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… launched the Astro Show television programme in Germany. Her personal clients included former President of France François Mitterrand, and she has published several books on astrology. A test that compared her predictions against common sense and chance failed to show any evidence of her having any special powers.

… appearances in the Six Nations in 2008, including the championship deciding loss to Wales in Cardiff. He gained the last of his 35 caps in November 2008 in a Test against the Pacific Islanders where he had to leave the pitch on a stretcher after 18 minutes when Napolioni Nalaga’s high tackle left him unconscious.

Zvezda is also the home of the Lada Greenhouse, which is a test for growing plants in space.

Zukofsky’s A Test of Poetry (1948) was a teaching anthology with critical commentary, after the manner of Pound’s ABC of Reading.

Zonta left BAR in 2001 to join Jordan as a test driver. The Brazilian was replaced by experienced Frenchman Olivier Panis. Villeneuve was involved in a crash at the Australian Grand Prix, the first race of the season, when he hit the back…

… exercises.The nightmare began at five in the morning when the soldiers arrived at the mansion and the girls woke up screaming, then mounted on trucks and faced a test of obstacles.

Bangladesh. It became a Test cricket venue on 27 February 2006 when it hosted a Test match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It hosted two group matches of the 2011 Cricket World Cup. It has seating capacity of around 20,000.

… for security. Meanwhile, in Atrekar’s facility, the Daleks take over. They decide to test Atrekar’s mind projector, using the Doctor as a test subject. A duplicate of the Doctor is transported to the Tibari ship, but Atrekar cannot control…

Zipser is a synergist with the Human Synergy Project, a diverse community of artists, scientists, adventurers, visionaries, free thinkers, performers and writers. He is also a test pilot and astronaut in training with Team Synergy Moon (a Google Lunar X-Prize official team).

… both cases, the previous record was an innings and 294 runs, set in that same 2005 match in Harare. It was only the third occasion of a team being twice bowled out inside a single day of a Test match, and the second time New Zealand had done it to Zimbabwe, the feat being previously achieved in the 2005 Harare Test.

… own record for best bowling figures for Bangladesh, and took 12/200 in the match, so that at the age of 18 years and 40 days he became the youngest bowler to take ten wickets in a Test, overtaking Pakistan’s Wasim Akram.

… engineer felt the company should not have put the intern behind the wheel of a fast car on a test track. However, it was generally agreed that the public prosecutors were over-reaching their prosecutorial authority in holding Zetsche responsible, as he was not responsible in any way for regulating the limits of interns’ activities while at the company.

Zen is a native of the planet Baltoon, where he was raised in a test tube as part of a genetic experiment. When the scientists in charge decided the test was a failure, they scheduled the infant Zen for termination. He was saved by Teslah,…

Zanardi had his first taste of Formula One at a test session for Paul Ricard, where he drove a Footwork. By the end of that year, he had begun his career in Formula One. Three starts for Jordan were his reward for a strong F3000 campaign.

… latter’s pro-PLO positions. In 1982, most Palestinian-elected mayors including Shakaa had been removed by the Menachem Begin administration. With Shimon Peres as new Israeli premier, the Israeli authorities considered Nablus as a test and were…

ZZTAE: Is another, older external editor for ZZT. It has a color chooser, easier to read language editor, support for object libraries and fonts, improved buffer, object, and map sizes, a test function, and a music player. Worlds created…

Z-tests are employed whenever it can be argued that a test statistic follows a normal distribution under the null hypothesis of interest. Many non-parametric test statistics, such as U statistics, are approximately normal for large enough sample sizes, and hence are often performed as Z-tests.

Z-gram 6 (11 August 1970): instituted a test program, funded entirely by deployed personnel to assist their families obtaining transportation and lodging to visit them in an overseas liberty port during holiday periods.

Z-gram 5 (30 July 1970): instituted a test program aboard six ships to extend to 1st class petty officers the privilege of officers and chief petty officers (CPOs) to keep civilian clothing aboard ship for wearing on liberty.

Z cars have gradually been returning to service as more bogies are reconditioned. On Thursday 22 September 2016 a test train ran from Melbourne to Geelong and back, with two locomotives, set N11 at the west end and BZN cars 271, 267, 274 and 252.

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