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… daughters herself with the help of governesses. Even though Ève confessed later that as a child she had suffered from a lack of sufficient attention of her mother and that only later, in her teens, she developed a stronger emotional bond to her,…

Recent research has indicated that social media is becoming a stronger part of younger individuals media culture, as more intimate stories are being told via social media and are being intertwined with gender, sexuality, and relationships.

Young European Movement was formed in 1972 as a non-partisan platform for pro-European opinions of the under 35s. They have a history of organising events, running campaigns and even bringing education into schools. They are volunteer run and seek to promote European integration and a stronger European Union.

Yield to a greater force (用巧勁,避拙力-即借力) Since one cannot expect to be stronger than every potential attacker, one must train in such a way as to be able to win even against a stronger opponent. Chi Sao teaches the reflexes necessary to…

… then simultaneous egoistic and altruistic motivations would occur. This would allow for a stronger sadness-based motivation to obscure the effects of an empathic concern-based altruistic motivation. The observed study would then have…

Medina’s Brain Rules, sequential input can lead to a stronger memory than a onetime input. This can be a primary reason why humans choose frequency encounters over probability.

Yell was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1836, after Arkansas was admitted to the Union. He served one term, from 1836 to 1839. While in Washington, he was a strong supporter of Texan statehood and favored a stronger military. Around this time that he formed the first Masonic lodge in Arkansas at Fayetteville.

… also frequently found in speedball. The combination of heroin and xylazine produces a stronger high than administration of heroin alone. Concomitant use of xylazine with speedball may potentiate or prolong the effects of these drugs, which can lead to adverse consequences.

Wright also planned for a circular road pattern to build a stronger sense of community, and underground utilities so there would be no curbs, gutters, sewers, or above ground telephone wires.

Worldwake expands on the Landfall, Ally, Trap, and Quest mechanics of Zendikar, as well as introducing some new ones. The landfall mechanic appears in Worldwake on instants as well as on permanent cards: landfall spells may produce a

Working with other countries on a bilateral basis to help them build a stronger infrastructure, and decreasing foreign nations’ dependence on American hand-outs and assistance.

… consider differences between individuals and their working memory capacity to be a stronger determinant of inattentional blindness. Seegmiller, Watson, and Strayer in 2011 for example, studied individual differences in working memory capacity and…

… were considered to be a stronger side than their rivals. Rain prevented any play on the first day, and the soft conditions did not favour Woods’ bowling. He picked up four wickets in each innings, but more significantly, Oxford were restricted…

… second set was tied seven times, but several of the shuttle’s bounces on the net didn’t go Wong’s way. Wong said he felt his attack from the backcourt was lethal, but he said Chen was a stronger player on the net.

… activities would create a stronger emotional bond, as well as put a halt to the abuse they consistently endure. They assume that because their relationship is going downhill, it must be a failure on their part and decide to make a change, usually for the worse.

Women normally outlive men, and this was as true in pre-industrial times as today. Theories for this include smaller bodies (and thus less stress on the heart), a stronger immune system (since testosterone acts as an immunosuppressant), and less tendency to engage in physically dangerous activities.

Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) is a non-governmental organization established in 1994 following the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, to give women a stronger voice in the field of sustainable development and environment.

Wolves had had an inconsistent first half to the campaign after the disappointment of their late slump in form during the previous season which had lost them promotion to local rivals West Bromwich Albion. A stronger run of form in the…

Within twenty four hours of cabinet’s endorsement of a weak Lokpal Bill, over ten thousand people from across the country sent faxes directly to the government demanding a stronger bill. The Mumbai Taxi Men’s Union, comprising over 30,000…

… telling more compelling stories on larger budgets. Thanks to a stronger connection to their sponsors, both shows offered a shower of mail-in premiums that solidified their brand names, leading to the first TV tie-in toys on store shelves.

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