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…Žemlovka (Moravian dialect: zemlbába) is a sweet dish made of apples and rohlíks or veka which are soaked by sweet milk.

… in Hungary and Austria respectively, served as a sweet main course or as a dessert. At Christmas markets in Germany, for example the Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg, a zwetschgenmännla (“little zwetschge man”) or zwetschgenweibla (“little zwetschge woman”), with a walnut head, a body of dried figs, and limbs of dried zwetschgen, is a popular treat.

Young Elizabeth Blair (Shirley Temple) lives at the Lakeside Orphanage, a dreary, regimented place supervised by two decent but dour women. Her older sister Mary (Rochelle Hudson) works in the kitchen, laundry, and dormitory. Elizabeth is a sweet child but her high spirits often lead her into trouble with the superintendent.

Yellow split peas are used to make a sweet snack in Beijing cuisine. Wandouhuang (豌豆黄) is a sweetened and chilled pease pudding, sometimes flavored with osmanthus blossoms and dates.

Years pass, and Simon finds Grusha while washing clothes in the river. They have a sweet exchange before Simon jokingly asks if she has found another man. Grusha struggles to tell him she has unwillingly married, then Simon spots Michael.

Yasuda is known for his uncommonly proportional and symmetrical look and perfect condition with a sweet mask.

Yangcheng Lake Large Crab is a delicacy of Suzhou. It is a sweet, lake crab eaten with a ginger-and-vinegar sauce. Suzhou is also famous for the crabs from Tai Lake.

Xia Tian (Summer in translation) is a sweet kid with a good heart, but he often gets taken advantage of due to his naivety. Though he is born with powerful abilities, he dislikes using them.

… castanets over tom-toms, and accordion over distorted guitars, and Willy delivered his vocals with a sweet, tuneful flexibility that brought out the emotional resonance beneath his nasal sneer. What the wiry, dapper DeVille had that tied him…

Woodpecker Cider is a sweet cider originally made in 1894 by Percy Bulmer in Herefordshire, today it is still brewed by Bulmers

Women used berries and nuts, as well as honey and tallow, to flavor buffalo meat. They stored the tallow in intestine casings or rawhide pouches called parfleches. They especially liked to make a sweet mush of buffalo marrow mixed with crushed mesquite beans.

With regards to her diet, the three researchers’ interviews revealed that in the care home she said she always had a sweet (dessert) with every meal. She complained about the blandness of the food in the care home and, given a choice,…

… stepdaughter. Snow White, a sweet and innocent human being. The dwarfs, unable to save Snow White, place her in a coffin of ice and leave her near Monday’s statue. When she receives a kiss of true love from Prince Alfred, in his bear form, she is…

With a sweet, nutty taste, the fruits have long been eaten by Canada’s aboriginal people, fresh or dried. They are well known as an ingredient in pemmican, a preparation of dried meat to which saskatoon berries are added as flavour and…

… turned round only to be thrown into the ropes and met again with a Sweet Chin Music which he grabbed, spinning Michaels round and finishing with a Stone Cold stunner. Tyson jumped into the ring to make a quick three count and the new…

Winter curtains and other furnishings were often changed for summer ones in the spring and vice-versa. The un-used sets being cleaned and store in cupboards such as these. Lavender and other perfumed sachets were employed to give the linens a sweet smell and to keep away moths.

… extensive citrus orchards. He hybridized the Valencia orange, a sweet orange and named it for Valencia, Spain, which had a reputation for its sweet orange trees. These had originally been imported from India.

Willcox made his first recordings with the Collegians, and remained with Whiteman for three years, building a reputation as a good reader with a full, richly burnished tone which sat well with the leader’s preference for a sweet, sophisticated…

Berlin, has two half-moon sound-chests of different sizes, one on the top of the other, forming terraces. In the rounded wall of the upper sound-chest are two rows of iron staples, the upper giving the diatonic scale, and the lower the intermediate chromatic semitones. The instrument has a sweet bell-like tone but limited technical possibilities.

Whoopie pie – also associated with the Pennsylvania Dutch, it is made of two round mound-shaped pieces of chocolate cake, or sometimes pumpkin or gingerbread cake, with a sweet, creamy filling or frosting sandwiched between them. Also popular in New England.

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