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…Éméric-David was born in Aix-en-Provence. He gained a law degree at the university at Aix-en-Provence in 1775. Destined for the legal profession, and having gone in 1775 to Paris to complete his legal education, he acquired there a taste for…

Zwicky produced hundreds of publications over a long career, covering a great breadth of topics. This brief selection, with comments, gives a taste of his work.

Ziarat and the surrounding juniper valleys offer good opportunities for hiking and trekking, as well as various gorges. The city is also becoming popular for a taste of snowfall during the winter.

Zia had a taste of show business when she joined Ang TV 2 with her sister, Jowe Ann, in 2000. As a child star she has appeared in ABS-CBN shows like Maalaala Mo Kaya and Pangako Sa Yo.

Zedde is the author of six novels: Bliss, A Taste of Sin, Every Dark Desire, Hungry for It, Dangerous Pleasures, and Broken in Soft Places. She has also written three novellas: Pure Pleasure, Going Wild, and Sexual Attraction published in…

XV of France. The King gave the young boy to his mistress, Countess du Barry, and he was christened Louis-Benoit. The Countess developed a liking for the boy and educated him. Zamor developed a taste for literature and was inspired by the works of Rousseau. Till her death, the Countess was under the wrong impression that Zamor was African.

Zak locks Belle in a barn to give her a taste of what prison would be like, and refuses to give Lisa the key to let her out. Belle believes that if she gets pregnant by Sean, she will avoid going to prison. But they later drop the idea.

… discovered the performing arts; after attending a boulevard theatre piece starring Georges Groulx and Denise Pelletier, he added a taste for the theatre, and enrolled in acting classes with François Rozet and Paul Buissonneau. He took the stage for the first time in 1957 at the , playing Pylade in a production of Jean Racine’s Andromaque.

Yume is an energetic girl with a taste for sweet things. For the most part, she is carefree and consistently in a good mood, sometimes to the point of annoyance in people around her. She is a student at a patisserie academy, and, whenever…

Yuki is the protagonist of the Down the Rabbit-Hole story. A habitual truant with a taste for cigarettes who considers herself antisocial, but in fact has an aptitude for getting along with other girls (and for intimidating boys,) she is a…

… is determined to compete with her mother in the fashion industry, only to experience a taste of defeat in the end. Fortunately, Oi-wah wss able to find comfort in her boyfriend Yu Pak-Tuen (Alan Tam), who is a police officer. Suk-foon’s…

… and Ben Elton introduced her to William Orbit. Orbit took her to a studio session with Robbie Williams whose album he was producing. Krissy recorded the backing vocals on Williams’ RudeBox and developed a taste for studio life.

York had experienced freedom on his adventures with Lewis and Clark. He was part of the team and he contributed just like the rest with hunting, fishing, putting up tents etc. He had crossed rivers and mountains on the expedition and had a

… the Antzerti school and finally, she studied Cultural and Social Anthropology, at the Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences of San Sebastián. Her greatest activity has always been literature, mainly as a creative writer and also conducting literary workshops and fostering a taste for Literature and Reading.

… suggests that they give Yamaguchi a taste of his own medicine. They double back and shoot him. They then sprint out across the field. Despite cover fire from the base, first one, then the other is hit.

YOTN holds a special preliminary event that is held in Term One of the school year. It serves to bring youth groups and ministries together in cities around the nation. It also gives young people a taste of what the actual conference in July will be like.

Xorn devour earthen and silicate materials, and have a taste for gems, precious metals, and magical items. Xorns sometimes attack wealthy adventurers, especially on the Prime Material Plane, where it is much harder for the xorn to find its normal sustenance.

… eventually put the restaurant out of business. After finding out that her father was once a chef at the high end Hana Japanese Restaurant, she decides to dine there to have a taste of their food. At Hana she runs into Zai Yu, who is the head chef…

Workshops featured career counselling, motivational speeches and try-a-skill exercises where participants got a taste of skills such as housekeeping, construction and agricultural applications.

Working as a maid and assistant, she had the opportunity to travel widely around the world, which gave her a taste for travel. She was in France at the time of the Battle of Waterloo, and she visited the battlefield where she was moved by…

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