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Khaing of Myanmar. Sobieraj defeated Daw Thin in a tight match, tying the score at 151 after the regulation 18 arrows and matching Daw Thin arrow for arrow through the three tie-breaking arrows. Sobieraj’s final arrow was slightly closer to…

…Äikiä’s funeral took place in Malmi Cemitary in Helsinki in a tight police protection only present by leaders of the party Aimo Aaltonen, Ville Pessi and president Urho Kekkonen. Äikiä’s grave is a communal grave of Finnish Communist Party members.

… sustainable development supported by robust macroeconomic control measures and a tight monetary policy. He continued to promote investment in China’s industrial and agricultural sectors.

Zheng then participated in three grass court tournaments. Firstly at the 2011 Aegon Classic, Zheng lost to Yaroslava Shvedova in a tight first round contest. Zheng then played at the 2011 Aegon International, qualifying for the main draw…

Zero-wind kites:Kite pilot stays within a tight ground circle, or pumps the kite line without moving, or walks or runs when there are zero-wind conditions (also known as nil-wind, null-wind, no-wind, indoor kites). The Ninja zero- and low-wind kite plan is open for all for non-commercial use.

Zelenka attended Wake Forest University and in addition to handling longsnapping duties, he was a tight end. As a tight end, he finished his career with 25 receptions for 217 yards (8.68 yards per rec, avg.).

… and steal the gold, they are stopped thanks to a vision of Eleria. The night they came to attack, Longbow and the small Maag smith of Hook-Beak’s crew, Rabbit, destroy the enemy fleet and the Vlagh agent responsible. A tight friendship is made by Rabbit and Longbow.

… his look-alike, in order to set things right. Things seem to be going well until Krishna finds himself in a tight corner when he is accused of killing himself. Rest of the story is how Krishna comes out of the tight loop.

… yards and two touchdowns on sixteen receptions. Zaleski played in every game for the team as a tight end and long snapper in 2010, recording one reception for six yards.

Zach Jeffries is the councillor for Ward 10, which is in the northeast side of the city. He was first elected to city council in 2012, defeating three-term incumbent Bev Dubois in a tight race. At the age of 26, Jeffries became the youngest person ever elected to city council. He was re-elected in 2016.

… which had gone from a tight Top 40 format to leaning Disco in early 1979, to leaning adult rock later in 1979, to leaning adult contemporary in 1980 and then evolving to Adult Contemporary/Talk in 1981, before it finally flipped to an all-talk format on May 10, 1982.

Yuna is a second-year student and accountant at A-TEC. She keeps a tight control over the budget, and is always giving A-TEC members a hard time for wasting what they have been allowed for rocket development.

Yuan kept a tight grip on the command of the army after its establishment by installing officials only loyal to him; however, after his death in 1916, the army groups were quickly fragmented into four major forces of combative warlords,…

… in the late 1920s when Ma leaves her husband, George, and her Arkansas home and embarks on her own with her four sons on a robbery-murder spree to make her own fortune, while keeping them under a tight leash.

Yorkstone is a variety of sandstone, specifically from quarries in Yorkshire that have been worked since mediaeval times. Yorkstone is a tight grained, Carboniferous sedimentary rock. The stone consists of quartz, mica, feldspar, clay and iron oxides.

YellOwStaR and Fnatic started off their season at the IEM Season VIII – World Championship. The team finished 2nd, losing to KT Rolster Bullets in the Grand Final.The Spring Split went relatively well for YellOwStaR and the team. A tight split saw YellOwStaR perform on a range of champions including Morgana, Annie, and Karma in particular. Fnatic ended the split in 2nd place behind SK Gaming, securing themselves a place in the Spring Playoffs. The whole team raised their game for the playoffs, and they emerged victorious after a win against Alliance in their semifinal matchup, and another against SK Gaming in the Grand Final.Due to Fnatic’s performance in the Spring…

Yeatman was raised in San Diego, California, and attended Rancho Bernardo High School, where he played football (as a tight end) and lacrosse. Yeatman earned all-league his sophomore year as the teams left tackle. As a junior, he switched…

Yani qualified for the 2009 Wimbledon Championships and 2009 U.S. Open, but lost both times in the first round in straight sets. At the 2010 French Open, he lost a tight match in the first round against Lukáš Lacko, with the score at 6-4, 6-7(5), 6-7(4), 7-6(5), 12-10.

Xue Hua (Snowflake), Lang Hua (Waves), Huo Hua (Sparks) and Yan Hua (Fireworks) are four orphans who grew up together at Hua Xin Orphan Center. Each possessing outstanding musical talent, the sisters are grew up together and share a tight bond.

… turns and galloping on the straight sections. However, he notes that on the curve the horse should be slowed, as it is unsafe to make a tight turn at high speeds, especially when the footing is slippery. When collecting the horse, the rider…

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