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…Župa Hall (Montenegrin, Дворана Жупа, Dvorana Župa) is a sports arena in Tivat, Montenegro, located in the Tivat’s settlement Župa, by which it got its name. Capacity of the hall is 700 seats. Župa Sports Hall is one kilometer away from the center of Tivat.

…Žarko Paspalj (Serbian Cyrillic: Жарко Паспаљ; born March 27, 1966) is a retired Serbian professional basketball player working as a sports administrator. The Euroleague Final Four MVP in 1994, his sixteen and a half seasons career was…

…Šikovec had a brother Rudi and sister Sonja; they lost their father in World War II. At school she played volleyball and table tennis, and changed to athletics in 1953. In 1959 she married a sports journalist, and in 1961 moved from…

…Şanlıurfa S.K. is a sports club located in Şanlıurfa, Turkey. The football club plays in the TFF First League.

…Şanlıurfa BSK is a sports club located in Şanlıurfa, Turkey. The football club plays in the Şanlıurfa 2. Amatör Ligi.

…İstanbul Güngörenspor (formerly known as Güngören Belediyespor) is a sports club located in Güngören, İstanbul, Turkey. This club was formed as Beyoğlu Kapalıçarşıspor in 1983. They moved to Güngören and changed their name to Güngören…

…İpekçi was born in Istanbul, Turkey to a prominent family of Dönme origin. After finishing high school at Galatasaray High School in 1948, he attended law school at Istanbul University for a while. He started his professional career as a

…İnegölspor is a sports club located in Bursa, Turkey. The football club played in the TFF Second League and relegated to TFF Third League after finishing 7th at First classifying Group in 2007-2008 season. The club also played in the old Second League between 1985-1993 and 1996-1997.

…İdmangücü was established in 1924 in Trabzon, Turkey. It is a sports club and its colours are green and white.

…Đurić was raised in a sports family. His father and uncle played football for Slavija in Belgrade. He has trained many sports, played football for Šumadija Belgrade, after which he moved to handball club Hero, and later moved to volleyball…

…Đorđević has also worked as a sports commentator for EuroLeague TV.

…Čikat is also a sports centre, with waterpolo, diving and sailing clubs, tennis courts, local football club and more.

…Øyvind Alsaker (born 16 August 1965) is a sports journalist and television personality from Florø, Sogn og Fjordane. He has been a football commentator for TV2 and Canal +. He has commented on games from the English Premier League for years, and is considered one of the most knowledgeable Norwegian sports journalists in the field of English football.

… hill has since been kinda removed. Østermarkskolen har også en disc golf course that came in 2016 and it was the idea of two teachers from the school, it was Lars Kjølby who is a math, chemistry sport teacher and Christian Bunk Svane who is a sports and geography teacher.

… basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis and athletics and later serving as a sports administrator. He served as the chairman of Çetinkaya Türk S.K. and led it to a championship. He later worked as an administrator in private businesses.

…Östermalms IP is a sports ground located in the Östermalm district of Stockholm, Sweden. Completed in 1906, the facility played host to several sports during the 1912 Summer Olympics. These sports included equestrian, fencing (including…

…Öråns SK is a sports club in Lycksele, Sweden. Established in 1970, The club won the Swedish national women’s table tennis team championship during the season of 1998-1999.

…Öjeby IF is a sports club in Öjebyn in Piteå, Sweden, established on 2 November 1922. The women’s soccer team played in the Swedish top division in 1978.

…Ó Domhnaill is from Cloughaneely in County Donegal. He attended the University of Ulster where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Food Technology Management. He was a sports scholarship student at the university and is a former Irish international athlete.

…Ñublense was formed in 1916 by a group of teenagers (led by Chillán teacher Manuel Lara Gutiérrez) who founded a sports club as a haven for sports activities in the city. On 20 August of that year, in the boys’ high school the club was…

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