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…İnan scored the fourth goal for Galatasaray in the game against Orduspor on 25 February 2013, as he received a ball from Burak Yılmaz right in front of the box. His curved shot from 30 yards out resulted in a spectacular goal which was also the decider as the game finished 4-2.

… team, he also had a spectacular accident at the Swiss Grand Prix in Bern, with his car upturned and in flames, but he did not suffer injuries.

… grandson Edward the Martyr was exhumed and in a spectacular ceremony, received at the nunnery of Shaftesbury, under the supervision of ealdorman Ælfhere.

Zoo Lights is open during December evenings. This is a spectacular stroll through a wonderland of lights, many of them animated and representing animals at the zoo.

Zoich is also a spectacular example of guerilla marketing on a global level. In fact, the background story is so astonishing and far-fetched, that even most Russian journalists could not believe it when it was finally revealed around first…

Zinc sale prices were 80 cents per pound in July 2008, which was typical of its 2004-2008 pricing levels. By January 2009 it had bottomed out and was worth 45 cents per lb. A spectacular bull market and increased Chinese interest in…

… highest of them leads to the Klein Matterhorn at 3883 m, a peak on the ridge between Breithorn and Matterhorn that offers spectacular views in all directions. It is possible to cross into Italy via the Cervinia cable car station. A spectacular rack…

… becoming the first team from outside of the British Isles to defeat England. Zamora is also remembered for a spectacular last minute save he made in the 1936 Copa del Presidente de la República Final while playing for Real Madrid against FC…

… hired on October 14, 1877, so beginning a spectacular career. At that time, the political and military instability in the Balkan States, Turkey and Russia provided an excellent opportunity for the talented young salesman. Each state was ready to spend to cope with the perceived aggressive intentions of its neighbours, even after the Treaty of Berlin of 1878.

… of the city lies the Ordos Desert, though the countryside is very green due to the many small shrubs which have been planted to slow the process of desertification. The city is based in a valley which extends north-south, which rises to a very large vantage point to the north east, where a spectacular view of the west and northwest is seen.

Youngjangsan (영장산, 靈長山) is the 88 meter high mountain that occupies the bulk of the park’s area and adds a spectacular piece of scenery to the Bundang area. This pristine mountain offers a large number of walking trails for an easy morning…

Others like to drive or take a tour bus to Glacier Point (summer-fall) to see a spectacular view of Yosemite Valley and the high country, or drive along the scenic Tioga Road to Tuolumne Meadows (May-October) and go for a walk or hike.

… each typical case a spectacular banking hall was the public space, often integrated within an office building. Original architectural drawings by York and Sawyer are held in the Dept. of Drawings & Archives at Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library at Columbia University in New York City.

… before finishing in the top sixteen at that year’s World Championship. This finish qualified him for Pro Tour Honolulu, and served as a catalyst for a spectacular run the following season.

Hills of the Strzelecki Ranges rise over 500 meters immediately to the south of the town providing a spectacular backdrop, while the Moe River and the lowlands lie to the north and east. Mount Worth at 515m above sea level is the highest…

Yardie Creek, a spectacular gorge where the water is trapped by a sandbar, is located within the park.

Yakou consists of eight smaller villages, and each village has one piao-se group. Every year on May 6 of the lunar calendar, different villages will send their groups and they will perform the piao-se parade together across the streets and the field. The colorfulness of the parade and the green of the rice fields mix to create a spectacular scene.

Yahya’s brief career as the first Almoravid emir came to a premature end. After his death, Abdallah ibn Yasin immediately appointed Yahya’s brother, Abu Bakr ibn Umar, to succeed him as the new Almoravid emir. Under Abu Bakr’s leadership, the Almoravids would re-conquer Sijilmassa, and go on to a spectacular career, conquering most of the rest of Morocco in the 1070s and eventually come back down to finish off what remained of Ghana in the 1080s.

Wyler gained worldwide notoriety with a spectacular marketing stunt in 1956, when two watches were dropped from the top of the Eiffel Tower and continued to function after the fall.

World’s View is a spectacular vista on the escarpment of the Nyanga Downs plateau in the Eastern Highlands mountain range, just north of Nyanga, in eastern Zimbabwe. It is situated at an altitude of 2248 m with a 600 m drop to the plain…

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