How to use ‘a time when’ in a sentence

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… in Championship football, even though most of his playing was done at a time when all teams could expect a lot less matches than they do now.

Tohari’s second novel, Kubah was written in two months and based on the events surrounding the Communist Party and the 30 September Movement coup in 1965. Published in 1980 by Pustaka Jaya, Kubah came at a time when literary works with…

… three of them making a profit of HK$800,000 at a time when the government was trying to cool real estate property prices in 2010.

Together with Alfred D. Robinson she co-founded the San Diego Floral Association in 1907; it is the oldest garden club in Southern California. The garden club was influential in teaching San Diegans how to grow ornamental and edible plants, at a time when most San Diego landscaping consisted of dirt and sagebrush.

Today, we have the advantage of more highly developed communications techniques, but the basic need for minimizing suspicion and maximizing trust remains with us, worldwide, at a time when polarization is increasing.

Today, the Limbu community spread across mid- and eastern Nepal, West Bengal, Assam, Sikkim and Bhutan revere Chemjong as a hero for almost single-handedly researching and documenting various aspects of Limbu and Kirati life at a time when such activities were neither encouraged nor fashionable. Various functions are held each year to commemorate Chemjong’s contributions.

… expands the length of the coastal road at a time when the inhabitants of Lebanon will reach six million plus around the year 2025.

Today the district is still well known for the large upper class that lives in the area. It managed to keep its social status during the rapid growth of the city, a time when many places such as Campos Elíseos began to shelter a broader…

To the north of the cloister is the refectory, rebuilt in the late 13th century in the more elaborate rayonnant Gothic style. This is the most ornate of the monastery buildings, built at a time when the order had relaxed some of the more rigorous rules of Bernard of Clairvaux.

Department of Commerce Approved Type Certificate. At a time when aircraft crank engine had a life of 30 to 50 hours, the Model 447-C was far more robust than any other aircraft engine then in production.Sadly, in this pre-CNC age it had a very…

To some observers, Brum represented a self-sacrificing romantic streak within Uruguayan politics at a time when many Uruguayans were prepared tacitly to accept extrajudicial changes brought in by Terra. To others, Brum’s spectacular suicide suggested the presence of elements of mental instability, which, however, was not medically proven.

To seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the Most Holy Place. There would come a time when both vision and prophet would be sealed up in the context of what would happen to the people of Judah. This would be dramatically fulfilled with…

The school has one of the nation’s oldest voucher systems. The academy was established in 1842 at a time when public schooling had yet to become common. When many local governments began establishing public schools, towns and regions with established and quality private institutions in some cases relied on these schools rather than build public facilities.

The school has a reputation for excellence and regularly attains high GCSE and A-level results. In 1998 it received the best A-level results for comprehensives in the country, at a time when it had 800 boys and girls. It had the 8th-highest level of attainment at GCSE and A-level in Cheshire in 2007 according to The Times newspaper.

The school closed in 1993, at a time when a number of similar establishments in the UK were closing.

The school aims at the education of the Catholic community around and extends its services to the members of other communities to the extent possible. The school was started at a time when there was a need for more higher secondary…

The scandal proved fatal to Macdonald’s government. Macdonald’s control of Parliament was already tenuous following the 1872 election. In a time when party discipline was not as strong as it is today, once Macdonald’s culpability in the scandal became known he could no longer expect to retain the confidence of the House of Commons.

The sandwich came at a time when there was a great deal of animosity between the chain and its franchises over its Buck Double promotion, which was driving average checks and profits. The Buck Double had been running for since October 2010…

… post in 1913, at a time when Maiorescu became Premier of a Conservative Party cabinet—this came after a Romanian Army officer reported statements made by Zamfirescu, which he alleged were unpatriotic. Reportedly, Maiorescu never gave Zamfirescu a chance to explain himself.

The sale came at a time when the automotive press was enthusiastic about the proposed 1988 lineup of Renault, Eagle and Jeep vehicles, and reports that the financial outlook for the tiny automaker were improving. AMC quarterly results for…

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