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Together with the Sabatier reaction, the Bosch reaction is studied as a way to remove carbon dioxide and to generate clean water aboard a space station.

… often traumatic stories. With the intention to create a space “for words, phrases, images, faces that convey a sense of the area”, a “collection of fragments” emerged with portraits and stories of 50 inhabitants in eight villages. 2010 the…

… flight to rendezvous with the Mir Space Station. Earlier in his career, Todd worked as a Space Shuttle systems astronaut instructor for many missions including STS-31, the flight which deployed the Hubble Space Telescope. Todd also led the international training activities for STS-97/ISS 4A, which flew in November 2000.

Todd and Brant were enclosed nearly 1000 metres underground, caged in a space so small they couldn’t sit up straight or lie down.

… intellectually in the Islamic world and culture, but for which there are also no groups in the region today to even work on, such as, the death penalty, and rights of Christian minorities. Our objective is to create a space where these issues and…

Today, the former Rog factory serves Ljubljana and the wider community as a space for alternative content which is lacking in an otherwise heavily institutionalized Slovenia. Its 7000 m2 hosts many collectives and spaces: multiple gallery…

… credited as the first positional numeral system, was base-60, but it lacked a real 0 value. Zero was indicated by a space between sexagesimal numerals. By 300 BC, a punctuation symbol (two slanted wedges) was co-opted as a placeholder in…

Today, the Faculty has a virtual teaching platform that allows simultaneous interpreting to be taught at a distance. The application gives users access to digitized speeches, a forum, a chat system and a space for teachers to give feedback to students. Students can listen back to the original speech as well as their interpretation of it.

Today, taking part in the parade will be the multiple rocket launch system Polonez. This is a modern formidable weapon. Its presence is an important strategic factor in deterring those who attempt to talk to use from the position of strength. No less important is the fact that Belarus has secured the status of a space power.

Today, large areas of the Tüllinger have been declared a special area of conservation in order to preserve a space for local recreation. Subsequently, the mountain has been designated as a protected area by the Habitats Directive. Due to the region’s mild climate, the southwestern slope of the mountain is optimal for growing grapes, which are popular…

Globus II as a space surveillance sensor, have led to even more controversy, including a series of official complaints by Russia.

… costs accompany the poverty in Wedding. Therefore, like many inexpensive areas in large cities, it is home to a vibrant artists’ community. Many galleries have been founded by artists to provide a space for themselves and their peers to showcase their works.

Today the building serves as a space for exhibitions, meetings and concerts. A cafe and bookshop are housed within the building. A fresco painting by Raphael, The Sibyls in the next-door church of Santa Maria della Pace, is visible from the first floor.

… with his parents and siblings, but he is forced to hide in a space behind the fireplace. Toby tries to get help from a miller and his wife, the Olmechs. They contact Joe Mitch’s soldiers, but Toby manages to escape anyway. The Olmechs are thrown into prison for lying.

Toby is worried, because his brother is in a space shuttle orbiting Earth but unable to land due to some technical problems. Josh has to put some pressure on Vice President Hoynes, on the subject of campaign finance reform. C.J. has to lie to the press to keep the Iraqi rescue mission covert, but doing so she incurs the anger of reporter Danny Concannon.

Tobey thought a player could get bored flying an advanced fighter plane, and might want to play a game. Consequently, he incorporated a Space Invaders game into Skyfox as a hidden Easter egg. Pressing Ctrl-G while flying activated the Space Invaders game.

… dramatic and musical performances as well as a space for school-wide activities such as graduations and talent shows on the second floor.

To the left of the main hallway is a space which was originally a large dining room with two small parlours opening onto the street through French doors. The dividing walls between these rooms have been removed but the original doors and…

To start a game, shuffle the cards into a face-down draw pile and clear a space for the face-up discard pile to come. Deal five cards to each player, then decide who goes first, via rock paper scissors, flipping a coin, rolling a die, etc. Play proceeds clockwise (unless the deck or a card states otherwise) until someone wins.

… j-1 is in a space one to the left from where it ought to be. In the left block, each of those elements is restored one at a time to its original space, after resting in the i space for the duration of one permutation. j ends up in the i…

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