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Saxony in the early 1800s. The rise of coal production and processing in the region created a demand for workers with a high level of technical training and industry pushed for the development of educational training institutions. A Sunday training…

Zuiō-ji is a Sōtō Zen temple at the edge of the mountains in south Niihama. It welcomes foreign visitors to participate in a Sunday morning Zazen meditation session, or even to stay overnight. It is the largest Buddhist temple in Niihama.

Zuidoost United are a Dutch amateur football (soccer) club from the Amsterdam borough of Zuidoost, founded in 2010. The club hold both a Saturday and a Sunday team, with both competing in the Vierde Klasse.

Zion Lutheran Church, also known as Organ Church, is a historic Lutheran church located near Rockwell, Rowan County, North Carolina. It was built in 1794, and is a two-story, stone building. A large bell tower was added about 1900; it is topped by a heavy octagonal spire with a weathervane. A Sunday School addition was built on the rear of the church in 1929.

Yuzo and his fiancée, Masako, spend a Sunday together in Tokyo. Between them they have 35 yen and are determined to make it last. The film was made during the Occupation and shows some of the challenges facing post-war Tokyo. It is notable in the Kurosawa canon because Masako breaks the fourth wall near the end of the film.

Yr Hen Gapel is Grade II listed as a rare example of a small early chapel. Built in 1791, it was rebuilt in 1810, converted to a Sunday School in 1857 and later in the 19th century became the vestry to Cana Chapel. Cana Chapel is a Grade II listed building built in 1810, rebuilt in 1857, and still in use in 2006.

… gratify the metropolitan Abdisho of Nisibis, he introduced the custom of allowing the metropolitan of Nisibis to take part in the election of a patriarch. He was consecrated on a Sunday, on the third day of ab August in the year 1372 of…

Yo Prometo – A Sunday news show hosted by Nitu Pérez Osuna.

Ynyslwyd was established in 1858 as a Sunday school although meetings were previously held in the long room of the Albion Inn, Cardiff Road, Aberaman, Aberaman. As with neighbouring chapels, including Gwawr, Aberaman, evidence suggests…

Yehuda Blum, in a speech to the United Nations Security Council following the attack, claimed that the operation was launched on a Sunday afternoon under the assumption that workers present on the site, including foreign experts employed…

Yeelanna Uniting Church is part of the Western Eyre Uniting Churches Parish. The church is located in Bell Street, opposite the museum and welcomes people from many different Christian backgrounds. A Sunday school and youth group operate from the church.

… competitive cricket throughout the season. In recent years, Yarm’s third team, who play on a Sunday, have been the most successful team in the club, winning the NYSD Sunday Division 1 on several occasions, along with the League and Cup double in 2008.

Xplore Dundee service the area with the No. 21 – Woodside route, which runs Monday to Saturday, from 05:50 until 18:20. A Sunday service is provided by the redirected 18A – Kirkton.

Wortley grew up as a settlement where the Sheffield to Halifax road crossed the Cheshire to Rotherham route. In 1250, a Sunday market was briefly established, but this was quickly suppressed by the monks who owned the right to hold markets…

Woods of Arden was a Sunday summer resort that was used for picknicking, boating and swimming. The resort also included an inn. Erastus Wiman, who helped organize Staten Island Rapid Transit was directly involved with the resort, and had a station built to provide access.

Woodall married Evelyn, daughter of Burslem china manufacturer James Macintyre, in 1862. They lived at Longport in the 1860s, where Woodall was a Sunday School teacher. Woodall was later taken into a business partnership by his…

Royal Court. Wood read scripts, co-directed a Sunday production, and appeared in Nigel Dennis’s The Making of Moo (1957). Wood returned to the West End in Peter Hall’s production of The Brouhaha (Aldwych, 1958), in which he had only a small part; but as Peter Sellers’s understudy he played a leading role 15 times.

Won’t Change Places is an album by Marti Webb released in 1981 as a follow-up to Tell Me on a Sunday.

Within a six-week cycle, Adae has two celebration days, once on a Sunday (Akwasidae) and again on a Wednesday (Awukudae). The Adae cycle is repeated nine times in a year. In observance of the Akan calendar, the ninth Adae Festival, called…

… the Sunday during its opening weekend, the film earned an additional $31,814,980, the highest gross a film took in on a Sunday, at the time.

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