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…Şâhin came to Istanbul in 1952 from Yozgat. As a protégé of Gönenli Mehmed Efendi, he studied tefsir, hadis, kelâm and fıkıh (each a subject of Islamic study) under Hüsrev Efendi, Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen, Bekir Hâkı and Dersâm Selahaddin. In 1960, Şâhin was appointed to Süleymaniye Mosque. Şâhin’s essays were first published in the newspaper Hüradam.

… 1961, with a thesis titled about secularism in Turkey, a subject on which he was going to be known to feel strongly during his entire life.

…Çarlık Rusyası’nda Türk Kongreleri (1905-1917) Congresses in Tsarist Russia was another of his scholarly contribution to the history of the Turkic peoples of Russia, a subject he was deeply interested in. With his wife Şengül Hablemitoglu,…

… around prohibitions on usury. Since zinskauf was an exchange of a fixed amount of money for annual income it was considered a sale rather than a loan. Martin Luther made zinskauf a subject of his Sermon on the Mount, and criticizing the Catholic Church for violating usury laws in spirit if not in the letter of the law.

Zigler has also been a subject in a New York Times article that raises questions about the ethics of his role as both Pro Disc Investigator as an investor in the company that manufactured the Pro Disc implant.

… the biology and childhood of early species in the human lineage; a subject about which we have very little information. Alemseged discovered Selam while working with the Dikika Research Project (DRP), a multi-national research project, which…

Zeman’s alleged excessive alcohol consumption became a subject of public discussion and media attention on several occasions. Many Czechs believed he was drunk during his appearances at Czech TV headquarters, shortly after his victory in the 2013 presidential election, or during the exhibition of the Bohemian Crown Jewels.

… in the district are taught in the Pashto language primarily with a subject in Persian. It has been this way for decades since the majority of the population are Pashtuns. The private schools now that are being built in the province vary in the main language taught.

Zaoutzes’s rise to prominence was consolidated in 891-893, when he was given the newly created title of basileopator (“father of the emperor”). His promotion to this new and enigmatic title has been a subject of controversy, as neither the…

Zankou Chicken is a subject in Rob Delaney’s book Mother. Wife. Sister.

Zack and his friends have saved them once again but is also irate they took such risks to do so. He confines them to the Academy, the educational institution for the ships children where Zack is introduced to Memo Files, bursts of cerebrally uploaded content that teach Zack a year’s worth of a subject in seconds.

… of Analytic Philosophy, and is also associate editor of Studia Logica, and a subject editor for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (History of Modern Logic). He serves on the editorial boards of the Bernays edition and the Carnap…

Yukihiko Yaguchi was raised by the Japanese tradition, which is very traditional and strict. At the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology he studied Mechanical Engineering but did not specialise in a subject. However, long before he…

Yuan Xiang’s corruption trial in 504. Whenever Emperor Xuanwu visited Yuan Yong’s mansion, Emperor Xuanwu would pay proper respect to him as an uncle, rather than allowing Yuan Yong to bow to him as a subject to an emperor.

Yong Poovorawan (ยง ภู่วรวรรณ, born 5 November 1950) is a medical professor in pediatric hepatology at the Faculty of Medicine of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. He is widely noted for his research in the fields of pediatric hepatology, viral hepatitis and virology, and is regarded as a subject expert on the H5N1 avian influenza virus in Thailand.

… for their crimes. However, the extent to which this is actually enforced remains a subject for dispute, as the Yemeni justice system has allegedly performed executions despite objections from the families of murder victims. Conversely, death sentences have been reapplied after an initial pardon issued by the President as a result of pressure from relatives.

… a student at the school: in 1911 he became a vice-president. In December 1917 Yeld was presented with a purse and given plaudits from colleagues and alumni in celebration of his 50th year at the school (see inset quote). It’s not clear whether Yeld had a subject specialism or which of his interests beyond literature made it into his teaching.

Ye’or’s work on the history of religious minorities under Islamic rule and her use of the term dhimmitude have had a predominantly critical reception among academic specialists in the field. Her work on this subject has been praised by some authors writing for a popular audience. Ye’or’s other books have also been a subject of controversy.

… of Hideki Tojo (東条英機), the Prime Minister and Army Minister of Japan between 1941 and 1944, and 13 other Class A war criminals. Yasukuni Shrine has been a subject of controversy, containing a memorial for 1,043 Japanese and 23 Korean B and…

Yang Pu, finding it untenable for the Southern Tang emperor to still be claiming to be his subject, wrote a letter back declining this humility. The Southern Tang emperor wrote another submission (i.e., still in the form of a subject) thanking…

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