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…Šolta was laid down as Mukos (PČ-176) in the Kraljevica Shipyard as the sixth ship in a class of patrol boats that were being built for the Yugoslav Navy (JRM). It was launched on 18 November 1982. She measures 32 m in length, has a draught of 2.7 m, a 6.75 m beam and a standard displacement of 125 t or 142 t when full.

…Škoda 14Tr was a standard trolleybus produced in Škoda Transportation from 1981 to 2003, since 1995 in modernised version 14TrM.

… co-edited a standard dictionary of early Japanese, the Iwanami Kogo Jiten (1974, second revised edition, 1990), and co-edited a new edition of the complete works of Motoori Norinaga, the greatest scholar of Kokugaku (1968 – 1993).

…Íslenzk menning (“Icelandic Culture”): Often considered Nordal’s greatest work, this book was used as a standard text in Icelandic colleges.

a standard for the high-level teaching of mathematical analysis, especially complex analysis. This text was reviewed by William Fogg Osgood for the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society. This led to its translation in English by…

… agencies from the 1920s to the mid-1990s, and consisted of a rotating drum with a single photodetector at a standard speed of 60 or 120 rpm (later models up to 240 rpm). They send a linear analog AM signal through standard telephone voice…

… service personnel. It is the largest secondary school in the sector. It sports a standard programme, a musical concentration programme, an artistic concentration programme, an IB Middle Years Programme, the International Programme (P.E.I), and…

… is inadequate for the placement of regular dental implants. Inadequate maxillary bone volume may be due to bone resorption as well as to pneumatization of the maxillary sinus or to a combination of both. The minimal bone height for a

Zundert is the home of a 17th-century windmill, called ‘De Akkermolen’ (The Croftmill).It is said to have been originally built in 1652. It is a standard mill, and it was built to process grain.

… following year, in 1880, a standard Wisconsin Guard uniform was adopted, and the traditional distinctions of title and dress ceased. After the Civil War, veteran groups sometimes dressed as zouaves during honor guard ceremonies such as funeral…

… time of the discovery of oil in Baku and the need for expert labor in the 1880s. Fire Temple of Baku was constructed for their use at the site of an ancient fire temple utilizing the naturally burning gas and oil on the ground. The structure a chartaqi is a standard fire temple of the Zoroastrians for thousands of years.

… onto the band of a standard cork mouth bottle; an inner metal foil which provides an oxygen barrier similar to a screw cap, and an inner plunger which creates the ‘pop’ on extraction and reseals after use. Introduced in 2010, it is the first on-bottle, resealable closure for sparkling wines.

Zon is also known as the first manufacturer to offer an optical pickup system from Lightwave Systems as a standard option on its basses.

… have been noted to achieve great size, both in terms of height and diameter (typically expressed as diameter at breast height DBH, a standard measurement taken 4.5 ft above the tree’s base). On drier, south-facing slopes, old-growth trees such as chestnut oak display stunted growth despite their age.

ZnO decomposes into zinc vapor and oxygen at around 1975 °C with a standard oxygen pressure. In a carbothermic reaction, heating with carbon converts the oxide into zinc vapor at a much lower temperature (around 950 °C).

Spider-Man, but three weeks before filming began on The Butler. In 2012, the Athena Film Festival created an award to be given in her honor: The Laura Ziskin Lifetime Achievement Award is given annually to a woman in the film industry whose leadership demonstrates vision and courage and sets a standard for other women to emulate.

Zinc-bromide batteries of 106 V were used to power an AC induction motor. This gaves it a top speed of 43 km/h. When driven at 30 km/h it had a range of 165 km. The batteries could be charged from a standard Japanese 100 V mains socket.

Zinc is a strong reducing agent with a standard redox potential of −0.76 V. Pure zinc tarnishes rapidly in air, rapidly forming a passive layer. The composition of this layer can be complex, but one constituent is probably basic zinc…

Zimmerman et al. took a different approach to visualizing genetic data. Rather than relying on spatially distributed circles to highlight genetic features, they exploited four geometrically diverse symbols found in a standard computer font…

Zero-X has a total delta velocity of 40 miles per second, a standard acceleration of 1 g, a maximum acceleration of 10 g, and an emergency acceleration of 15 g. It is built by New World Aircraft Corporation, the same company that made Skyship One.

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