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Tringham is the Director of the Berkeley Archaeologists of Catalhoyuk (BACH), which is under the overall director of operations, Ian Hodder. To Tringham, Cataloyuk is important not only because it encourages a team of archaeologists to think and…

… net worth at US$510m, making him India’s 26th richest person. However, in 2005 Patel dropped off the Forbes list due to a fall in the stock price of Cadila Healthcare.Moreover, there is a team of nine senior level executives, known as the…

Zultrax was originally developed in 2001 by Peter Bartholomeus but is now maintained by a team of developers under the name Zultrax V.O.F. It is coded using Borland Delphi, which is the reason a 64-bit version of the program hasn’t been released.

… the first series of EastEnders: E20. The character was created by a team of 13 writers aged between 17 and 22 and is described as bright, sarcastic and a rebel. In May 2010 the character’s departure from the show was announced, and her last appearance was on 30 September 2010.

Zimbabwe was granted a Bipartite Commission invitation for a team of four rowers plus a coxswain, to compete in the LTA4+, mixed coxed fours event.

Zimbabwe competed at the 2013 World Championships in Athletics in Moscow, Russia, from 10-18 August 2013. A team of two athletes was announced to represent the country in the event.

Ziad Al-khasawneh is a Jordanian lawyer who headed a team of twenty-two defense lawyers for former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

… earlier by the court historian Zhu Guozhen (1557-1632), and hired a team of over 15 scholars from the Jiangnan region, including Wu Yan (吳炎; 1624-1663) and Pan Chengzhang (潘檉章; 1626-1663), to help him edit and build on Zhu Guozhen’s work.

Zhi-Li Zhang graduated with B.S. in Computer Science with highest distinction from Nanjing University, Nanjing, China. While a junior student at Nanjing, Zhi-Li led a team of senior students for their senior design projects. He was one of…

Zerto was founded in 2010 by a team of storage industry veterans. Ziv Kedem, Zerto’s founder and CEO, previously co-founded Kashya (acquired by EMC in 2006). Zerto has received investments from several venture capital firms, including 83North (formerly Greylock IL), Battery Ventures, Harmony Partners, RTP Ventures and USVP.

… disciples, Hernan Cortez, so idolized Zerstoiten that he created a similar guise for himself and became known as Professor Muerte, but Cortez ultimately developed the drive to conquer the world himself and broke away from Destroyer to form a team of terrorist…

… directed a team of scientists to design a new business model that operates without emissions and without waste. Inspired by the way ecosystems work, the research initiative proposed to cascade nutrients, materials and energy so that our production and consumption system uses all that is available.

Zephyr Noble appears in the second volume of The Pact, a book about a team of superhero teens of which she is a member.

Zenia Valov (Zenia Varofu) is taciturn and quiet. An orphan in Moscow, she joined a team of Spirit Investigators and received training at a young age. When the organization was cutting back on personnel, she took the opportunity to leave…

… packs up her life in London and travels to Bangladesh. She finds out the shop is also home to a team of detectives with supernatural powers and meets young supernatural investigator Abir Zaman (Babu Md. Shaidul Islam Molla) and is thrown into his world of supernatural mystery, magic and adventure.

Zaief publishes film material of Salemani’s gruesome death, which eventually reaches the French government. A team of French Naval Commandos gets entrusted with Elsa’s rescue. They find Zaief’s hideout in Pakistan and witness execution of…

… appeared in music reality series Coke Studio in three seasons, both as a musician and as a featured artist. With season 9, Zaidi debut as a music director and producer leading a team of singers under his supervision. He is the son of legendary singer Nayyara Noor.

Zack and his team, now calling themselves as the Shooting Stars, are getting on more friendly terms, but are unsuccessful on the field. Zack repeatedly asks them to play as a team, and not as a group of individuals, but with no success, and they are suffering lopsided defeats from both the Breds and a team of ex-cons, led by pro player Luther Hakim.

Zac Power is an Australian children’s book series by a team of writers under the corporate pseudonym H. I. Larry. The series is based upon the adventures of Zac Power, a twelve-year-old boy, and his fifteen-year-old brother, Leon. Zac is a…

ZN-1 is an UAV developed by SDEPRA of SDEP of SGCC for aerial inspection of overhead powerline inspection. ZN-1 is an unmanned helicopter in conventional helicopter layout, and it is the first UAV developed by SDEPRA, with program first begun in 2009 with a team of eleven members.

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