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Sàleve mount surges at a steep cliff at west producing an inclination to the Arve’s river valley. Sàleve mount is composed of two parts. The great Salève (1318 m.) and the small Salève (902 m.) apart from one of the other by the collar of Monnetier.

…Étoile Cay lies 29 km northeast of Boudeuse Cay, and 32 km Southwest of Poivre Atoll. It lies on a coral reef about 1.6 km in diameter. The cay is treeless. The only vegetation is grass and low shrubs, fringed by a steep sandy beach. Landing is easy during calm weather.

… mountains villages. The traditional Çamlıhemşin village house is wooden, with a steep roof to run off the rain and a wooden terrace at the side. Many of these homes seem stuck to the steep hillsides by magic.

… amphibious rather than fully aquatic and will leap out of the water to chase Link when he enters their domain in northeastern Hyrule. A giant Zora also lives in their region, who does not fight Link but instead sells him a pair of flippers for a steep 500 Rupees.

… zodiacal cloud. It is best seen during twilight after sunset in spring and before sunrise in autumn, when the zodiac is at a steep angle to the horizon. However, the glow is so faint that moonlight and/or light pollution outshine it, rendering it invisible.

Zephyrosaurus is still very incompletely known. Among other distinctive characteristics, it had a steep face, a raised knob on the upper jaw, and a larger knob on the cheekbone. Some of the bones may have allowed movement within the skull (cranial kinesis) as well. Like other orodromins, it had beak teeth.

Zellerrain Pass (elevation 1,125 m, 3,691 ft) is a mountain pass in the Ybbstal Alps, located on border between Lower Austria and Styria, west of Mariazell. The pass road has a steep grade of up to 22 percent. The river Ybbs has its source at the pass.

Z point is a vantage point at Kemmangundi and can be reached by a steep uphill trek of about 45 minutes from Raj Bhavan and is another place from which to view the sunrise. Shanthi Falls near Kemmangundi can be visited.

Yōrō Park extends from Yōrō Falls to the Nanno Sekigahara Line, a prefectural road that runs along the foot of the mountain. From the park’s parking lot, one must climb a steep hillside road for 700 to 800 meters, but from about midway…

Youthful river: A river with a steep gradient that has very few tributaries and flows quickly. Its channels erode deeper rather than wider. Examples are the Brazos, Trinity and Ebro rivers.

Young’s smallest building, Half House, was finished in 1947. It has a steep, wavy roof and stops flat on the East side with a high chimney.

… smooth and hard. The larger streams within the plateau have rather broad valleys, which are cut down nearly to sea level, while the smaller tributaries flow in canyons. To the south, the plateau ends in a steep escarpment which is separated…

… centre. However, due to its location on a steep slope at the northern tip of the Samenoura bay, it was less severely damaged compared to other settlements in the bay.

Meeting House organization claims there may have been a log precursor built as early as 1813. The meeting house is a one-story, rectangular, frame building with a steep, gable-front roof and Greek Revival style design elements. Also on the…

Mel’s boyfriend Sal (Jake Weary). While in the air, Bruce’s nerves draw ridicule from the others and Sara invites him to take the controls. They hit some turbulence and Bruce loses control, taking them into a steep climb.

Y Beach was a considerable distance north along the Aegean coast, close to Krithia and behind most of the Ottoman defences at Cape Helles. The sea at the shore was deep enough for boats to sail within a few yards and the coast was a steep cliff about 150 ft high, with two gullies giving easy access to the top. The area was undefended and the nearest Ottoman troops were two platoons 1 mi south near…

Xrobb l-Għaġin Temple had a typical temple plan with two apses and a central niche. It also had a paved court, with its entrance facing the southeast. The temple was built on ground with a steep gradient, and due to this an artificial terrace was built in front of the structure.

Xenorhina adisca is known from a very mossy montane closed-canopy forest at an elevation of 2200 m above sea level. The site is a steep, south-west facing slope drained by a small stream. Xenorhina adisca is fossorial, and the types were collected from within the surface litter during the day. No threats to this species are known.

… back, which will lessen the shock of the sudden change in speed. Xenophon also suggests the rider loosen the reins and grab the mane when jumping a ditch or climbing an incline, so that he does not pull the horse in the mouth. Going down a steep incline, the rider should throw himself straight backward and hold the horse with the bit.

… attack on the German second position, which was on the opposite side of a steep ravine, behind an intermediate line and strong points in the valley. On 20 July, XX Corps attacked with the 47th and 153rd divisions; the 47th Division attack on…

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