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…Сbonds-Contact is a social network for financial market professionals.

…İnalcık’s work was centred upon a social and economic analysis of the Ottoman Empire. He aimed at both countering what he saw as the hostile, biased narrative presented by western sources at the onset of his work and what he saw as an…

…İbrahim Özdiş (born 17 January 1956) is a Turkish politician from the Republican People’s Party (CHP), who has served as a Member of Parliament for Adana since 7 June 2015. He previously served as a Social Democratic Populist Party (SHP) Member of Parliament for Adana between 1991 and 1995.

…Úrsulo Galvan is a municipality located in the south zone in the State of Veracruz, about 76 km from state capital Xalapa. It has a surface of 123.92 km2. The name of this municipality is in honor of a historical character who was a social fighter for the rural class.

…Östra Småland was started in 1928. The paper is owned by the Swedish Social Democratic Party. It is published by Östra Småland AB, a subsidiary of Gota Media AB. The paper has a social democratic political stance. It is published in tabloid format.

… e.g. 46 percent of the votes in the general elections of 1948. In 1952 a social democrat was appointed chairman of Östersund’s governing body, due to the lack of political blocs and the strive for mutual agreements.

… as a social and societal institution, craving rather for a wholehearted commitment to the language cause even among Catholic churchmen. It was his view that, as the Church was there anyway, it would be better if it were more willing to address the Faithful in the national idiom.

…Åke Bonnier is married to a social worker and has two grown daughters. He is the second biggest owner of the Bonnier Group. He was listed by Veckans Affärer as the 64th richest man in Sweden in 2012 with a fortune of 2.1 billion Swedish…

…Åhrén was to collaborate with the sociologist, reformer and Nobel Prize winner Gunnar Myrdal from 1932 though 1935 on a social housing commission, and in 1934 they co-authored The Housing Question as a Social Planning Problem, a work that…

…Álava walked the ramp on May 11 as guest of honor at the Lisa Quirola Fashion Show then paid a social visit to celebrate Mother´s Day at a local hospital in Ecuador. She traveled on May 16, 2012 to New York City as special guest for the cultural festival, Ecuafest.

Zynga Slingo was a social casino game developed by Zynga and released on Facebook in February 2012. It was Zynga’s first licensed game and a partnership with classic gambling game Slingo.

Zynga Bingo is a social network game developed by Zynga and released on Facebook in February 2012. The game is part of a larger franchise called Zynga Casino, which was announced in October 2011 at the company’s Unleashed event, and also includes Zynga Poker.

… to CARP (formerly the Canadian Association of Retired Persons), of which Znaimer serves as executive director, and publishes Zoomer Magazine (the renamed CARP Magazine). The company also operates several Internet properties including a portal and a social networking site, all targeted to older adult audiences. is a social networking and online games website, which is placed among the top 10 most visited sites in Greece (among people who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser), and is the largest Greek social networking site. The company was founded in 2004. In December 2008, Zoo claimed to have recorded a total number of 900.000 unique visitors.

Zombie Lane is a social network game developed by Digital Chocolate’s Helsinki-based studio and released on Facebook and Google+ in 2011. In late 2011, it was released on the iOS App Store. Players must rebuild their shattered…

Zoldan serves as a Senior Correspondent for Talk Radio News Service in Washington, D.C where he holds press credentials for the United Nations and on Capitol Hill. In 2012, Zoldan founded a social platform for those interested in politics.

… still maintained a social structure unchanged from the days of Ottoman rule, and most villages were serf plantations run by the Beys. On 28 June 1925, Zogu ceded Sveti Naum to Yugoslavia as a gesture of recognition to the Yugoslav aid to him and in exchange for Peshkëpi (Pëshkupat) village and other minor concessions.

Ziva Kunda (June 13, 1955 – February 24, 2004) was a social psychologist well known for her work in social cognition and motivated reasoning.

… second business, a social marketing firm powered by offshore assistants and remote-working college students. During this process, she started the blog “Escaping the 9 to 5.” Donovan developed the Zirtual business model in 2010, during the…

Zino started as a continuation of a news-focused Greek network,, which was established in 2005, and eventually replaced it. Three codenames were publicly announced for the launched versions, Reloaded, the first version announced, Phoenix, the version that established it as a social network in Greece, and lastly Revolution, the current version.

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