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…Ứng Hòa is a southern district (huyện) of Hanoi in the Red River Delta region of Vietnam. The River Đáy forms much of the western boundary with Mỹ Đức District. It covers an area of 183.72 km2, and as of 2005 it had a population of 193,731 people. It has 28 communes and one town.

…Ōwhiro Bay is a southern suburb of Wellington, New Zealand, that overlooks the Cook Strait. It is situated west of the larger suburb of Island Bay.

…Ōnojō (Ōnojō-shi) is an area located in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Its name is made up of the kanji for ‘big’, ‘field’, and ‘castle’. It is mostly a southern suburb of the city of Fukuoka, and has a border to the northwest with the…

Svartån, and dividing the town into a northern and a southern part. This castle was constructed during the stewardship of Birger Jarl during the early 13th century and then modified and enlarged during the reign of King Gustav Vasa in the 1560s.

Zuiderdam was christened by American broadcaster Joan Lunden at Port Everglades on December 14, 2002. Between October to April, Zuiderdam largely runs a southern Caribbean itinerary which includes a half-transit of the Panama Canal through the Gatun Locks. From May to September, the vessel travels to Alaska.

Zorilor is a southern district of Cluj-Napoca in Romania. It consists largely of blocks of flats ranging from 4 to 10 storeys. The district is home to the Observator student housing campus. Two 35-floor towers are projected to be constructed in the Sigma area of Zorilor.

Zhou She was an eighth-generation descendant of the famed Jin official Zhou Yi (周顗). His father Zhou Yong (周顒) was a Southern Qi official. When Zhou She was young, he became known for his skills in rhetoric, and he was retained by Wang Liang (王亮), then the mayor of the capital Jiankang, to serve as his secretary.

Wendell “Skip” Calkins. She was commissioned for a Southern California owner in 1964 and built by American Marine in Hong Kong (builder of the ‘Grand Banks’ line of power boats), using strip planked mahogany over oak frames. Zapata II was…

Zachs discovers that they are on the wrong tracks and on a collision course with a Southern Pacific freight train hauling gasoline tank cars. Since the trains are in dark territory, it was impossible for the train dispatchers to…

Yuen Long Town is located in the centre of Yuen Long. It was built on granite and is divided into an eastern part and a western part by the Shan Pui River; it is also divided into a northern part and a southern part by Castle Peak Road.

Youngtown is a southern suburb of Launceston, Tasmania and had a population of 3,684 at the time of the 2006 census. There is a football ground at Youngtown the Youngtown Oval which is where South Launceston Football club play their home games in the Tasmania State League. Youngtown Primary School is also located in the suburb.

Young Mark Twain deserted long before he became a famous writer and lecturer, but he often commented upon the episode in comic fashion. Beneath his desertion from a Missouri State Guard unit was his deep unease about losing his personal honor, his fear of facing death as a soldier, and his rejection of a Southern identity as a professional author.

Zhuge Liang led a southern campaign to suppress the rebellion, he used a strategy to turn Yong and another rebel leader, Gao Ding, against each other. Yong was killed by Gao’s servant He Huang, and the rebellion effectively ended.

… him to meet Stanley Muttlebury, and it is believed they rowed together on several occasions. Mark Twain spoke with a southern drawl which softened the crisp English Received Pronunciation of Muttlebury. As a result, he started to call…

Yangebup is a southern suburb of Perth, Western Australia in the City of Cockburn. It takes its name from the nearby Yangebup Lake.

Yancey recognized the significance of the Wilmot Proviso to the South and in 1847, as the first talk of slaveholder Zachary Taylor as a presidential candidate surfaced, Yancey saw him as a possibility for bringing together a Southern political…

Yambeta is a Southern Bantoid language of Cameroon.

Xinyang Agricultural College (XAC) is located in Xinyang City, a Southern Part of Henan Province, Central China, bordering on Shihe River on the north, lying at the foot of Mountain Xianshan on the west, overlooked by Mountain Jigongshan, one of the famous summer resorts in China.

Xiao Tong was born to Xiao Yan, then a Southern Qi general nearing final victory in a civil war against the cruel and violent emperor Xiao Baojuan, in winter 501. He was born at Xiao Yan’s power base of Xiangyang, to Xiao Yan’s concubine…

Wynne was born into an impoverished but intellectual Danish family in a Southern Minnesota village. His mother died of uterine cancer when he was 11 years old, inspiring him to become a medical researcher. He was sent to live with an aunt and uncle in Duluth, Minnesota and later received a full scholarship to Harvard University.

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