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Andalus. She is famous in that region and among all the poets and poetesses of the country.’ Her father was a teacher (mu’addib), and she is described as being one of ‘the brotherless only daughters of well-off and cultured fathers who gave…

…Ḥafṣa later became known as a teacher, working for Caliph Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur to educate his daughters in Marrakesh. She died there in 1190 or 1191. She is perhaps one of the most celebrated Andalusian female poets of medieval Arabic literature.

…Еxpelled by the Romanian authorities, at the end of 1918 Misirkov returned to Sofia, where he spent one year as a head of the Historical department of the National Museum of Ethnography. Then, he worked as a teacher and director of the…

…Živković is also a professional violinist and violist, performing new music, as well as improviser on violin and piano. He has received many international scholarships and prizes for his work. He also works as a teacher of composition,…

…Żółkiewski began to write his memoirs after his return from Muscovy. The Początek i progres wojny moskiewskiej (The beginning and Progress of the Muscovy War), published in 1612, is a critique of Zygmunt’s policies. In 1612 he became a

Stanisia, a teacher at the Academy of Our Lady, was commissioned to restore some of the precious frescoes of Zukotynski at St. Stanislaus Kostka, St. Hyacinth Basilica and Holy Cross churches in Chicago.

…Šybieka worked as a teacher of history (1972-1974), then as a research fellow at the History Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (1974-1991), and as director of the Department of Belarusian Studies at the Francysk Skaryna National Education Center (1991-1998).

…Štorch was born in Ostroměř, a village near town Hořice. He studied at the gymnasium and the pedagogic institute in Hradec Králové. Štorch worked as a teacher in several location in northern and eastern Bohemia and since 1903 in Prague, during 1919 – 1921 as a school inspector in Bratislava and then, until his retirement in 1938, again as a teacher in Prague.

…Štefan Kardoš (born 1966) is a Slovene writer. He lives in Murska Sobota and works as a teacher at the Bilingual Secondary School in Lendava.

…Škrinjarić was born in the mid or late 1520s in a place near Varaždin. After he was educated in Habsburg Kingdom of Hungary Škrinjarić first worked as a teacher in a school in Aszalo and later as a rector of a school in Varaždin. He was also a notary and judge in Varaždin. He reached the position of a president of the octaval court.

… he became director of the Violin Department at the Vienna Music Academy, until 1918, when at the end of World War I his nationality forced him to leave his position. He returned to the Prague Conservatory, where he stayed until 1921. He afterwards travelled in the United States and Great Britain as a teacher. He died in Písek, in the modern-day Czech Republic.

… journalism. Šalčius later worked as a teacher in Šilutė district. He was a prominent critic of tsarist Russia so soon he had flee from political persecution. Then Šalčius began his first travel through China, Japan to the United States where he continued his work as a journalist.

… from 1932 to 1934. He was educated and became familiar with Marxism at Moscow University where he studied economics, and worked as a teacher in Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Russia. He was a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and…

…Şebnem Ferah was born on 12 April 1972 in Yalova to ethnic Turkish immigrant parents from Skopje (now Republic of Macedonia). She first took solfeggio and instrument lessons from her father who was also a teacher. She grew up listening to her father’s Rumelian folk songs played with bağlama, mandolin and piano.

…Śabara in Sanskrit or Shavaripa in Tibetan is Indian Buddhist teacher, one of the eighty-four Mahasiddhas, honored as being among the holders of the distant transmission of Mahamudra. He was a student of Nagarjuna and a teacher of Maitripa. He is one of the forefathers of the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

… 1868. he became a teacher at the Jishūkan, and also worked as an advisor to Iwakura Tomomi. He died aged 73 at the home of his student Otaguro Tomoo.

Uhrovec. He acquired his basic education, including the study of Latin, from his father Samuel, who was a teacher. From 1827-1829, he studied in Győr where he attended a lower grammar school. There, he improved his knowledge of history, and the…

…İzgü was born in Adana to a poor family, and as a child he had to work while furthering his education. Although he later became one of Turkey’s most popular authors, he continued to work until his retirement as a teacher in Turkish public schools.

…İlhan graduated from primary and secondary education in the district of Doğubeyazıt and attended Yüzüncü Yıl University Faculty of Mathematics between 1997 and 2002. He became a teacher in the city of Van in 2002.

…Đặng Phong was the second of the two sons of a colonial official and a teacher. His youth was marked by the following historical events, of which he was a witness:• US bombs against Japanese interests in Hanoi and the Tonkin famine…

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