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…Šotra started out during the early 1960s as a television director employed by TV Belgrade.

Germany, she remains known for her portrayal of the character Kees Flodder, a daughter in the dysfunctional and anti-social Flodder family, which featured in several Dutch comedy films and a television series in the 1980s and 1990s. The original…

…Šakić was imprisoned in Lepoglava prison and kept in a cell that came equipped with a television set and a computer for him to write his memoirs. He was allowed to visit his wife, who had been placed in a home for the elderly, several…

…Šakić served his sentence in Lepoglava prison. His cell came equipped with a television set and a computer for him to write his memoirs. He was allowed to visit his wife, who had been placed in a home for the elderly, several times a month.

…Şentürk is also the host of a television program on music and disability. He also founded the Istanbul-based World Disability Foundation and World Disability Union which has 200 members from six continents and 75 countries. In May 2006, he…

Molly Star Racer, a television series was developed in cooperation with Jetix Europe, with animation production by HAL Film Maker and Pumpkin 3D, a large portion of which was done in Tokyo, Japan. It aired in more than 100 countries including Japan. In the US, the series aired on ABC Family and Jetix/Toon Disney between June and December 2006.

…Čulík is a graduate of Czech studies and English studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague (1977, PhDr 1978.) In the 1980s, he worked as a television producer in the United Kingdom, making films for Channel 4. He also…

…Ćetković was declared a national hero on 5 May 1952. In the national theatre a performance of „Jelena Ćetković“, produced by Boro Grigorović with inspiration from drama written by Aleksandar Petrović, was performed for twenty years. A

…Öcalan evaded assassination after a television reporter, Yalçın Küçük, publicized the plan on the PKK’s TV channel, MED-TV. Küçük was also detained in the Ergenekon investigation.

…Ó Neachtain has been writing since 1969 and has published many short stories. He has won Oireachtas prizes for his songs and has also written for radio. competitions. In addition to his work as a television actor, he has appeared on stage at Taibhdhearc na Gaillimhe and elsewhere.

…Éric Zemmour (born August 31, 1958) is a French writer andpolitical journalist, born in Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis. Until2009, he was a reporter for Le Figaro and has since had a column inFigaro Magazine. He has also appeared as a

Zweikanalton (“two channel sound”) or A2 Stereo, is a television sound transmission system used in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and other countries that use or used PAL-B or PAL-G. South Korea formerly utilised its variant of this format in analogue television system until 31 December 2012. It relies on two separate FM carriers.

City and addressed the public on the subject of the Celestial host on a television broadcast. He explored the tomb of Dromedan the Brain-Snatcher, and battled Dromedan. He then assisted the U.S. State Department in the investigation of the Celestial threat.

Zucker married Minneapolis-based sports & entertainment journalist and television personality Carly Aplin in the summer of 2016. Aplin is a television host for the Minnesota Timberwolves Entertainment Network (T.E.N.) and a reporter for CBS Sports and Fox Sports North.

… impeachment movement was in effect against the former president. In a television interview, Zubaida Jalal said that as a bold and brave leader, Pervez Musharraf will live in Pakistan and for Pakistan. While talking to APP this afternoon after the…

Zuasti was also a television and film actress. Some of her featured projects include El año del dragón, A cara o cruz and La espera (2002).

Zsolt Luka (born June 10, 1969 in Cluj, Romania) is a television director, editor, videographer and producer. He is best known for his role in the reality show Around the World For Free.

Zoobiquity is in development as a television series by 20th Century Fox TV. The pilot episode will be written and produced by Bones producers, Stephen Nathan and Jon Collier. Spencer Medof will also executive produce the medical drama,…

Zoo Vet at Large is a television series following the work of zoo vet Matt Brash at Flamingo Land in North Yorkshire. The programme originated from Yorkshire Television and is also shown worldwide on channels such as Sky Travel and the Danish channel Viasat.

Zone Thriller was a television channel in Europe that launched on 3 July 2006. The channel aired a number of varying movie styles including psychological dramas and murder mysteries.

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