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Buddhist literature as the four sights—he learned of the suffering of ordinary people, encountering an old man, a sick man, a corpse, and, finally, an ascetic holy man, apparently content and at peace with the world. These experiences prompted Gautama to abandon royal life and take up a spiritual quest.

…Ōdō Tournament (“Royal Road Tournament”) is a professional wrestling tournament held annually by All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) since 2013. The single-elimination tournament is a spiritual successor to the Open Championship tournament, which was held in 1975. Typically, the winner of the tournament earns a future match for the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship.

…Átahsaia is a demon, and thus a spiritual creature. But Átahsaia is also depicted as having physical form. He is a giant, several times larger than a normal human being. In one story, he is depicted as so huge that he cannot fit his shoulders into a cave in which a normal human being can pass easily. In another, his torso is said to be at least as big as a large elk’s. In one story, he is said to have long, wild grey hair and hands with skin so…

Zhuangzi describes the Queen Mother as one of the highest of the deities, meaning she had gained immortality and celestial powers. Zhuangzi also states that Xiwangmu is seated upon a spiritual western mountain range, suggesting she is connected to not only the heavens, but also to the west.

Zhabdrung also established the distinctive dual system of government under the Tsa Yig legal code, by which control of the country was shared between a spiritual leader (the Je Khenpo) to preside over the religious institutions and an administrative leader (the Druk Desi) as head of secular affairs, a policy which exists in modified form to this day.

… it has become a spiritual classic, helping readers to steer clear from the trappings of intellectualism. Bodhin Kjolhede, Abbot of the Rochester Zen Center, writes that, together with Philip Kapleau’s The Three Pillars of Zen (1965), it is one of the two most influential books on Zen in the west.

Zauriel appears in other titles, generally functioning as a spiritual counselor or guide to other heroes. In the pages of JSA, he gives advice to Hawkgirl about the future and the current status of the souls in her body. In the Supergirl…

Zahari Zograf was born in the town of Samokov in 1810 and was taught by his brother Dimitar Zograf, with whom he later worked together, as his father died early. A spiritual student of Neophyte of Rila since 1827, he became an equal partner of his brother at the age of 21 in 1831, i.e. he was proclaimed a master.

Ypres became a pilgrimage destination for Britons to imagine and share the sufferings of their men and gain a spiritual benefit.

… meetings and retreats. Every team has a leader, a spiritual counsel and a married couple to assist, give input, and share their experiences about the things discussed in the meetings.

Yooka-Laylee was developed by Playtonic Games, a group of several former key personnel from Rare during the Nintendo 64 era, as a spiritual successor to their game series Banjo-Kazooie and other works. Similar to the title of Banjo-Kazooie being a play on the banjo and kazoo musical instruments, the title of Yooka-Laylee is a play on the ukulele.

Yohannəs Geblawi, in contrast to Däqä Est’ifa’s worldly crafts, is said to have acquired his Qəne during a spiritual meditation. Yohannəs was born at Geblon in Wadla (Lasta), and flourished at the time of Emperor Zar’a Yacob (1434-1468).

… nearly a decade until he was recalled in 1974 by then Bishop H. D. L. Abraham, Bishop – in – Medak and re-assigned the role of a Spiritual Formator.

Years later Remeer sets out on his own journey to find out what happened to his father. Remeer is joined by his four friends: Kashian (a bounty hunter), Barness (a spiritual guru), Rein (a warrior), and Ferris (a witch). Each help him as he makes his way through the five dungeons in the land.

Yatra is Deepti Bhatnagar’s religious travel guide television show, which focuses on a spiritual journey around the Indian temples on STAR Plus. The series premiered on 7 July 2002, and aired Sunday Mornings. The word Yatra in Hindi language means travel, usually travel to spiritual places.

Xing Ling could only control this Aura of E-Mei through cultivation of spiritual energy, meaning that she had to become part of the celestial zone. Though she was not confident of succeeding, she worked many times harder than other practitioners under the guidance of Wang Chan and Chi Xue. Within a relatively short time, she was able to create a spiritual weapon. Only Chi Xue managed to advance so quickly when the story took place.

… and an anime adaptation. The Xenosaga series serves as a spiritual successor to the game Xenogears, which was released in February 1998 for the PlayStation by Square. The creator of both Xenogears and Xenosaga is Tetsuya Takahashi, who left…

Xenoblade Chronicles X is an action role-playing video game developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo for the Wii U home video game console in 2015. Xenoblade Chronicles X forms part of the Xeno metaseries, being a spiritual successor…

Wulle’s main ideological influences were Paul de Lagarde and Julius Langbehn and he argued that a spiritual revolution was needed in Germany before any thought could be given to a seizure of power. Attracted to German cultural nationalism…

… final voyage back to Vinland. However, the voyage is metaphorical: he dies on Easter Monday, and therefore his voyage is a spiritual rather than a physical one. What Vinland represents is echoed throughout Brown’s work in his search for…

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