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…Žerjav Castle is a 16th-century manor. It was built in 1580 by Lenart Frumentin, a priest in the Teutonic Knights. There is a stone plaque with a crest above the manor entrance. Next to the stall belonging to the castle is a well with an…

… carrying the inscribed name of the Phoenician god Ashtart were also found. Other minor remains, now lost, include a menhir towards Marsascala and a stone circle at Bir id-Deheb.

… towns and is near where Ōkute-juku was established. Princess Chikako stayed at this town during her travels along the Nakasendō. At the top of Biwa Pass, there is a stone inscribed with a poem that Chikaku wrote, feeling that she had…

…Ħaġar Qim was first explored in 1839 at public expense during the Governorship of Sir Henry Bouverie, by J. G. Vance of the Royal Engineers. Within two short months, that officer had made a plan of the buildings and sent to Valletta a

…Ēdole Castle (Ēdoles pils; Schloß Edwahlen) is a Gothic Revival castle situated on the banks of Ēdole Lake, Ēdole parish, in the historical region of Courland, western Latvia. Originally consisting of two residential buildings linked by a

…Ålhus is the millennium center of Jølster, due to its historical significance. Audun Hugleiksson erected a stone castle called Audunborg here in the 13th century. Ålhus Church, the oldest church in the municipality, is also located here. Nikolai Astrup, the famous Norwegian painter, grew up here.

…Ål Bygdamuseum, a small museum on the farm Leksvol in Ål municipality, Norway, is a subsidiary of Hallingdal Museum. It includes 30 old buildings, including the house from Leksvol farm which dates from about 1600, a mountain farm (støl) with a stone building, and a cotter’s farm place.

…Ål Bygdamuseum is built around the old Leksvol farm, and is very typical for the area. The buildings go back to the 17th century. In later years the museum have made additional installments, Øvre tunet, Stølen, and Husmannsplassen, where a stone cottage is reconstructed, similar to those used in the mountain sæter.

Balón, a stone sculpture of a football ball (balón) located in town’s centre, with the iscription Zulueta – Cuna del Fútbol (Zulueta – Birthplace of Football). Another example is the presence of a football ball in the coat of arms.

Its founding stone was laid down in 1929 and the church was consecrated in 1933 by the catholic priest Andrej Hlinka. There are relics of Saint Vendelin housed here. There is a stone cross in front of the church from the year 1839. Local cemetery contains gravestones featuring folklore stone reliefs from the end of the 19th century.

… current meetinghouse was built in 1837 out of locally made brick laid in Flemish bond on a stone foundation. After a fire, the building was reconstructed above the roofline in 1877. About 100 feet west of the meetinghouse, a two-story brick school was built in 1864, with a later frame addition at the entrance. The school was later used by the public school system.

… (1893), and parish house (1901). The church was built in 1818 and is a stone building in the early English Gothic Revival style. It features a steeply sloping gable roof and a central projecting bell tower with a belfry with a balustrade. The Harmony Cemetery has burials dating from about 1800 to 1937.

… influences. It has a hipped roof and sits on a stone and concrete foundation. The central bay of the front facade features concrete balconies on both upper floors. The building contained a hotel and other businesses until the 1980s.

Z. Ritchie House is a historic home located at Plattsburgh in Clinton County, New York. It was built between 1856 and 1869 and is a two story, frame dwelling on a stone foundation in the Gothic Revival style. It features a cross-gable roof, decorative bargeboards, and a one story projecting bay with ornate balustrade.

… dwelling measuring 30 feet wide and 48 feet deep. It sits on a stone foundation and is in the Greek Revival-style with a gable roof. Zopher D. Ramsdell came to Ceredo at the invitation of the town’s founder, and fellow abolitionist, Eli…

a stone within his village, which determines him as the next Hero. Due to these events, Yoshihiko must embark on a journey to the Evil King’s castle to find a cure for the plague that has stricken his village. Along the way, he finds many new companions and allies, who help Yoshihiko reach his ultimate goal.

… and are the most expensive, considering it is difficult to cut a stone with a great deal of thickness since the edge of the shell is mostly thin. The price ranges from $200 to over $35,000, the thicker stones costing more.

… possesses his body and begins collecting the Millennium Items. Yugi and his friends go to Egypt, where Yugi presents the Egyptian God cards in front of a stone tablet related to the Millennium Items and finds himself sucked 5,000 years into…

… could penetrate a stone wall as though it were a piece of paper. His chariot always flew at a 4 finger distance above the ground due to his piety.

… 45. The station as completed consisted of a passing loop, with the single platform on the ‘up’ line with one small siding which served a stone goods shed to the rear of the platform. The goods shed was a ‘dead end’ type, with the roadway…

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