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Youth Red Cross called on the people behind the Action Close camp to engage in asylum policy by volunteering in asylum centers, a spokesman for the Action Close camp rejected this idea.

Yasser Ali has been appointed as head of the Egyptian Cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center by a presidential decree on 14 February 2013. He was a spokesman for Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi from 14 July 2012 to 14 February…

U.S. Additionally, Wyle is a supporter of animal rights and a spokesman for the World Wildlife Fund, dedicated to protecting and conserving wildlife for future generations.

Election, he joined the frontbench of the new Labour Party leader, John Smith as a spokesman on Housing. Following Smith’s death and the election of Tony Blair as Leader of the Opposition in 1994, Battle was moved to become the spokesman on Science and Technology. A year later in 1995 he became a spokesman on Energy.

With this book Larkin became, albeit unwittingly, a spokesman for his times. Written in a post-World War II England that only half acknowledged its lessening position as a global and economic power, The Less Deceived resonated because it brought forth with disarming candor England’s buried sense of itself.

With the success of his recent Botox treatments for his vocal condition, and his successful career revival, Bush is a spokesman for people afflicted with vocal disorders. In 2002 he was honored with the Annie Glenn Award, named for the…

With the Conservative Party not winning a single seat in Wales at the 1997 general election, Evans was drafted onto the frontbench by John Major as a spokesman on Welsh Affairs. He became a member of the Shadow Cabinet under Iain Duncan…

With the Boeing 737 being a work-horse of several Russian airlines, the suspension meant that within days the significant part of the country’s passenger fleet could be grounded for an uncertain period of time. Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for…

… that he was not contacted by Southend United to discuss his new contract, and left the club as moves to other clubs failed to materialise, with both Ipswich Town and MK Dons reportedly interested in signing him. A spokesman for Southend…

With Neal Lawson and Ben Lucas, he founded LLM Communications in 1997, a lobbying firm with notable access to the new Labour Government. He has been a spokesman and lobbyist for the gambling company PartyGaming.

Winkler is a spokesman for reverse mortgages through Quicken Loans.

… for Villiers and Heytesbury, becoming a spokesman for squatters. Forlonge was a member of the Council until the original Council was abolished in March 1856. Forlonge became a member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly for The Murray in a by-election in January 1858 and resigned in January 1858.

Wilfrid met with his own teacher and patron, Agilbert, a spokesman for the Roman side at Whitby, who had been made bishop of Paris. Agilbert set in motion the process of ordaining Wilfrid canonically, summoning several bishops to Compiègne for the ceremony. Bede tells us that he then lingered abroad for some time after his ordination.

… in February 2002, but also quoted a spokesman as saying that the main difference in pay between the years was because she got a bonus in 2001 but not 2002.

… murdered Millie Dowler had been hacked, and evidence for her murder enquiry had been deleted, that the coverage turned from media interest to widespread public (and eventually political) outrage. Grant became something of a spokesman against Murdoch’s News Corporation, culminating in a performance on BBC television’s Question Time in July 2011.

… and subsequently murdered Millie Dowler had been hacked, and evidence in her murder enquiry had been deleted, that the coverage turned from media interest to widespread public (and eventually political) outrage. Grant became something of a spokesman against Murdoch’s News Corporation, culminating in a bravura performance on the BBC’s Question Time in July 2011.

While the scope of the enquiry was yet to be finalised, a spokesman for the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, said that the current administration under the Labor Party had decided that an investigation was required.

While in New Mexico, Kight married and had two daughters, Carol Kight-Fyfe and Angela Chandler. He only shared that information with his closest friends, apparently believing that would diminish his credibility as a spokesman for gay rights.

While based in Puerto Rico from 1999 to 2001, Gordon served as a spokesman for the Atlantic Fleet during controversy associated with its training range on Vieques Island. It had been occupied by protesters who were trying to force the Navy…

While Japanese government vessels regularly patrol the ocean surrounding the islands, Japanese civilians have also entered the area. In July 2010, nine Japanese boats fished in the area. A spokesman from Ganbare Nippon, which owned one of…

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