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…Šaltibarščiai – cold borscht is a summer soup based on beets and milk kefir or sour milk, colored a shocking pink. It is made with cooked or pickled shredded beets and various other chopped vegetables, such as cucumber, dill, or green…

…Ġnien is-Sultan (Maltese for King’s Garden), also known as the Giardino della Marina (Italian for Marina Garden), the Grand Master’s Garden or Lascaris Garden, was a garden in Valletta, Malta. It was established in the 17th century by Giovanni Paolo Lascaris, and it included a summer residence for the Grand Master.

…Đồ Sơn was turned into a summer resort by the French in the 19th century, after they established themselves in Hai Phong.

The bays have become a tourist attraction in recent modern times. Zavalatica was a summer resort of the Croatian poet Petar Kanavelić.

…Örebro, (namesake county) had a very warm year with uneven precipitation patterns, with a summer drought and heavy rainfall in many other parts of the year.

Zupcic attended Bishop Egan (now Conwell-Egan) High School in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania and Oral Roberts University. In 1985, Zupcic was awarded Baseball America’s Summer Player of the Year Award after playing for the Liberal BeeJays in the Jayhawk League, a summer collegiate league in Kansas and Missouri.

… process, that took place in 1610 in Logroño. Seven people were burnt at the stake and other five were burnt symbolically, along with their remains (they had died during the process). A local legend says that all women of Azkar are witches. Modernly the caves of Akelarrenlezea are used for a summer solstice festival, memorial of what witchery once may have been.

Zlaté Piesky (literally Golden Sands) is a lake and a summer resort in northeastern Bratislava, Slovakia, near the D1 motorway.

Zito also played in the Cape Cod Baseball League, a summer wooden bat league which showcases the nation’s top amateur prospects. He led the Wareham Gatemen to the league championship in 1997, and a runner-up finish in 1998.

Zimmermann also ran a coffee garden, as a summer venue.

… superconductivity and modeling.Zimmerman is also well known for his popular lectures on physics, hands-on advanced laboratory lectures and, a Summer Research Internship Program for High School students.

… learn how to write, while also writing on the side. Zhang spent a summer in Hungary teaching English as a Second Language. In 2010, Zhang received a Master of Fine Arts in fiction from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. During this time she taught…

Zerendi has several places of interest: The Lake Zerenda, The Green Cape, Bear Mount.The major part of Zerenda Lake coastline belongs to private owners, especially western coastline. There are several resort centers there: Zeren, Kharagahjly, Kazakhoil. On the Raspberry Cape there is also a summer residence of the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Zaytuna Institute conducted a summer Arabic intensive program in 2008 and soon after officially changed its name from Zaytuna Institute to Zaytuna College in 2009. Undergraduate classes started in 2010. Moving to Berkeley from Hayward, CA…

Zaytuna College also offers a Summer Arabic Intensive program. Students of Arabic at Zaytuna College are required to have completed the Arabic summer intensive, or its equivalent at another institution, prior to starting at Zaytuna…

Zafar Mahal, in Mehrauli village, in South Delhi, India is considered the last monumental structure built as a summer palace during the fading years of the Mughal era. The building has two components namely, the Mahal or the palace, which…

Youth Theatre Fellows Program – The Detroit Center conducts a summer theatre camp for high school students. For the 2014 camp, the Detroit Center has secured a commitment to partner with WSU’s Department of Theatre and Dance to assist with the facilitation of design workshops.

Youth Leaders Summer Intern Program – a summer long job shadowing and career development program for high-achieving students from the IZZYz KIDz After-School Program.

… unable to pay their debts in cash, so they paid it with land and estates. It is at the origin of the Bchenneta plantation. Assad Beik Karam, from Ehden, bought it. The Meziarians bought it from him, to use as a summer residence.

Young people were employed running a summer camp, planting trees, repairing damaged buildings, and printing a newspaper. More surprising projects included a Project Uplift theater program, run by LeRoi Jones, and a dance program.

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