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…Žulpa trained at VSS Žalgiris in Vilnius, becoming the Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR in 1980. He won a gold medal in 200 m breaststroke with a time of 2:15.85 at the 1980 Summer Olympics.

…Žana Jereb (born 17 June 1984 in Kranj) is a Slovenian long-distance runner. She competed in the marathon at the 2012 Summer Olympics, placing 88th with a time of 2:42:50.

… 1:54.36 from the Russian Open Championships in Moscow. He challenged seven other swimmers in heat two, including dual citizen Mihail Alexandrov of Bulgaria. He raced to third place in a time of 1:54.56, exactly two tenths of a second (0.20) off his entry time. Pinciuc failed to advance into the semifinals, as he placed forty-ninth overall in the preliminaries.

…Ōmura represented Japan at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, where she competed in the women’s K-2 500 metres. Ōmura and her partner Shinobu Kitamoto failed to advance into the semi-finals, as they placed sixth in the second heat by approximately two seconds behind the Slovakian pair Ivana Kmeťová and Martina Kohlová, with a time of 1:47.323.

… with a time of 2:00.21, edging out Ukraine’s Serhiy Advena by 0.04 of a second. He is a member of the swimming team for AZS Warszawa, and is coached and trained by Roberta Białeckiego.

…Čolak announced on September 28, 2013, that he would attempt to break the world record in static apnea on pure oxygen, held by Tom Sietas with a time of 22 minutes 22 seconds. Goran succeeded by holding his breath, at the Zagreb main square, for 22:30 min, setting the new Guinness World Record. On 20 June 2014 he improved his record to 23:01.

…Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson (born 27 July 1947) is an Icelandic athlete. He competed in the 800m race in the 1972 Summer Olympics, coming 6th in Heat 4 in a time of 1:50.8. His personal best time was 1:50.1, recorded in 1967.

…Østergaard placed second in the 2006 Junior World Championships, held in Spa, Belgium. He finished with a time of 3 hours, 8 minutes and 59 seconds, which was nine seconds behind the champion, Italy’s Diego Ulissi.

…Ó Rathaille lived through a time of major political and social upheaval in Ireland which was ultimately to result in the crushing of the Irish language and the death of the bardic tradition. The changes in Irish society directly impacted Ó…

…Édouard Chambon (Valence), is a French software engineer who was world record holder for fastest single time on a 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube with a time of 9.18 seconds and fastest average time of 11.48 seconds. These records were set at the Murcia Open February 23, 2008.

…Æthelwold lived during a time of political and religious upheaval in East Anglia, whose Christian kings in the decades prior to his succession all died violent deaths, having proved unworthy of the task of defending the newly converted…

…Ángel Javier García Correale (born March 26, 1986 in Montevideo) is a Uruguayan rower. He competed for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, where he and his partner Rodolfo Collazo finished third for the C-final, and fifteenth overall in the men’s lightweight double sculls, with a time of 6:30.61.

…Álvaro de Arriba López (born 2 June 1994 in Salamanca) is a Spanish middle-distance runner specialising in the 800 metres. He represented his country at the 2016 World Indoor Championships without qualifying for the final. He won bronze at the 2017 European Athletics Indoor Championships in Belgrade with a time of 1:49.68.

…Álvarez was born at a time of massive immigration in Argentina. His father, Serafín Álvarez, was an exiled Republican Spaniard; within the family, discussions about society, politics and religion were common. He studied at the Faculty of Law in Buenos Aires, where the ruling class of the time was raised. His doctoral thesis was evaluated by Bartolomé Mitre.

… as an individual athlete because East Timor was newly independent and had not yet been formally recognized by the International Olympic Committee. With a time of 3:10:55, she finished 43rd out of the 45 runners who completed the race, although eight other runners failed to finish.

…Áed appears as a rival to the Leinster throne during the reign of Fáelán mac Murchado (died 738) at a time when Cathal mac Finguine (died 742), King of Munster, was attempting to assert his rights over Leinster during a time of Uí Neill weakness. In 732 Aed and the southern Laigin (Laigin Desgabair) repulsed the Munstermen.

Zueski reveals to Bosman Demetrius true identity as an impostor. Zueski in fact saw the real Demetrius die of wounds and witnessed the burial, but he did not want to be the sole voice to discover the current usurper’s identity in what seemed to be a time of national unity.

Zoroastrians, Jews, and Christians are officially recognized and protected by the government. For example, shortly after his return from exile in 1979, at a time of great unrest, the revolution’s leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa ordering that Jews and other minorities be treated well.

Zoli made his official debut at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, where he scored a thirty-fifth place in the men’s cross-country race with a time of 2:31:39, finishing farther off the podium by seventeen minutes.

Zimbelman’s course record held during 2008 but was beaten in the 2009 race by Cameron Hoffman of Clearfield, Utah with a time of 9:02:52. This was Hoffman’s third year in a row winning the Men’s Pro Category 1,2,3 race. Hoffman, David…

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