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Ziran and Tianran are related concepts. Tianran refers to a thing created by heaven that is ultimately untouched by human influence, a thing fully characterized by ziran. The two terms are sometimes interchangeably used. It can be said that by gaining ziran, a person grows nearer to a state of tianran.

Yāska singled out two main ontological categories: a process or an action (bhāva), and an entity or a being or a thing (sattva). Then he first defined the verb as that in which the bhāva (‘process’) is predominant whereas a noun is that in…

Yury Kharchenko’s works can make one forget that such a thing as pop art and post modernism ever existed. His pictures are completely free of cynicism, and there is nothing second-hand about them. His painting is not that of an epigone.

Yuka’s cousin and a member of the school baseball team who occasionally makes deliveries to the inn Yuka works at. Yuka has a crush on him, but he himself has a thing for Saki.

You only need a single reference (a URI or IRI) to a thing to experience the power of serendipitous data discovery offered by a Linked Data page.

You are not being fair to me as the government has already made its stand clear on the matter … but since you want to get my opinion, I would like to say that homosexuality is unacceptable to our society. We need to look critically on these issues. To me this is unacceptable. Even animals can’t do such a thing.

… free with ticket holders being refunded, the first time ever for a major music artist to do such a thing in Hong Kong. The concerts in Carnegie Hall on January 12 and 13 were successful sellout shows. Yoshiki also included in the show a surprise performance of The Star-Spangled Banner after a heartfelt speech about his personal pursuit of the American Dream.

… subcategories, or it can follow a ‘rational’ path, exploring thus the promising connection between concepts and reality in order to make a judgement upon the universal or particular nature of a thing.


Philips Pavilion, which had no flat surfaces but rather the hyperbolic paraboloids of his musical masses and swells. Yet unlike many avant-garde composers of this century who would take such a thing as the completed score, Xenakis notated every event in traditional notation.

… with a gun, contemplating about killing Zack. He tells her that shooting him won’t change a thing — they will still believe his story more than hers. Despaired, Xandrie shoots herself instead.

… of the brook, Ems, is from Old High German Ohm. Both these name elements point to a settlement period lasting more than 2,000 years. Also pointing to such a thing is the Celtic circular rampart on the nearby Taunus peak, Burg.

… maintenance shops. By this point, construction was already well underway on Canada’s first subway line in Toronto under Yonge Street, which would be opened in 1954. Still, Montreal councillors remained cautious and no work was initiated. For some of them, including Jean Drapeau during its first municipal term, public transit was a thing of the past.

… a flight for 1000 miles or so. Like everything else it must be evolved gradually. The first difficulty is to get a thing that will fly at all. When this is made, a full description should be published as an aid to others. Excellence of design and workmanship will always defy competition.

… developments in the country. He returned to America and published a story based on his observations (“I Have a Thing to Tell You”) in The New Republic. Following its publication, Wolfe’s books were banned by the German government, and he was prohibited from traveling there.

… achieved, would be their proper end. Greek for end in this sense is telos, a component word in entelecheia (a work that is the proper end of a thing) and also teleology. This is an aspect of Aristotle’s theory of four causes and specifically of formal cause (eidos, which Aristotle says is energeia) and final cause (telos).

… been built and Kirchheim’s neighbouring municipalities are likewise planning such a thing. Furthermore, it would lead through reasonably priced cropland. The west road, which is favoured by a majority of citizens, would swallow up valuable vineyard lands, and it would also be necessary to build crossings and bridges to deal with both the B 271 and the railway line.

With the success of United States in 1952 and Cunard’s decision not to challenge the new record the Blue Riband contest again subsided. There was a growing recognition that the era of fast crossings by express liners was becoming a thing of the past, and that the contest for fast transatlantic travel was shifting to the air.

… of doing this is that as the servers age and are retired, the files can simply be copied to newer, larger replacement servers making hardware obsolescense a thing of the past.

With the onset of peace with the start of the Edo period (1603-1867), the conflicts with heavily armed and armoured warriors became a thing of the past. In this era, the jo-art would come into its own against non-armoured samurai and other opponents.

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