A Telephone

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Yuvachev is the father of Russian poet Daniil Kharms. A popular account of Kharm’s birth has Yuvachev predicting the precise day of his son’s birth in advance, and, from a telephone on Leo Tolstoy’s estate, ordering his wife to adhere to the date. She gave birth to her son on the date named by Yuvachev.

… revealed to be three-foot tall man, is also at the Indian airport before being arrested by the airport police for breaking a telephone. In the process, Wong drops his passport and an Indian kid picks it up. Mistaking Wong for Yip, the kid hands the passport to Yip and he leaves for Hong Kong with the two ministers left behind.

Yingluck began her career as a sales and marketing intern at Shinawatra Directories Co., Ltd., a telephone directory business founded by AT&T International. She later became the director of procurement and the director of operations. In…

… left on the plane and that Lucky Girl is missing. At a telephone booth, Lucky Girl and Lucky Boy meet each other, not knowing who the opposite is. Lucky Girl spots Lucky Boy wearing a pink SpongeBob SquarePants towel, which was one of her…

YXA is a program written in Erlang implementing a telephone private branch exchange (PBX) was written by Magnus Ahltorp at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in the end of 2002.In February 2003, Fredrik Thulin of Stockholm University…

… de Café) in addition to a bank, a telephone call center, and an internet café. The church is the largest structure in the town and is located on one edge of the main plaza. On Sundays, the market day, the town fills with people and energy and welcomes people from surrounding communities who come to buy and sell their agricultural and commercial products.

… trying to tidy up the courtyard, Grandma insists that Xiaoma turn over her share of the profits. Tightfisted, the elderly landlady resists even allowing Xiaoma to install a telephone. At the same time the older woman becomes increasingly…

… knee while filming a fight sequence with Dan Jun-wai, who injured his head. A TVB spokesperson later announced that they were both fine. Earlier, Savio Tsang, who portrays SDU A-Team sub leader Yip Shu-fai, was injured in the face by a plastic bullet, and Christine Kuo injured her head from a telephone booth.

… on a telephone in a scene in Web of Spider-Man #15 (June 1986), which was written by David Michelinie, but did not make a full, visual appearance until later that year in The Spectacular Spider-Man #116 (July 1986).

… farmhouses or farm buildings. Other listed buildings include large houses and associated structures, a row of former back-to-back cottages, a church, and a telephone kiosk.

Work on preparing the station for the first race meeting of the year on Saturday 27 February 1960 was well in hand early that year. On 26 January, the District Engineer requested that the Foreman of Works proceed with the construction of a platform at Hutt Park. The installation of a telephone and a walk-in shelter to house it were approved on 3 February, and a public address system for the platform was approved on 26 February. Two days before this meeting, on 25 February, an electric multiple unit train was run to Hutt Park to test the new facilities, including the recently finished platform. Other work completed for the first meeting included the installation of new access gates and the repair of old ones, and the installation of four pole-mounted electric platform lights.

Woolley served the village of Woolley Moor. The station had a wooden platform and a telephone box, a platelayers’ cabin and a coal office. There was a siding which could hold around five wagons. The coal office was closed in the mid 1930s.

Within a few hours on September 9, the white mob increased to 4,000 people, who stormed the jail. Sheriff Reid was not there, having strategically left deputy Mitchell Lummus alone to protect the prisoners. Deputy Lummus hid most of them, but Rob Edwards was shot and killed by the mob while still in his cell. They dragged him out, mutilated him, and dragged his body behind a wagon, before hanging him from a telephone pole at the northwest corner of the Square. The coroner’s inquest, held on September 18, 1912 found the cause of death to be a gunshot by an unknown assailant.

… ten others in the July 3-4 attack. On July 6 a flight of North Korean aircraft with ROKAF markings attacked Osan and damaged a telephone station, though for the rest of the week North Korean air forces stayed out of the sky.

With the release of the journalists, the family learned of Hammerl’s death and the Gaddafi government’s attempt to cover it up. At 22:00 BST, Thursday, 19 May, Penny Sukhraj received a telephone call from the South African authorities and they told her that her husband was now believed to be dead, shot in the desert by pro-Gaddafi forces. Later that evening, Sukhraj spoke to Gillis and Foley, who shared their eyewitness accounts of events on the last day they had seen Hammerl alive, and his death. During their time in detention, they said they had to keep Hammerl’s death a secret and were fearful that talking about his situation could endanger their lives and jeopardise their chances of freedom. Before learning of his death, the Hammerl family were getting ready to begin a physical search for Hammerl by sending South African journalist and friend Des Latham to Libya.

With the reduction of tensions between the West and the Soviet bloc, Gürsel sought improved relations for his country’s population of 27.8 million with the Soviet Union, such as the initiation of a telephone line agreement, as with the…

With structuring and grouping, it is very well seen that in any distributed network there are devices performing one complex function. At that, those devices can be placed in different location. A telephone exchange is the most typical…

… more personal. Meanwhile, Kinsey has a terrifying Mafia-style encounter with a man describing himself as an attorney for a Los Angeles man to whom Lorna was engaged. He asks Kinsey to keep him abreast of any developments in the case by giving her a telephone number.

… three stations link together from a telephone line it is called chain broadcasting. Since the phone lines were owned by AT&T, they were the first corporation to begin the sharing of two or three stations via telephone lines.

… deposition filed for the 1887 trial, Meucci claimed to have created the first working model of a telephone in Italy in 1834. In 1886, in the first of three cases in which he was involved, Meucci took the stand as a witness in the hopes of…

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