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Zsa Zsa also appears in extra content on the official EastEnders: E20 website. The first is a video of her writing a text message to her mother, in which she says goodbye and that she is sick of trying to mend their relationship. However,…

… apology and kisses her. Upon leaving, Max says his brother is driving him home, Zoe approaches the car to see Aaron, realising that the two are brothers. That evening Zoe receives a text from Max, inviting her to his house the next day.

Zaïde, reine de Grenade (Zaïde, Queen of Grenada) is a ballet-héroïque written by the French Baroque composer Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace Royer (c. 1705-1755), to a text by the Abbé de La Marre.

Z-Tel a text editing language for Z80 microprocessors.

… de Bocongo, and then, legally, under the name of Cœurs d’acier (Champaka editor, 1990). This last edition includes the original strips, and a text by Yann Le Pennetier, illustrated by Chaland, that finishes the interrupted story.

… this period, and later wrote about Yuvachev in a text recalling his time at Sakhalin. Yuvachev emerged from prison a vocal pacifist, and he authored two memoirs and several religious-mystical tracts.

Yukiteru murders his friends and then Kamado. Aru battles Yuno, destroying her diary but discovers she has a spare. Realising the truth, Aru shows a text to Yukiteru before Yuno decapitates him. As the days to the Apocalypse approach,…

Yoo-suk is looking for his ex-girlfriend who left him with only a text. Ae-yeon has only the diamond ring her lover left when they broke up. Nari continues to wander searching for true love. Bok-Nam is in love with his friend’s girlfriend.

Yogesh is successful and living in Chicago. He gets a text message from Jitu that his father (Anjan Srivastav) had a heart attack, and rushes to Mumbai. When he arrives, Yogesh learns that Jitu had lied to him about their father, but that…

Yoficator or Joficator (Ёфикатор) is a computer program or extension for a text editor that restores the Cyrillic letter Yo ⟨⟩ in Russian texts in places where the letter Ye ⟨⟩ was used instead. The majority of…

Yi is a text editor written and extensible in Haskell. The goal of Yi is to provide a flexible, powerful and correct editor core dynamically scriptable in Haskell.

Yet another text sim genre is the real world simulation. These text sims try to manage a real world situation of some sort in a text based engine. Often this genre will try to use statistics to figure out some element of life. A recent…

Yellow Arrow stickers were obtained from the project website and placed anywhere in the public realm. When encountering a sticker on the street, one could send the unique code printed on it as a text message to the project phone number. Moments later a message would be received that was left by the person who placed the sticker.

Years later (ca. 1980) DECUS distributed another game named Dungeon, that was in fact a version of Zork, a text adventure game that would later become the model for early MUDs.

… of the sculpture is preserved. The text on the stela includes a date in 793, the latest recorded date at the city. Stela 13 bears the image of a king of Yaxha together with a text describing the celebration of an equinox.

… to present on his own. In addition to the chart show, Yates also presented a request show on Saturday afternoons, known as The Radio 1 Request Show, where listeners could send in a text or phone in to request a song. In April 2012, it was…

Yamamoto Masao. Prism Series Book 1. Cape Cod, MA:: 21st Editions, 2011. With a Text and a poem by John Wood.

Yaakov Yosef Reinman is an American Orthodox rabbi and writer, historian, and scholar. His monographs and articles have appeared in many Jewish periodicals and his study of Talmudic contractual law is a text used in yeshivas throughout the world. In authoring his Ruach Ami series, he writes under the pen name Avner Gold.

Zhang Wuji. Zhang passes Xu the Book of Wumu, a text on military strategy written by the Song dynasty general Yue Fei. Xu benefits greatly from reading the book, becomes a brilliant military commander, and assists Zhu Yuanzhang in overthrowing the Yuan dynasty and establishing the Ming dynasty.

XT9 is a text predicting and correcting system for mobile devices with full keyboards rather than the 3×4 keypad on old phones. It was originally developed by Tegic Communications, now part of Nuance Communications. It was created for…

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