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…Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu, also known as Ajaan Geoff (born 1949), is an American Buddhist monk. Belonging to the Thai Forest Tradition, for 22 years he studied under the forest master Ajahn Fuang Jotiko (himself a student of Ajaan Lee). Since…

…Żorawski was a student of eminent Norwegian professor Sophus Lie, the author of the theory of continuous groups (Lie groups). Żorawski developed several areas close to the theory of Lie groups and other theories which were based upon it—in…

…Švantnerová was born in Šumperk, but has lived in České Budějovice most of her life. She is currently a student and is completing her degree. In her spare time, she loves watching sports, especially football, with her family and friends. She is also fascinated with foreign languages and would like to learn French and Spanish someday.

Belgrade. Thus, Ilija also moved to Belgrade for his studies. As a student in 1905 he joined Serbian Chetniks. That same winter he made a journey to Macedonia to scout the situation and next year he joined the unit of Aksentije Bacetović („Baceta Rujanac“) and took part in battles as well as in national propaganda in Macedonia.

… in the City Drama Theatre Gavella and at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. While still a student, Šerbedžija started to play leading roles in films and theater productions. He is remembered as an outstanding Peer Gynt, Don Juan,…

… beg for pardon. Nikola Šaranović had a wife and two sons, Slobodan and Branislav. Slobodan was a student of medicine which was why one of his nicknames was Doctor. He was married to Gordana and had a daughter Milica.

…ŠKAS organizes events such as Deposition (Beánia Matfyzákov), Christmas cabbage soup and punch (Vianočná kapustnica a punč), Ball of FMFI UK, Doors Open Day and Freshers’ week. ŠKAS also maintains a student room Cauchy Clubroom (Cauchyho klubovňa), various free time facilities at the faculty and publishes an online guidebook for new students.

…Şatıroğlu was born in Istanbul and played his entire career as a Defender for Galatasaray SK. Like many other Galatasaray SK players at that time, he was a student of the Galatasaray High School and started playing football at the Grand Cour of the Galatasaray High School.

…Śaṅkaranārāyaṇa was a student of the astronomer and mathematician Govindasvami (c. 800 – c. 860).

…Śabara in Sanskrit or Shavaripa in Tibetan is Indian Buddhist teacher, one of the eighty-four Mahasiddhas, honored as being among the holders of the distant transmission of Mahamudra. He was a student of Nagarjuna and a teacher of Maitripa. He is one of the forefathers of the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

…Ōta was born in Chikuma District, Nagano prefecture in what is now part of the city of Shiojiri. While still a student at Nagano Normal School (now Shinshu University), he taught himself the basics of traditional Japanese poetry by…

… to reality. Ōta is a bibliophile – reportedly reading over 100 books a year – and some of his favorite authors include Kurt Vonnegut, John Irving, J. D. Salinger, and Osamu Dazai (of whom Ōta’s father was a student), many of them holding some similitude to his often absurdist view of the world.

…Ōshima was born in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. While still a student, he set a new unofficial world record for the triple jump, and was widely expected to secure the gold medal in the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. However, Ōshima…

…Ōsawa is a student that is part of the Katahira Faction and the newly appointed Security Affairs Commissioner. She is the one behind the Ōsawa incident (Ōsawa jiken).

François Rabelais. Oe began publishing stories in 1957, while still a student, strongly influenced by contemporary writing in France and the United States. He married in February 1960. His wife, Yukari, was the daughter of film director Mansaku…

…İrem Karamete (born June 20, 1993) is a Turkish female fencer competing in the foil event at the 2016 Summer Olympics. She is the first Turkish fencer to qualify for the Olympics since 1984. Currently, she is a student at Özyeğin University in Istanbul.

…İpek Emiroğlu was born 1992 in Denizli, Turkey. She is a student of Veterinary medicine at Uludağ University in Bursa.

…İnanoğlu came in contact with the cinema when he was a student at the Istanbul Academy of Applied Fine Arts in 1957. After working as assistant to directors Ömer Lütfi Akat and Nişan Hançer in eleven movies, he directed in 1960 his first feature Senden Ayrı Yaşayamam.

…Đông Nhi was born in Hanoi but her family moved to Ho Chi Minh City when she was 2 years old. Đông Nhi developed her music ability at a young age, and won many awards in high school. Đông Nhi enrolled as a student at Ho Chi Minh National…

…Đurić enrolled as a student of a 4-year programme of the Faculty of law in 2002, and graduated 8 years later, in 2010. Đurić speaks Serbian and English fluently, has a good level of Hebrew, and basic French.

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