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… line through a thin coating of lampblack—finely divided carbon deposited by the flame of an oil or gas lamp—on a moving surface of paper or glass. The sound collected by the simulated ear and transmitted to the bristle caused the line to be modulated in accordance with the passing variations in air pressure, creating a graphic record of the sound waves.

… appearance, their general colour is yellow with a wide brown band extending back from each posterior lateral eye. The prosoma has a thin Y-shaped brown marking with spots and irregular lines along its flanks.

… its preferred oxidation state of +2, namely ZnO and Zn(OH)2, are amphoteric; it forms anionic zincates in strongly basic solutions. Zinc forms Zintl phases such as LiZn, NaZn13 and BaZn13. Highly purified zinc, at room temperature, is ductile. It reacts with moist air to form a thin layer of carbonate that prevents further corrosion.

… intertidal zone. Individuals bury themselves with sediment except for their tentacles, which project above the sediment and are usually the only part of the animal visible to observers. Their concave upper valves hold a thin layer of sediment…

Zephyr cloth is a thin kind of cassimere made in Belgium. The term also refers to a waterproof fabric of wool.

Khabarov in person. Instead, he heard Khabarov via radio transmissions, leading to Khabarov appearing to be a hero from ancient sagas – a mythical King in the mountain. He was amazed to finally meet Khabarov and find him to be nothing more than a thin redheaded everyman in his 30s.

Young larvae feed gregariously on the under side of the leaf of their host plant, protected by a thin web of silk. At first they eat the substance of the leaf and leave the opposite epidermis. They soon scatter more or less, and make…

… so extensive. The plateau seems to slope more gradually to the Arctic Ocean, from which it is separated by a coastal plain which extends inland for several miles. A wide lagoon separates this coastal plain from the Arctic Ocean. The surface of the plateau is covered with a thin layer of semiangular gravels.

… command very large volumes of paper and change their shape, speed, and direction easily. Yomiko can also manipulate paper with her mouth, as evidenced in the OVA when she manages to free her hands from a pair of metal cuffs with only a thin piece of paper braided into her hair.

… identifiable as a therocephalian by its thin postorbital bar behind the eye socket, its elongated temporal opening behind the bar, and a thin lower jaw with a low coronoid process. Large tooth sockets in the upper jaw indicate that Yikezhaogia…

… muscles, involves removing a segment of the left or right ventricular wall, threading a thin tube through a major artery within the muscle segment (cannulation), and using the tube to deliver a chemical solution to the muscle tissue at a…

Yamaha Rock Tour Custom – In production from the Early 1990s until the mid 1990s. Similar Birch/Mahogany construction to the Power Tour Custom range, but with 11ply Bass drums and floor toms, top coated with a thin phenolic resin layer,…

Xylan is a fluoropolymer-based industrial coating. Generally, it is applied in a thin film to the target material.

Xeroradiography is a type of X-ray imaging in which a picture of the body is recorded on paper rather than on film. In this technique, a plate of selenium, which rests on a thin layer of aluminium oxide, is charged uniformly by passing it in front of a scorotron.The process was developed by engineer Dr. Robert C. McMaster in 1950.

… escarpments, where a thin minefield had been laid, screened by Gleecol and Leathercol from the 29th Indian Infantry Brigade. The small columns each had two platoons of infantry and an artillery detachment.

X-ray computed tomography (CT), or Computed Axial Tomography (CAT) scan, is a helical tomography technique (latest generation), which traditionally produces a 2D image of the structures in a thin section of the body. In CT, a beam of…

X- This Sens is a thin and light notebook – a kind that shares the characteristics of an ultraportable with exception of being heavier, wider in screen size, and stronger in processing power. It is around 14 inches, such as X06, X1(discontinued) and X11(Core 2 Duo). From i-series cpus, they continue X series with SF series.

Writing in the 1st century BC, Horace refers to the wax abacus, a board covered with a thin layer of black wax on which columns and figures were inscribed using a stylus.

Josh Ritter among others) With Odlum guiding the band to produce a thoroughly international sounding album. The second album A Thin Line was released in April 2013 by ABC Music, distributed through Universal.

Wootton Bassett Mud Springs are oozing springs of cold, grey mud which blister up under a thin layer of vegetation from Ampthill Clay. The water emerging in the mud comes from an aquifer in the Coral Rag Formation beneath the clay. This…

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