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…İZBAN, operated by İZBAN A.Ş., is a system of suburban railways serving the city and its metropolitan area, and was inaugurated in 2007.

…İZBAN has a system wide fare of 2.60 TL for adults and 1.50 TL for students and seniors using the İzmirim card RFID smartcard. Passengers also have a 90-minute unlimited free transfer between İZBAN and any of the ESHOT system buses, subways or ferry lines.

…Øyvind Myhre earned his siv.ing. degree from the Norwegian Institute of Technology. He has worked for IBM as a system consultant.

… rebound), i.e. during the Iron Age, sometime between circa 500 BCE and 500 CE. As late as 1987, there were still fields in the area cultivated according to a system of land use which probably developed already then, or possibly even during the Bronze Age.

…Île du roi – Miroir d’Eau – Jardin du roi Originally designed in 1671 as two separate water features, the larger – Île du roi – contained an island that formed the focal point of a system of elaborate fountains. The Île du roi was…

… to receive the sacraments and thus avoid going to hell. He began to develop a system of instruction of the French language and religion. In the early 1760s, his shelter became the world’s first free school for the deaf, open to the public.

…Émile Baudot designed a system using a five unit code in 1874. The Baudot system was adopted in France in 1877, and later extensively in France. The British Post Office adopted the Baudot system for use on a simplex circuit between London and Paris in 1897, and subsequently made considerable use of duplex Baudot systems on their Inland Telegraph Services.

… is Mersenius. A system of faint rilles named the Rimae Zupus lie to the northwest, following a course to the north-northwest towards the mare.

Australia, land use zones are combined with a system of planning scheme overlays to account for the multiplicity of factors that impact on desirable urban outcomes in any location.

Zipp carbon clinchers were described by one major retailer as “the most long-awaited wheelset release ever”. During the lengthy design and testing process, Zipp employed several new testing methods. These include a system for wind-tunnel…

Zimbabwe was the British colony of Southern Rhodesia, gaining responsible government in 1923. Southern Rhodesia became one of the most prosperous, and heavily settled, of the UK’s African colonies, with a system of white minority rule.

Zimbabwe began experiencing severe foreign exchange shortages, exacerbated by the difference between the official rate and the black market rate in 2000. In 2004 a system of auctioning scarce foreign currency for importers was introduced,…

… pointing to the positive results of gamification applied outside of the entertainment industry, although he has acknowledged that a dark side does exist to this technology. He also posits that gamification could be taken to online banking, charitable organizations, or any other industry. A system of rewards could encourage members of a gym to attend regularly.

Zhiyi analyzed and organized all the Āgamas and Mahayana sutras into a system of five periods and eight types of teachings. For example, many elementary doctrines and bridging concepts had been taught early in the Buddha’s advent when the…

Zhangjiang Tram is the only tram line operating in Shanghai today, utilizing a system manufactured by the French Translohr company. It is a rubber-tired tram system, second both in China and Asia.

Zhang Desheng, another Tianguangdao leader, was arrested in Baoqing County of Heilongjiang in the 1980s. In Anhui the sect instituted a system of financial rewarding for every member who would have converted new people.

Zero’s drug-induced trip to the Planet Gong continues, and the Pot Head Pixies explain to him how their flying teapots fly: a system known as Glidding. He is then taken to the One Invisible Temple of Gong.

Traditionally, it would be impossible to know which deposits were from which stores without seeking to view images of those deposits. To help correct this problem, banks developed a system where each store is given their own bank account, but all the…

Zermelo himself never accepted Skolem’s formulation of the axiom schema of replacement. At one point he called Skolem’s approach “set theory of the impoverished”. Zermelo envisaged a system that would allow for large cardinals. He also…

Zenwalk Core is a Zenwalk system built with customization in mind. Released with no X Window System binaries, its aim is to allow a skilled user to build a system fit for his or her needs. The project’s lead developer is Emmanuel Bailleul.

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