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Zōni has numerous regional variations in Japan. In many regions including the Kantō region, zōni consists of a clear soup called sumashi-jiru which is flavoured with dashi, a stock made from flakes of dried bonito and/or kombu, and soy…

Yield is sometimes computed based on the amount paid for a stock. For example, if stock X was bought for $20 per share, and it split 2:1 three times, and it is now trading for $50, and it pays a dividend of $2 per year, then the yield on cost is 80%. The yield with the current price is 4%.

Yemen does not have a stock exchange, therefore limiting inward portfolio investment. Portfolio investment abroad is also very limited, with the result that portfolio flows are largely unrecorded by authorities. In the early 1990s, net…

… the Murray between Yarrawonga and Mulwala; across the weir (a stock route carrying a single lane of traffic); and a bridge over Lake Mulwala. This bridge contains an unusual bend and dip in the middle, a result of miscommunication between the two state governments.

Xootr wheels were originally sold in two styles: standard (translucent yellow) and ultra (black), with the ultra wheels having 10% lower rolling resistance. The wheels were very high in quality for the price and were used as a stock wheel for a number of gravity racing competitions.

… the occasion of its 60th birthday. It is a stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft) under German law, in which the city of Wolfsburg and the Volkswagen Group have equal shares. Today, Wolfsburg AG is considered to be a prime example economic…

Within two months she found work with a stock company in the Catskill Mountains. She obtained an Equity Card which enabled her to continue working as an actress. Spain eschewed a college scholarship after attending high school in White Salmon, Washington. She chose instead to pursue a stock company apprenticeship.

Atlantic Capital Bancshares, Inc., for $160 million. Cornerstone, started in 1985, will merge with the Knoxville-based SmartBank in a stock deal. Cleveland’s Southern Heritage Bank was acquired in 2014 by First Citizens National Bank in…

Gamecocks tenuously kept the team in the league. At the same time Dallas had to grant its players a stock participation program and pay back-salaries to keep their team afloat.

… for the conversion. In 1906 Tallberg and his supporters acquired a stock majority in the HRO, and during the same year the company applied for and received a permission to convert their track network into double track. The contract also specified certain lines that HRO had to operate, as well as certain extensions that had to be built.

DOCP Acquisition LLC announced it had completed the short-form merger of Delaware Otsego Corporation (NASDAQ:DOCP) with a wholly owned subsidiary via a stock tender offer of $22 per share.

With the end of the OpenSolaris project, JDS Release 3 is now the last release of the project on a currently supported operating system – Solaris 10. Newer Solaris based operating systems have abandoned the Java Desktop System. Solaris 11 and projects based upon the OpenSolaris codebase such as OpenIndiana use a stock version of GNOME.

With the appearance of the stock ticker machine in 1867, which removed the need for traders to be physically present on the floor of a stock exchange, stock speculation underwent a dramatic expansion through the end of the 1920s. The number of shareholders increased, perhaps, from 4.4 million in 1900 to 26 million in 1932.

… five-digit postal code had been introduced. In 1995 the Bundespost was converted into a stock company, the ’’Deutsche Post AG’’ the shares of which became available in 2000. The company with its subsidiaries operates in logistics on a global scale.

With east Kimberley cattlemen keen to find a way to get their cattle to market, and the Government of Western Australia keen for competition to bring prices down, a 1905 proposal of a stock route through the desert was taken seriously.

With a stock of the smaller plants to start them in succession, it is possible to have plants in flower all the year round.

With a stock of assets corresponding to 70 billion Kz (6.8 billion USD), Angola is now the third largest financial market in sub-Saharan Africa, surpassed only by Nigeria and South Africa. According to the Angolan Minister of Economy,…

With Wakanda struggling economically as seen in the Klaws of the Panther storyline, Shuri travels to the Savage Land to meet with Ka-Zar and obtain a stock of natural vibranium present there. They are attacked by Klaw, who wants the…

With Mears and Unser, Sr. firmly holding the top two spots, the rest of the session focused on which driver would round out the front row in third starting position. Jim Crawford, in the Buick V-6, set a stock block track record of 221.450…

Wireless Telegraphy Act is (with its variations) a stock short title used for legislation in the Republic of Ireland, South Africa and the United Kingdom relating to wireless telegraphy.

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