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Slam matches up to that point, a stretch that started with the 2008 US Open. Alongside Li Na, Zheng Jie and Peng Shuai, Zhang is one of only four Chinese tennis players to make the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam tournament.

Zeckendorf also partnered with Chicago real estate titan Arthur Rubloff to develop a stretch of Michigan Avenue into what Rubloff dubbed the Magnificent Mile. The Rubloff Company was eventually acquired by Prudential and subsequently has become a division of Berkshire Hathaway.

Yurí (Jurí) is, or was, a language previously spoken near a stretch of the Caquetá River in the Brazilian Amazon, extending slightly into Colombia. A small amount of data was collected on two occasions in the 19th century, in 1853 and…

… in a 1-0 win against the Anaheim Angels on September 19. This was the first Ranger 1-0 victory since August 25, 2000 against the Toronto Blue Jays, a stretch of 669 games. The club went 5-2 during his starts in his brief 2004 stint with the club.

Yockletts Bank is a stretch of woodland and chalk grassland situated in the North Downs near the village of Petham, Kent. The site is a nature reserve, owned and managed by Kent Wildlife Trust and is also a Site of Special Scientific…

Yetta did not write most — or even any — of Al’s weekly New York Times pieces. He wrote them himself — typing with two fingers — except during a stretch in 1975-76 when New York City was on the verge of bankruptdy and the United Federation of Teachers was on the verge of a strike (and during the strike itself).

Wyoming Highway 91 was first designated to a stretch of present-day Highway 89 in Lincoln County.

Wye Downs is a stretch of chalk downland and woodland located on the North Downs near the village of Wye in Kent. The site is a national nature reserve owned and managed by Natural England and comprises several coombes formed by periglacial action during the last ice age. The most spectacular coombe is known as the Devil’s Kneading Trough.

… restoration to stop erosion and improve the island’s ecology, which had become degraded. The project was a joint initiative involving the Broads Authority, Norfolk Broads Yacht Club and the local landowner, Trafford Estates. Scrub was cleared and a

Worcester spent the night hours on the 25th and into the 26th patrolling eight miles of a stretch of coast between Yonghae and Utchin. The rapid advance of the UN forces on the 26th obviated fire support from Worcester’s guns; but the…

Wonderstrands refers to the Furðustrandir, a stretch of coastline mentioned in the Icelandic Eiríks saga, relating the deeds of Erik the Red. It was reported to be located north of Straumfjörð and south of Kjalarnes promontory.

… at The Roxy in Boston, Massachusetts. The victory over Leggett began a stretch of three consecutive knockout wins for the New Haven middleweight.

With the success of this small railroad, a new railroad was built from Tuscumbia to Decatur via Courtland. The Tennessee River has a stretch of shallow rapids between these points known as the Muscle Shoals, which make river transport…

With the start of the ACC Tournament era in 1973, Wilhelm began a stretch of 11 regular season conference championships in 13 seasons (through 1985), including seven consecutive from 1973-1979. This 13-season period included three College World Series appearances, in 1976, 1977, and 1980.

With the exception of a stretch between Kingman and Flagstaff, I-40 directly replaced the famed US 66 across northern Arizona. Where possible, US 66 was upgraded to Interstate standards to become I-40 directly. Exceptions to this were…

With the exception of a stretch between Greenville and Kinston, most of NC 11 is largely a disused rural route. All other major sections are cosigned with more major U.S. Highways, including a stretch of US 421 near the southern terminus…

With residential and development space being sparse, Macau government officially announced on 27 June 2009 that the University of Macau will build its new campus on Hengqin island, in a stretch directly facing the Cotai area, south of the…

With all this development it is hard to find a stretch of open coastline.

… in February and March 2009, during which they had a stretch of seven consecutive games that went into overtime. The Leafs lost the first two in shootouts, then won four in a row with two overtime wins and two shootout wins, followed by an overtime loss.

With a route length of 23.5 km, the line had four stations Ambagarattur, Paruttikudi, Thirunallar and Karikovilpathu within a stretch of 15.5 km up to karaikal, all falling within the territory of French India (now Karaikal district). The rest of 8 km between Ambagarattur and Peralam falls within British India region (now Tiruvarur district).

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