

Where Death Wears a Smile (1985). Produced by Australian journalist Paul Rea, the film alleges that dozens of Allied POWs were murdered at Terezín, where they had been illegally held. These claims were refuted by Alexander McClelland, an Australian veteran and former prisoner at the Small Fortress, in his book The Answer – Justice.

… 45 full-length novels, including Pauline (1877), The Baby’s Grandmother (1884), Stiff Necked Generation (1889), and The Havoc of a Smile (1890). She also wrote for London journals. Her last novel, David and Jonathan on the Riviera, appeared in 1914.

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